[2021] QF Panthers v Rabbitohs - Game Day Thread

Leota injured now (calf)
Eisenhuth starts
Martin starts
Kikau bench

10 all half time, probably a fair reflection of the game so far.

All in all, it’s a good position to build the win in the second half.

We are certainly missing Edwards as Crighton has not been supporting the line breaks (not that anyone else has either).

Go boys!

Our attack just wasn’t there tonight. Chrichton probably our best.

Too many players lost their heads in the second half

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For all those who pick backs for MOTM - you have just seen the value of having Moses on the field at the same time as JFH…A MASSIVE LOSS
Staines - Stamp the card, not to play again this season.
Eisenhuth - not really a 1st grader
Tóo playing injured
TPJ - some effort…ANY effort - we needed him to have a go

That was a hard loss to take, if we don’t get back to our structured TEAM mentality, we will go straight out the back door.

The cynic in me says this is exactly what the NRL wanted, A someone other than Storm v Panthers GF 2 years in a row, and now they have it, maybe we can see some proper rule adjudications without desired outcomes…no not cheating, just structuring the result if they are good enough :upside_down_face:


The referee was shitting me to tears. Some of those calls were absolute howlers.

Sutton had a shocker… no consistency, no control, let Souths dictate penalties… weak.


We aren’t the STORM…

that … was dreadful !

Our go forward was poor
Moses was a big loss
Tonight showed the importance of Dylan Edwards that yeo brake in the first half would of seen Edwards eat that up


South’s we’re just too good. I thought none tried harder than Crichton but will admit we missed Edwards. I have to agree that while Staines is a speed machine, unless he gets clean ball with a bit of space he has nothing else to offer. He had the opportunity last night and blew it. Perhaps that’s it for him.

The good news is we get to watch the Boys go around again next weekend most likely against our Arch Rivals. Should be a great game to watch. Can’t wait!


very disappointed. Ivan comes across as a ‘quiet’ achiever who rarely has much to say preferring it would seem, to let his players do the ‘talking ‘on the field. And that’s the way it should be. Right now we need to button the lips and hit the reset. Some niggling injuries aside with Sorensen, Leotta, Edwards now sidelined and missed. Panthers have provided us during COVID lockdowns with tremendous performances throughout the season, it’s now back to the walls stuff, have we got it in us to fathom a Panthers renaissance ???


The easy option would be to name and shame those who didn’t turn up last night ,i would rather agree with the prevailing view, we were terrible and that is everywhere.

In all the years i have been watching league, there is and has been a constant, win the forward battle for your backs to unleash.
Its remarkable how the great teams (and some not so great) leverage this formula and last night in our game, this simple principle was on show.
We clearly missed Leota and Sorenson and i think IC has a lot of thinking to do this week as we prepare for now sudden death.

The good from last night is all ifs and buts, all the scenarios are gone…we have to beat the winner of todays game, then beat Storm to even make it to the GF

Are we in the form to do that right now…not on last nights effort but i believe this squad can do it.

But we will need the entire squad to lift and lift by a huge margin.

A lot of the lift will come from who we have available.

is Edwards, Leota and even Sorenson available?

is Naden injured?

A good team does not fold, a great team responds.

This squad has the potential to be a “great team”…they now have no other option but to show to themselves and their supporters they are a great team.

This scenario is the perfect scenario for each and everyone of the squad to cement themselves as a part of a great Panthers team.

The way forward is clear, the challenges will be even clearer at 6PM tonight.

The prize awaits a great team, i believe this is a agreat team…do they!

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Since the NRL invented the “Crusher” tackle a lot of players come out of tackles rubbing their necks. Last night was no exception. Oh, by the way, how bad were we?


Wasn’t it also funny this morning both “crusher tackles” put on report were not pursued by the MRC today.

Odd isn’t it?


Whilst we are all disappointed not to get the win, I think that there is degree of overreaction to the loss, likely because of the expectations we have come to have of our team over the past 2 years. It really could have gone either way.
The rabbits played strong & proved worthy opponents, but we created enough chances to win and just couldn’t convert the opportunities. The rabbits also took full advantage of the ‘rules’ to get a breather or a relieving penalty.
We should have scored on the early break down the left and Burto didn’t pass to an unmarked To’o. On the Yeo line break no support - it was almost identical to the final last year when Edwards loomed up & scored under the posts to put us in the GF. Again a bad pass from Kiks cost us 6 and tying the game up.
Their tries came from a miss from Staines on Gaigai & Burto coming in and creating a 2 on 1.
We have not been quite the same team since SOO, but we are still alive & just need to spark to have a chance - I’m just happy to still be in the running. I see on social media a lot of fair weather ‘supporters’ spitting the dummy, but the real supporters are behind the boys for as long as this thing goes.


Those penalties & ‘on reports’ were ridiculous &, as there will only be 2 games for each of the next 2 weeks, Sutton should have reffed his last games for the season, or ever if the league is serious.
What the hell was that ‘injury’ with Cook. He stayed down and looked as if the paramedics, or undertaker, would be needed, giving his team a breather. The replay showed little contact at all to result in such a serious injury & then he just starts playing again?

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I questioned Cook staying on too. Looked like he was gone for a while there.

As for the crusher tackles, I reckon I saw at least 20 that didn’t get called for us!!!

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That’s because our guys forgot to rub the back of their necks after they were tackled. :slightly_frowning_face:

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