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TOPIC: R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread

R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread 1 month 2 weeks ago #27173

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This is the place.

NRL Panthers will play the Cowboys 7:55pm Friday (AEST).

NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg have a bye.

S.G. Ball Panthers play their Grand Final at Leichhardt Oval against the Bulldogs 4pm Saturday.
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R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread 1 month 2 weeks ago #27174

Well it seems abundantly clear the NRL want to get the QLD teams back up into the eight :sick:

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R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread 1 month 2 weeks ago #27175

I think that is a conspiracy theory just a little too far beyond belief but you could argue referees are unduly influencing games but forgive me for saying ANY team who gives a team 20 points start not only deserve to lose but will continue to lose with that sort of effort.

Our game last night was Jecklel and times were the worst team i have seen this year and at other times we were the best but we were bad for much longer periods then we were good.

Maloney had possibly his worst game, DWZ dished up diamonds and rocks but they were not alone....and a team no matter who you follow cannot display this sort of effort and expect to be a force in this competition....indeed i think we were lucky to be playing the Cowboys with that effort if it had of been Storm....would have been 40 nil at half time

Sure we lost Merrin in the warm up but he didn't miss the tackles Maloney did.or CHN and et al.....our defence was rubbish in that first 35 minutes and allowed the Cowboys to look better then they did

Again our game management was also rubbish.......Wallace kicked long once and to the corners....and didn't kick again......Maloney kicked early in a 7 set sequence and his kicks were in the main bombs with little to no good outcomes save for his open field kick to Phillips but even in this play we should have moved the ball through the hands to the wing on the play before and would have scored easily but again we took a stupid charge up into what little defence they had but they had defence until ball comes out next play only to realise the wing was open........dumb with a capital D but we fluke a result.

Penalties again cost us and sure we could argue some calls were marginal but you have to get this rubbish out of your game and goes to game management and players taking ownership of effort.

On Wallace not sure if he is inured or was just hooked but Katoa showed a sharpness which is and has been missing from Wallce's game and when he came on we straightened up and ran harder so much so, even gave us a chance to pull the impossible off......only to fall short.

Lastly on the refs......Klein should be sacked as a first grade coach on a single point

Last night Wallace was still talking to the ref when DWZ was sinned binned and had not left the field of play when Klein said words to the effect of lets play on without him........allowing the Cowboys to kick for touch and essentially play on with DWZ still on the field......then calling time off once the ball was kicked dead and allowing for DWZ to exit the playing field.

Firstly he completely disrespected Wallace and his position of Captain but allowed play to continue with Wallace in the defensive line and DWZ to be on the field

Again that being said the refs didn't cost us the game......we cost ourselves the game and until someone can get it through to this squad.......we will just be playing a bit role in this comp.

Kikau and JFH can hold their head high IMO for showing non stop effort
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R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread 1 month 2 weeks ago #27176

  • shazza
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I never had any illusions about winning the competition in 2018, I always thought this year would be one of consolidation and
(hopefully) discovery of a couple of yet to be identified future stars. The thing I craved most though was that the enigmatic and dynamic Tyrone Peachey would eventually get his head around the concept of passing the ball. The fact that we lost on the night the penny finally dropped is, as far as I'm concerned, immaterial. Obviously, I'd prefer to have won but until the team, as a whole, accepts the fact that an NRL game goes for 80, not 40 minutes, I guess I'll just have to learn to live with disappointments like last night's nail-biting loss. Yet another 2 competition points we should have deposited safely in the bank.

My son texted me with 5 minutes to go, "I think we're going to run out of time". No, we had 80 minutes to put the game to bed, which was plenty of time even with our depleted squad, we just didn't make the best use of the time we were given.

Peachey passed the ball more last night than he has for the entire season and what was more surprising for someone with so little practice, he was pretty good at it. The tragedy is, he's off to the Gold Coast at the end of the year and will probably develop into a bloody superstar. He's still not a 5/8 but even centres need to be able to pass the ball.

It was a disappointing end to a very exciting game but there were plenty of positives to take from the contest, not the least of which was the stand-up performance from young Hetherington who never took a backward step in what, at times, turned out to be a pretty fiery encounter. He ran hard and tackled with plenty of venom and simply refused to be intimidated by the very experienced and tough as teak Cowboys' forwards.

Fisher-Harris had another top game, he might not be Jason Tamololo just yet but at the rate he's improving, anything is possible.
Villiame Kikau's footwork certainly got Andrew Johns excited but the best thing about this 6'6" 120kgs giant is he's still very much a work in progress and has still got a heap of improvement in him. Not too far down the track, I can see him and Cleary getting a real Thurston - Cooper thing happening and that will certainly be worth the risk of hypothermia on the annual pilgrimage to Bathurst.

Organization of the left side defence was a shambles. Whare occasionally cutting an opposing player in half might be good for the ratings but overall there is a complete lack of communication on that side and I'm not sure what the solution is. Maloney's propensity to rush up is effective when he hits his target but it leaves us vulnerable when the opposition sees him coming and moves the ball quickly. The fact we are a second genuine organizer short of the full package isn't helping matters. I'm not sure if Phillips is a natural left side player although I did notice when he scored his hat-trick last week, he was on the right and looked very much at home on that side. Be that as it may, like Whare, he's a solid defender wherever he plays it's just the wherever that needs some work.

I'm not completely up to date with the NRL rules and regulations regarding late withdrawals from the nominated squad but why Ellis wasn't bumped straight onto the bench when Merrin pulled out is, like most of the peripheral selections in our side, beyond comprehension. I just don't recall seeing a fourth player come off the bench. Surely we didn't start the game with three hookers.

Apart from being 20 points down and parked right behind the black ball 5 minutes from the break, to my eye, the second most significant contributor to our defeat was the decision to sub Peter Wallace off with 20 minutes to go. I hope he was genuinely injured because if he wasn't that single dumb-arse decision cost us the game.

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R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread 1 month 1 week ago #27178

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Great reads and I admire the passion of Steamboat and Shazza to go to the trouble of taking the time to make there lengthy posts in response of our cowboys loss.

From my perspective, injuries are clearly derailing our season. Being forced into a situation where you have to select players in a position where they do not normally play may work in the short term but is NOT going to work long term.

We have done very well give the adverse circumstances to be 6-3 but it in order to give ourselves the best chance to win games in the coming weeks surely Hook needs to bite the bullet and make changes for the better.

For mine the only way forward is Wallace to 7, Maloney back to 6, Katoa to 9 and Egan back up hooker on the bench. This spine combination allows Peachy to go back to the centres where he is clearly a better option than a makeshift backrower.
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R9 Panthers v Cowboys - Game Day Thread 1 month 1 week ago #27179

Its true Richo we have a makeshift team yet believe it or not we only have a couple of players out of position.......namely Yeo and CHN playing in the centres.

DWZ has played fb many times and peach is either a half, centre or forward and Maloney is a genuine half.

Sure we have major injuries but that being said missed tackles and penalties are not occurring because we have injured players.

Our defence on the edges is average ...and that is and and this is where the opposition make inroads into us.

Maloney was the main offender on Friday night and one of his weaknesses has been his defence and his discipline yet in the same game v Cowboys in Townsville he was remarkable

Inured players on our roster didn't cause him to make mistakes in defence and have poor was solely his effort.

Its unfair to single him out as its our defensive pattern which is causing concerns and we seem to rush up or to slide in defence and oddly this can happen in the same game so players clearly depart from the game plan and this causes us issues which seem to be corrected at half time but why do they depart from a game plan in the first half?

This has been evident all year giving starts to sides yet only to correct this at half time to go onto to win...the only exception being the Cowboys game in Townsville were we came out on fire.

But this was evident last year as well.......we all recall the barnstorming finishes to games but why is this happening?

The coach can see the problem yet has been unable to correct it and this has been evident for some time.

Injuries happen to all teams and sadly we have been hit with some shockers but this doesn't stop the team from executing a game plan with intensity........this is the issue.

From any opposition coach its simple atm....shut down Maloney and you shut down Panthers.....Cowboys exposed this and yet after the break we seem to adjust and lift only to fall short but it was closing Maloney down through hitting him hard which also reflected his bad choices in defence costing us short he was our strength and weakness in the same game.

On major changes..........Griffin will not do it

I believe May is due back this week and Cleary is super close with Blake close behind him...indeed all 3 could be back tas early as this week

Once they return Griffin will make changes....until then he will stick with what we have.
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