A potential new stadium in Penrith


You’ll find that only becomes an issue when the stadium is oval shaped. That format is terrible for rectangular shaped sports because as you said, it’s feels as you are so far away.

You don’t get that feeling at Suncorp Stadium, and I have heard similar about the new Bankwest Stadium as well.


You do when the ar&%hole Broncos put the ‘away’ supporters in a triangular corner bay in SE corner behind the dead-ball line.

On the proposed new stadium, I would think only if no public funding is involved. Whilst the new/renovated stadiums are great for the fans, there has to be a limit to how much public money is put into sports stadiums for elite events. Penrith Stadium is used for NRL only 12 times a year, and for little else. Even if an A-League team were to use it, it still would be used maybe on average every second week of the year. I think that pressure will mount to have Panthers games at Bankwest at some point.

If the main purpose of the venue is other (non-Sport) events, and the possibility for NRL/A-League/ARU(??) events is being used to justify the proposal, then I suggest if the venue cannot justify itself otherwise, then it cannot justify itself.

For indoor entertainment, the new West HQ ‘Sydney Coliseum’ will provide a 2,000 seat venue, which is likely more in line with events that will be in Western Sydney. Panthers are building a new convention centre, which will presumably attract events on a larger scale than the existing marquee. I realise that details need to be kept vague at this time, but I’m not understanding the target events. Where will the venue sit in terms of concerts for example between new Alliance & ANZ for ‘stadium’ events, & ICC and Qudos for indoor events?

If some consortium wants to finance a venue at their risk, then go for it.


As an expanding area, Penrith needs its own stadium to ensure even spread of main stadiums right across the metro area as we have tax payers as well and shouldn’t miss out. We also should not have to travel to the city to see major shows at entertainment venues.

To separate this complex from the other stadiums, Penrith should have a stadium with a roof around 35-37.5K - in between the size of Sydney Football Stadium (45K) and Bankwest (30K) to allow it to hold major events, as well as major NRL semi finals, Matilda and Socceroo matches etc


Yer give us home semis!!


Any idea when you will be able to give a little bit more info ?


Any further info’ to report now that you are back from leave ?


Not yet, drowning my sorrows after tonight’s game lol


Get blotto SHF, I feel for the fans that made it a weekend up in Brisvegas…poor mr walker


I’m ok thanks. Still in Brisbane and still not sure what has happened to our team. Heading out to see other games today!


The demographic reality is that, for as long as the Penrith Panthers have been in the big game, a significant proportion of league fans who have moved west continue to support their previous team and, furthermore, take their children down the same path. I recall a reporter visited some local primary schools (around 1991 possibly) and was astonished to learn that the most popular team was the Canterbury Scumdogs, not Penrith. Hence, even in our halcyon years, it is rare to see a capacity or near-capacity crowd at Penrith Park. Personally that level of unfaithfulness to your home club is immensely irritating. The local derby vs Parramatta probably ranks best. In years like the present we can expect to barely half fill the stadium, worst for distant teams like Nth Qld. So I would suggest that any stadium like that being discussed here would be anything but a Panthers-dedicated stadium. I recall last year that the womens international soccer game at Penrith Park drew highly favourable assessments from the players and others about the state of the surface and the other facilities. Being so close to the freeway, major railway station, hotel and to the Panthers carparks are always standout attributes.