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TOPIC: Guideline: Personal Attacks / Public Attacks

Guideline: Personal Attacks / Public Attacks 4 years 8 months ago #8302

  • Steve Tidball
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Personal Attacks / Public Attacks

1. Definition

Personal Attacks occur when directly insulting a person. To put simply using a phrase such as "You [insulting term]" or making statements about ones integrity or personal attributes.

Public Attacks when directly insulting a group of people. To put simple using a negative comment regarding the integrity of a group of people.

Personal attacks or Public attacks may lead to Defamation action (See thread: Defamation) taken against the parties involved.

2. 'Panther Pride' Users

While Panther Pride promotes healthy debate, personal attacks are not acceptable. Any direct attacks on a poster (See Definition) will result in disciplinary action or possible bans depending on severity. This also applies in the case of responding to 'Trolls' (See thread: Trolling).

3. Panthers Players, Staff, Management & Board Members

Panthers Pride is unique as it provides a platform for discussing the Penrith Panthers thais may involve discussions regarding staff members, players, management, and board members or PDRLFC or PPLC. While discussion and questions are encouraged, any personal attacks on any of the aforementioned will result in disciplinary action, or possible bans depending on severity.

4. Moderators and Administrators

Moderators and Administrators are entrusted by the Panther Pride to moderate discussion on Panthers Interaction in the efforts of maintaining a inviting environment for it's members. This involves making difficult decisions at times. It is unacceptable to personally attack moderators or administrators, even if you feel that you have been harshly dealt with. There is a procedure for handling issues with moderators actions. (See thread: Moderators Mediation)

5. Other Parties

Personal attacks on other parties apart from those stated above are also unacceptable. For legal liability reasons these posts or threads will be removed, and disciplinary action will be taken. (See thread: Defamation)

6. Trolling

A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

These activities will result in a Zero-Tolerance response from Moderators. (See thread: Zero Tolerance)

7. Discrimination

Any comments made that are found to be discriminatory, such as discrimination regarding (but not exclusive to) race, ethnicity, gender, Sexual orientation, disability, religion and ideology, is not acceptable and will result in the removal of posts and threads, or a suspension of users accounts (depending on severity). Users may also choose to take Defamation action (See thread: Defamation).
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