[2020] R15 Panthers v Sharks - Game Day Thread

that was better. Cleary’s work was sloppy tonight but Luai stepped up.
They’re an ugly team the Sharks so I guess I’ll cop 10 in a row sweet.

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Good to see us play the full 80, even sweeter when we pump the Sharks.

My favourite part was watching Martin make Moylan his bitch 3 times, resulting in 2 tries


3 tries in the 2nd half. I’m much happier!!

Martin is a beast!

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the best way i can describe our performance is comparing us to a beautiful v13 car
we rolled it out of the garage and tickled the throttle and we were off like a rocket and then we started to cough and splutter like we had dirty fuel and the car became a little intermittent in its performance only for the fuel to clear and we were off again. The fuel blockage happened a fuel times but in the end the v13 got us all home safely

It was that sort of performance and maybe just maybe the car isn’t enjoying the weekend drives as much as it first did.

Because Cronulla are just terrible and them scoring 2 tries was an embarrassment to us in my opinion. How they are in the 8 is either a measure of how good we are or how’d the comp is for quality.

I still was puzzled by the refs calls and Kiaku being on report is an even bigger joke. Sure it was penalty but that was and should have been it.

Anyone know why all of a sudden Naden and Edwards started allowing balls to hit the ground?

And Cleary’s kick options were well below his best.

Highlight was Martin who seemed determined to own Moylan and reward the club for his contract extension.
Tetevano looks like he needs a good break and our achilles heal was visible last night, if Korisau is off we look disorganised and May didn’t fit this shoes well at all.

It seems to be too harsh but to win a comp you need to be running on all 13 cylinders on the day and running perfectly.

I believe we have the car to do it and to win, we just need to keep it well tuned and with clean fuel.

so, a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang performance eh ???

well we are in rarified air. I have been watching since '67 and have never left the ground with us having just won, and I don’t meet just but comprehensively this week, 10 in a row!!!

Some may want to find negatives, but not this little black duck. We just made a team that will make the 8 look like bottom 4 contenders. Completely dominated across the park, not a bad player for us. Martin signed his new deal too early :slight_smile: What a performance from him.

Do we dare to dream???


:mega: Panther Pride Man of Match voting is now open here.


Judiciary Charges

Player Charge Grade To Player Time Guilty Plea Found Guilty Loading
Viliame Kikau Denagerous Contact II Braydon Trindall 77’ 150 pts 200 pts None

* 100 points results in a one week suspension

That’s actually good news, IMHO. A guilty plea will see him miss one week. Take the guilty plea, have a week off, rest any niggling injuries and come back ready to go.

Even if he copped 2 weeks, that mightn’t be a bad thing. I understand he’s been playing most of the season managing some issues after he suffered that “stinger” earlier in the year. 2 weeks off may be what he needs.

Koroisau could probably use a rest as well, and Kenny did a capable job filling in for him previously. Might be time to start rotating some of the boys - forwards in particular - to give them a rest & have them refreshed for the finals.

Had to share


That’s a key point, MrWalker; ‘not a bad player’. That’s what makes it so hard for me to vote for MOM so often, because there are so many contenders.

Bryan, I suspect that many people are starting to share your idea about rotation before the finals, particularly for the forwards. Not only will it give them to freshen up from niggling injuries, it also would give some game time for fringe players who would be required if we do start to have a run of injuries (like in pretty much every year, for us). I don’t think that we like the idea of bringing into sudden death games forwards who have trained but not played over the preceding 6 months. I’d probably put Burton in that space, too.

Agree, I see May, Martin and Fish all looking like salesmen for an insulation tape company - it looks like that is all that is holding them together. I’d guess that a few would benefit from a break.

Love it !

I hear people saying you need to lose soon, you can’t keep going like this, otherwise your will lose in the finals…I say stuff that, why can’t we just keep winning !

Agreed, Kev. The team just seems to do the basics right, continually - completed sets, limited missed tackles, fewer stupid penalties, almost no cock-ups in ruck play-the-ball and teamwork & enthusiasm. Simples, and yet not.

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Keep on a high going into the finals.

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If our entire squad can lift 10% to 15% on what they are already producing in the finals, we will be a HUGE chance. As everyone knows though, it is what you bring ON THE DAY that counts.

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Plus which way the ref’s calls go, as we saw with Canberra being robbed last year.

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They can do even more damage this year with no accountability - These 6 again calls are becoming a blight on the game.

I love the speed of it, but the decision making is akin to AFL…….Baaaaaalllllllllllll ???

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