Anthony Griffin Released


all good. :sunglasses:


Agree 100%.

I actually don’t give a rat’s if Cleary re-signs or not. He may turn out to be like Thurston at the Cowboys, a player the club could be built around - or he may not. And Ivan Cleary is a really good coach but, in the long run, when you start ceding power to players, coaches etc, it’s counter-productive.

There’s an old saying that “Power is never given up willingly, it has to be taken.” There’s a good reason for that. The minute you start ceding power over, is the minute that those you give power to start to take more of it and, inevitably, end up abusing it.

A certain poster on this forum might argue that’s what happened with Penrith ceding a lot of power to Phil Gould.

Anyway, the point being that young Cleary is a gun & may be a future great, but nobody is irreplaceable. There’s a kid called Jarome Luai who’s off contract & dropped off the radar.

If we keep Maloney, whoever the half is will benefit from his presence.

I’d rather the club kept its collective eye on the long game, rather than the short term gratification.

Finally, I wouldn’t want to be in Nathan Cleary’s shoes. If he stays, it’ll be on huge money (BTW, how many players, including Peachey & CHN have we let go for “salary cap management?” Which sounds suspiciously like shorthand for a war chest to throw money at Cleary.) If he’s not immediately Thurston & Johns rolled in to one, the knives will be out. If he goes, even to be coached by his Dad, he’ll be a traitor.

Enjoy the finals, Nathan. Life’s about to get a whole lot more complicated.


Well said Bryan,
you’ve managed to put in words what many are thinking.

Meanwhile, we’ve a footy match to focus on and win. :sunglasses:


Well we’ll be there in Bay 109 doing our best to get the win. The rest is up to the boys!!! C’mon Panthers.


I’m sure the picture will become clearer after the end of the season, stay tuned.


Wow, pretty spot on.

Cleary Jr. 5 year deal (to 2023) and Cleary Sr. 3 year deal starting 2021. The pressure to release Cleary from the Tigers would be huge. The Tigers are blustering about financial compensation or a player trade, but they are in no position to demand it.

Best case scenario is the Tigers release Cleary Sr. and that is that. Worst case scenario is we wait till 2021, and the Tigers will suffer, as players won’t sign with a club with a departing coach, and many fan will be always wondering if Ivan is doing whats best for the club every single day.


I don’t know how I feel about this…


according to radio reports this morning, appears Bennett will join the tiges, who may release IC to come to us early. Whether that is for '19 or '20 was not stated.

So pretty much in line with predicted earlier.

So, we didn’t sign IC to get NC (according to Gould) but we will have both. I am not sure that all our eggs in the 1 basket is our best bet, as I’m not convinced that IC is who Gould thinks he is, or at least that he hasn’t changed that much in 3 years since he sacked him??


yeah but he’s not tired, we are, of this whole drawn out saga. :confused:


I don’t think IC has really been given a chance with a team that is ready for a premiership shot.

From the Warriors to the Panthers to the Tigers, he has been given “fixer-uppers”. He built each team up only to then move on, I can only imagine how fatiguing that would be.

Maybe IC returning to Penrith is him wanting to enjoy the fruits of his labour so to speak.

Time will tell.


Yes maybe right Steve. Maybe if we did not have that terrible 2015 where injuries ripped us apart, IC would not have been deemed tired & Griffin may not have seemed such a great solution to a perceived problem - he must have knocked Gould’s socks off on that visit to Red Hill :grin: Note: he was still knocking his socks off a year ago now when he extended his contract, before someone else grabbed him :wink:

Having made the playoffs the seasons before, even a slightly better '15 would have seen IC kept on, & maybe we could have secured a title in '16, '17 or '18 under him - we’ll never know now. As Gould said, maybe he made a mistake when he sacked him, but it doesn’t matter now!

I hope now that the tiges do release IC for '19, so both clubs can get on with life. Two years with an interim coach like CC is not ideal for on-going success.


Michael Magurie is set to ink a 3 year deal with the Tigers, allowing Ivan Cleary to move to the Panthers for 2019.


Well, that came out of left field didn’t it?


…who pays Cleary’s contract out ??? :thinking:


Does anybody pay out Ivan’s contract? Wests have a new coach coming in and they can release Ivan now and not have to continue having them on the books, or keep him on out of spite and keep shelling out coin for Ivan to stay.

Wests are not a rich club, they can ill afford to keep Cleary on, and keeping him hostage will hurt them more than it hurts us.

I would assume Wests will just release Ivan and cut their losses on this one. It’s a no win situation for them.


Seems like a seamless changeover to me although Wests Tigers may ask for, and be refused, compensation.
What I am more interested in is the on-going relationship with Cleary Snr and one Augustus Gould.


Gus is looking tired, maybe he’ll go this time around. :wink:


The Tigers have announced Ivan’s release, and the signing of Michael Maguire. Only a matter of time now before Penrith announce Ivan, I expect.


Now that would be ironic because, if I remember correctly, tiredness was Gus’ excuse to get rid of Ivan last time.


All’s well that ends well! You guys can argue the moral high and low ground of this coaching negotiations, but for mine, we have played them like a fiddle. We end up with both the Cleary’s! Of which my many Tiger friend conversations I have had, they were sure they (Cleary’s) were both going to be in black and gold a few months ago.