Refereeing in 2018


and are rattled by death threats as
as reported in today’s Telegraph.


Same sort of thing in the Sharks/Manly game, Perenara appeared to have an ‘agenda’ and was not going to allow anyone to stand in his way.

In our game the quick tap for the faiders to score was contentious in my opinion. I would be happy if it was open and shut but when the pocket ref “gives the spot” which is apparently the okidoki to play on with a quick tap inside the 10, but is in the attackers way, i.e. BJ had to run around him only to find our blokes getting back on side, goes against anything I have seen this year inside the 10.

What I would love to see is a winning coach come out and say the refereeing was terrible, then the NRL might pay attention. While we only have losing coaches carrying on, why would the powers at be care?


There seems to be more & more contentious calls every week, and this is what is driving the fans nuts.

I’m also starting to question if there is KPI’s the referees are trying to adhere to, in particular number of penalties per game & difference between the teams in penalties (ie. 15-20 penalties per game, with no more than 3 difference by full time).


Did anyone notice the refs in our game when the scrum clock went off with the titans too slow to feed the ball? When we claimed it should be a penalty to us, Perenara came in and took over from the pocket ref, and then he re-started play like nothing had even happened! Why have a scrum clock if the two clowns are going to ignore it?? No wonder no-one has any faith in the refs.


Did anyone notice whilst the coaching carousel marches on,
the refs are off the ‘hook’.

Sorry, out of the limelight. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe the time has come to scrap on field referees, fit all players with microchips and referee the game electronically from the ubiquitous bunker.


They even snuck back in the ones who got demoted a few weeks back - guess they thought no-one would notice.


Three standout examples of pathetic refereeing on Sat night:

  1. whilst Luke’s tackle on Jimmy started out as a great hit, he clearly put Jimmy in a dangerous position - is there ANYTHING more dangerous than landing on his head? No penalty!
  2. A warrior player trips over his OWN player when getting up to play the ball - Penalty to Warriors!!! Can only imagine Perenera thought it was a Panther player, camouflaged by wearing Warriors outfit - cunning?? Should have gone to Specsavers eh Henry!
  3. On our last try, a crisp clear spread to the right, Chicken Legs is ready to point to the spot, when Kiwi Henry, sprints at him yelling and waving his arms to send it to the Bunker, indicating he saw some ‘interference’ by waving his arms. So it goes upstairs and it was as clean a try as ever been seen - nice try to stop a try Perenera - you are a disgrace!


My pet hate (or one of them at least) is when the ref makes an on-field call of try or no try. In some cases a call of “I haven’t got a bloody clue” would be more appropriate. I think this was possibly the case with the warriors first try. It sounded like the bunker didn’t think there was evidence either way of correct grounding but had to go with the ref’s call. My opinion is, if in doubt no try.


My thoughts exactly. As I suggested in the original post, making the bunker need to find proof to overturn the on field decision is asking for trouble, and the Luke try is a classic example. Logic suggests he didn’t get there, but there was no camera angle that clearly showed it. I hope that no big games are decided on the back of one of those decisions.


The bunker is just a new name for video ref.

What was wrong with the old try, no try, benefit of the doubt, refs call?

Maybe rose coloured glasses on, but the in goal judges didn’t seem to stuff up all that much either