[2019] R6 Sharks v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Thought Maloney’s post game interview said a lot more about where we are at, saying how they have to go back to the drawing board but we have some major problems
There are quite a few players in this team who if we had the depth you would drop but we just don’t have the depth in the key areas.

Its clear we don’t have another centre, its clear only a couple of forwards are playing to the elite level and its clear we have no depth in wingers and FB

To lead 14 nil and to have 24 scored on you says an awful lot about our on field game management and lack of on field leadership.

I hear quite strong rumours Segeyaro is coming back to Panthers but if he is the “model hooker” why haven’t we developed a junior who can bring this style to our game.

Egan and Katoa are workmanlike and that’s about it.

2 from 6 and we face Souths at home this week and unless something serious happens they will put 60 on us.

They do have a willing pack and a backline who can score points

Gees we will have people screaming to bring back Elliott as a coach soon if this keeps up.

If Cleary (the coach) was tired first time around and shown the door…he appears devoid of any ability at this point in time.

He has made some huge mis steps with his stupid 6 Captains and the swapping of Maloney and Cleary…one would have thought he should have focussed on skills, set plays and defensive patterns which appear to be completely missing in our game

Onwards to meet Souths and i believe we will be 2 from 7 after this game…and there comes a point where mathematically we will b no chance of making the 8,

The way we are going it appears the only thing we will win this year is the wooden spoon and that will take a special effort to win that.

Watching the game now. The first 40 was the best half we have put together so far this year. I have a bit of an issue with the no try though. While it is the correct call going by the rules, it’s one that needs to be looked at. There was no way that Johnson was going to be able to stop that try, so he milked it. I believe if we go in 18 or 20-0 we go on to win the game.

Overall I’m ok with the first 60. The last 20 we looked done & the Sharks had all the ball, it was always going to be hard to hold them out in that situation.

Geez, Cronulla coughed up some possession early on. Thought we were entitled to posting more than the 14 odd in the first half. Sorry, we were
ordinary, again. Miss the Griffen engineered 2nd half onslaughts already.
At least they were more entertaining than the current slog.

Stats on nrl.com tell the story. Missed and ineffective tackle counts disgraceful. 7-2 penalty count hard to overcome.

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just look at the errors in the Xerri try…Mansour rushes up to tackle Dugan, misses him badly and ball to Xerri for a clear run with DWZ coming over but shows him the sideline instead of making him do some work, Xerri hits after burners to score easily with the only players trying were Martin running a straight line and the only one who was prepared to stop Xerri going under the posts with Cleary running a wider straight line with DWZ basically throwing the towel in after he was embarrassed by Xerri and then failed to even try to stop Xerri from going closer to the posts…schoolboy mistakes and defence like marshmallows.
Our errors in defence and with the ball go to the heart of what is wrong, throw in dumb penalties and you simply cannot win a game.
Maybe our guys need to watch some videos of teams who can execute…Storm and Roosters.

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