[2020] Trial Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

It’s good that it’s hard to nail down a starting squad this year. There is a lot of excellent talent in the squad this year, and will be of benefit if our depth is tested through the season.

I thought the trail went well. There were a few mistakes and silly penalties, which is to be expected. I like the speed and intensity and n attack and the scramble in defence, it was great to see so early in the season.

The team is fit, super fit. Some of the guys out there look like they could play for hours, Cleary is looking great too, put on some bulk and busting tackles with ease.

I saw on Fox League that Penrith will field a side that has the least NRL experience in the league. I feel we have enough experienced leaders in the team this year that we can give the premiership a real shake.

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I don’t disagree entirely, but he won’t find favour with Cleary - he’s a pretty conservative coach and it’s his way or the highway. Cleary’s (snr) game plans aren’t particularly effective as is so perhaps we might be better off getting away from them with a little flair. Perhaps when the team and Burton learn to ‘read’ each other, the ad lib could be great.

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I hate to say it but I found the whole game a bit of a bore.

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Good on you for speaking your mind.


All I could think about watching the replay was, I wonder how safe Api’s knee is, looked pretty well strapped for a trial !

I hope we don’t lose Mitch Kenny, he could be valuable sooner rather than later………