Anthony Griffin Released


I don’t mind Ivan and was disappointed when he left Panthers.
Having said that, I’m not so sure pairing father & son is the best move.
What if Nathan’s form drops off, will dad flick him in the best interests
of the team? Just sayin. It may not be the perfect pairing people think.
Geez I had some real dust ups with my ole man at home, I was too
much like him. I couldn’t imagine working with him as well ! :slightly_smiling_face:

and another thing,
Maloney won’t be there for 5 years to take some of the heat !!!
Nathan’s got a lot of growing up to do, hope he makes it.


I think the issue will be, who is going to dominate the ‘coaching’ I sincerely doubt Ivan will have a game plan akin to the Gus mindset, I.e. “this is the brand of football we want to play” rather he will want to build his own unique vision on how to achieve the best results. Watch this space as they say, but either way, let’s hope if their is an issue, Gus finally realises HE may be the issue!


Gus needs to just stand back and let the coaching staff coach. His intervention has ruined the first coaching stint of Ivan Cleary, and then subsequently ruined the coaching stint of Anthony Griffin.

I can only imagine that part of Ivan’s condition of return involved Gus taking a back seat. I can only hope that Gus does so for the sake of the team.


I’ll believe that when I see it, or when hell freezes over, which ever happens first. Anyway, seems we have got to where we wanted to be, so no excuses now. The 5 year plan resets and we are off & running :-):grin:


100% mrwalker, the bullshit stops right now.

I haven’t been very keen in the past few years, but I’m getting a good feeling about our group. One key factor will be the CC debate, what is his role now, does he still have a ‘1st grade’ desire?

Bring on 2019!!!


Now that the Griffin issues is well over, and the coaching situation going forward has now been clarified, I think it’s time to put this one to bed.

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