[2020] R12 Sea Eagles v Panthers - Game Day Thread

This game made me think back to the Manly game in 2010 when the Panthers completely dominated.

I was expecting this game to be an arm wrestle, but we went out & played a near perfect game, starving Manly of any opportunity.

Whilst as a team we all rose to the challenge last night there were a couple of lesser names who stood out IMO
I think Aekins had his best game at FB and Lenui showed his has a bright future with us.
Lenui off the bench was very aggressive in al he did but he had Leota and Tetevano who also gave plenty
The person who has developed most and even has changed his game is Luai, last night his defence was superb, he again was a foil for Cleary when taking kicks in general play on the left side which just gives us fabulous options. His game has gone to another level and although his erratic play was on show late when he fooled the Manly defence with his ad hoc run only to find a man running onto the ball in Api…i have to commend the coaching team and Luai himself for being able to change his style.
However huge credit has to go to the forwards who are bending teams backs in offence and hurting in defence. Finally we have a pack who hunt as a pack and really hurt other teams .

On last nights team, how could you consider Burns save for an injury to a forward who played last night?
That forward pack including reserves is as good as any in the comp and lay the platform for Cleary/Luai to have time and weave their magic.
I cannot even see how Whare can get into our run on team considering the form of Naden
Add in Edwards at FB to the team who ran out last night and we have a squad capable of winning this comp.

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Wow, that was pretty damn good! Too big, too strong and just too skillful for the silvertails. Don’t you just love it.

Again, not a bad player & all 17 stood up again. I agree with steamy, the only player to come in to give us our ’ best’ lineup would be Edwards &, in that, Aekins would be unlucky to be left out.
Agree with puss, in such a comprehensive display, hard to nominate MoM, or even just 3 for voting for.
Note: Steve must be still celebrating - no MoM poll up yet :slight_smile:

Big game next week again - see you all there or on your lounges to cheers the boys on.

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here


Let’s just say ‘somebody’ may have snared some corporate box seats at Lottoland. :wink:


Well I’m sure somebody would have had an enjoyable night then!

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Leniu must catch the defence out with his speed, or he has a subtle sidestep, because he seems to me to regularly hit a hole and make good post-contact metres. Or am I imagining it?

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Agree about Aekins. I thought the last couple of games he is starting to backup a little more and get more involved. We have to remember that he only has 11(?) games so he is going fairly well considering. He is very safe.

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I’m glad to say the Tamou has added something to our forwards now he is running with aggression. He is no longer dropping when touched.

I thought MoM was easy, Martin, Yeo and JFH with the entire pack being unlucky to miss out on a vote.

What a Beautiful TEAM display !

Found it more difficult. All 3 were worthy of a vote, but really hard to leave NC out on his game. A few ‘media darlings’ halves would have been living on a game like that for the rest of their careers :slight_smile:

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It is very rare for me to give MoM to a back. No doubt NC had a great game, but his efforts can only be made available by our pack dominating…which they did and then some !

For what it’s worth, I thought that was the best game Luai has had for us too.

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That’s bad luck about Staines’ injury. It sounds like it might be a recurrent problem. Hopefully he won’t have his career hampered, or truncated, by a dodgy, fragile hamstring.

Ask Dean Whare about recurrent hamstring injuries. Poor bastard has had his fair share.