[2018] EF Panthers v Warriors - Game Day Thread

The referee deemed the tackle to be legal and Viliame Kikau collected the ball from an offside position. Penalty was for offside.

bloody hell Bryan, Uganda.

You’re going to great pains to keep our game plans under wrap. :zipper_mouth_face:

Safe trip ! :grinning:

That’s right, Puss! Ciro & I have worked out the game plan & I’m taking it with me!

Let those Gummy sharks try & find me there! Even iif they do, they’ve got to get past the bodyguards dishing it out, Idi Amin-style! :uganda::gun::bow_and_arrow::hammer_and_wrench:

Well what a great win, team effort right across the park. Not a bad player, & probably not fair to single out anyone, but Maloney/Cleary put on probably best combined performance ever, Dallin & Fish were great & Kikau is the man!!!

Overcame some early mistakes, took most of opportunities and worked like demons in defence. Loved the way we competed, completed and strangled the life out of the Kiwis with some great game management.

For a must win game vs Sharkies, I would be tempted to go with no utility on the bench & bring Hetherington into the 17 to fight fire with fire - that’s the way to get on the front foot against them.

Awesome result and should propel us to what we are capable of.

Gotta say though, it was clearly evident when RTS was going off, the likes of Blair and Johnson dropped their heads. I actually pointed it out to my mates at the time, I knew from then we were home. Won’t get the same attitude from the Sharks though, regardless of who goes off!!!

On a side note. What were your opinions on the Issac Luke Video Referee try. I was at the game and on the screen there it looked short, and when I got home I watched the replay of it for about 3 or 4 times, and it still looks short of the line.

My thinking is is the ref decided to go with NO TRY, I would imagine they would denied the try. I know now it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but it well could have. Thoughts?

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I was fairly evident at that time of the game, the Warriors were under the pump, and they were not coming up with answers to the Panthers defense.

Losing RTS was the last nail in the coffin it would seem, the floodgate were open and the game was over at that point.

Your right in saying the Sharks won’t cave like that, but with the loss of Graham, their defense will be working overtime to fill the void. We keep the pressure on their aging squad and they will crack, mark my words.

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My initial reaction to the Luke try was that he was short, but there was no camera angle that could prove it, so it had to go with the on field decision. As I’ve said elsewhere, they need to get rid of the on field decision, and allow the bunker to decide without the burden of proof.

I agree Steve, from the ground it was no try for me, but I think it was the reverse angle camera which looked inconclusive, hence it went back to the refs original call of try. Had the original been no try, that would of stuck.

I was more concerned and still am with that tackle on Maloney. How Luke stayed in the field, wasn’t reported, and they got the penalty is beyond me, even having seen post game replays on tele.

Jimmy sure is one tough guy, Moylan would’ve had the sooks for weeks for that - hang on he wasn’t one to take a tackle lol