[2020] R2 Dragons v Panthers - Game Day Thread

And well done Mansour, ran for over 300m!

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Hillfan that was manic.
A ‘10;try’ thriller they’re saying. No-one wanted to tackle.
I’ll put it down to the heat, but it smacked of the Griffin
2nd half regime. We need to do better over the course
of an 80 min contest.

Its an easy game to review in my opinion…the first 20 minutes when we led 12 nil, our execution ,tactics, effort were at 100% and flawless.

After that we either believed we had them beat or we simply thought lets take it easy. Dragons albeit not a very good side lifted and we got to where we got to as Puss said…a 10 try game.

It should have been a 10 try game but to Panthers and none to them, thats the mentality we have to bring to the games and it has to become part of the teams DNA

Yesterday after the 20 minute mark we just looked terrible and if Dragons were a better team we would have lost.

I know Cleary and others talk about our “slow starts” and maybe we just went too hard and blew ourselves out…maybe…but we had them on the rack and IF Yeo’s pass sticks in our hands we go up 18 nil, but Dufty was their best by a long way.

Easier to address our problems when you win but there is plenty to work on.

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Glad for the win, but made hard work of it against a team that will not figure in any way in 2020.
We should have led 24-0 & trailed at half-time??
Memo: Dufty will never tackle - he will always go for the intercept, just as Holmes will.

This will be my last post on the invisible man we have playing in right centre. Yes. he made a try saving tackle early, but that was basically it. When Chrichton made the break, Martin was with him to back up & pass back for the try - #3 was 25 metres behind the play!
The contrast between #4 & #3 is absolute. Couple of efforts by Naden show he is switched on to the game now & he is big, fast and strong and hence a threat to draw defence from Billy. Crichton is looking so fast, big and strong also.

Cleary is going great. I suggest he is moving to another level in terms of game control, and his threat to run is an essential ingredient. Yeo again was great, but it’s a bit unfair to leave some other names out.

Too many errors, but overall a good team display.

The first 20 minutes looked fantastic, everytime a forward hit the line they were poking out through the other side. The boys looked unstoppable. The drinks break came…

I’m not sure what was in the Powerade but the guys clocked off. The intercept from Dufty happened and the Panthers rolled out the red carpet. The team went from world beaters to easybeats. The Dragons in my opinion are a bottom 3 side at best this year, but they went into halftime up on the scoreboard.

The second half stated almost as bad as the first half ended. They were stuck in the rut and couldn’t get out of second gear, the longer it went the worse it got, with momentum wearing down the forwards. The Panthers were doing enough to keep in the contest, but it looked unlikely they would get a win out of this. The last 10 minutes though I thought was better than the first 20. They were down on the scoreboard, and time was starting to turn on them, they dug deep and grinded their way top good field position and leading to points.

The call for Captains Challenge towards the end was a great call, the call was definitely wrong on the field, but the call gave tired forwards a rest, and turned what was Dufty running to the 20m with a retreating defences for 7 tackles, to a set start and 6 tackles. Great foresight there.

On a side note, I see a lot of posts on social media bashing Josh Mansour and his efforts. To me I think he would be a strong contender for Man of the Match to be honest. Man ran 250m+ in that game, much of it up the middle allowing the tired forwards a breather. 7 Tackle Busts, 1 try assist, near a 90% tackle efficiency. All they prefer to focus on was the one missed tackle leading to a try by the Dragons. Mansours performance in my opinion so far this year casts a long shadow over his dismal 2019 performance.


Puss would have been a contender if he really had missed the last 10 minutes


Ha! Should probably had proof read that. Poor Puss jumped the gun a bit, but to be fair thinks went downhill pretty quick late in the first half, sure had me worried.

Anyone watched the Roosters v Manly?

I did and boy have the Roosters lost their mojo and look a vastly different side then last year although maybe we can lay claim to bashing them softened them up for Manly…>LOL

I also paid attention to Storm v Cronulla and as often Storm do they managed to get a win from a wreck of a game and thats 2 weeks in a row and i am sure Bellamy will be working overtime to get their mind on football before they play us

Its way too early to write Roosters off but gees they have plenty of work to do.

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I’m good. Deserved that.
For the record, I missed the end of the match.
Went outside for a cupla beers. On my return
was surprised at result. Did nothing for my
demeanour, but the beers did. Cheers.


I think most have covered my thoughts on the game.

What I would like to add is the impact Tetavano made, I thought he was outstanding in the first 20, then had a big return late in the 2nd half, nowhere near the impact but was very willing. If he can keep that form, we will be ok.