[2021] R3 Panthers v Storm - Game Day Thread

We made a statement !!!

Great ‘TEAM’ effort !


Gutsy effort for a great win. We had 2 of our best missing, and another go down injured. We had almost every stat go against us. We still found a way.

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plenty of words can describe that game but gutsy would best sum it up.
at times we looked a class above and at other times we looked terrible but we managed thew win

Edwards was far and away our best and how we used him in the first half was superb and despite my thoughts we started with Burton and he played the whole game and was excellent (I wonder if he is having thoughts about going to the dogs) and i liked our tactics in the first half of kicking early and deep to Jennings.

But we do have some problems and most notable is FB now with Edwards out for some weeks.

May has me perplexed and one thing for sure is he aint a FB so do we play Crichton there and move Capewell to centre or do we put Burton in the centres as he defended well last night and they rushed plenty at him.

Only problem with that is Crichton in my view has lost his mojo, he just seems out of sorts.

Kenny was much better last night but still doesn’t offer offensive options as Api does.

The other selection question is how do we fit Burton into the side with Cleary coming back?

Think our forwards and especially the bench forwards covered themselves in glory over the Storm pack and believe they will only get better as the season rolls on.

On the Storm they look to me as though they are a team just hanging on, sure have plenty of potency but just look like the balance isn’t right.

I hope the rest of the boys pull up OK and feel sorry for Edwards

It was a good win and will be good for the team to scratch out a win like that as that sort of effort is the little difference between a good and great team.

Storm have shown it for years and almost pulled off a miracle save for Kikau but again showed how we were up for the fight.

Just on Kikau how it wasn’t a penalty when he got bowled over in Storms last effort is beyond me and how Munster didn’t go on report for the Lenui effort also has me scratching my head.

Any way enjoy the win boys and we face a Manly side next week who will have to respond at some point to their ugly start to the season.


Well that was a night for the ages. We had to get down & dirty with the grubs from Melb & matched them and beat the bastards. All the changes that have been made to speed up the game are negated by the tactics of the $torm. With respects to the late, great Bill Woodfull “There are two teams out there. One is playing Rugby League and the other is not”. And that pathetic ref aided them in every way possible.

The boys all stood up. played for each other and the fans, and under difficult circumstances prevailed. That final effort from Billy just shows where we are at as a squad.
Special mention for May. He has been on the fringe for a while, and exhibited very poor behaviour which is well documented. There have been whispers that he only gets picked because he’s the coaches sons mate. But last night in the 2nd half he stood tall in a specialist position & did good.

It was a game that was hard to singe out particular players, and our game manager was not there. A real team effort, including from the fans.

Can’t go without commenting. What the hell was that shite that was put on as the half-time ‘entertainment’.

3 from 3. Not sure why we are even trying though. The experts had Souths winning the trophy after they beat StG in the trial, and the rooster are now winning the trophy after beating Manly & tiges :slight_smile:


Some observations :-

It is so good to go to home game and see a win for Penrith; we’ve had plenty of years when that was so rare that I used to come early to see the U21s just to see a win. There is so much team spirit, and clearly pride in the jersey.

Does Burton play in the centres next week, with Crichton at FB? So many options possible. Is Tago ready for NRL? Or Staines to FB and Taylan May to wing? When are Jennings and Naden available?

There’s always talk about the importance of the spine. So, to win with 2 of the spine missing and a third injured mid-game, is pretty special. As usual, this was a team game, making it a bit hard to pick the best three for MOM.

Is there a different set of rules for Melbourne regarding slowing down the play-the-ball without being penalised? Lenui was right, too, given them a bit of a lecture. There’s already been 2 suspensions for ‘hip drops’, both for Melbourne, and there should there be a third. It is clearly being coached, something quite believable coming from Bellamy. It reminds me of watching teams coached by Warren Ryan.

How often has there been a roar from the crowd as loud as when Capewell scored? It sent shivers down my spine.

There were so many empty seats in the grandstands, despite 100% occupancy being allowed now. If we can’t attract more than 14,000 for such a match and for a team performing so well for so long, how can we ever have a ‘full house’? Probably will only happen when we play another nearby Sydney team and the stands are packed with their supporters. Sad, really. Perhaps being a midweek game, and on free-to-air TV might partly explain it.

How many times did Burton kick on an early tackle? And his kicks were towering, but they gave a defender time to get set under the ball; so very few found the grass and they mostly Melbourne took their first tackle at least 30m out.

We seemed to be taken by surprise by the Melbourne strips, but they are renowned for it.
Is there any NRL team that so often fails to defuse a short kick-off or drop out? In fact, how often do we seem to be taken by surprise by it?

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


100% occupancy is as of Monday.


Well… that game sure got the blood pumping. There was a lot going against us in that game.

No Cleary, No Koroisau, No Edwards in the second half. Short turn around from last week, 2 HIA’s, coach evacuated from his home due to flood danger, changed training conditions. I was all there.

I was really impress across the side. An excellent team effort.


I have to admit, I wasn’t there…Had a 2 night bucks weekend planned Fri, Sat, but regardless I agreed to take my daughter (9) to the game, keep everyone happy. The Mrs decided against it, game finished around 10pm on a school night.

When the league make the games about the attending fans and not TV, crowds will grow.

Anyway, the one thing I want to highlight is the tactics of the Storm after Spencer hit Eisenhuth with a clean shot. Munster and his piss ants got hold of Spencer and hip dropped him trying to bust his knee :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Paul Kent called out Bellamy last week, FINALLY someone has had the balls to state the facts - AND I 100% AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE SAID !!!