[2022] R10 Storm v Panthers - Game Day Thread

I am fairly confident that Cleary will lift, knowing he studies his game deficiencies in detail.

I do have big concerns over Critta’s form. Maybe it’s just how the game is changing and centre is becoming the new 2nd row, but he is looking increasing lost both with the ball and in defense.

That try scored against us last week when Cleary ran out of the line and missed the tackle, Critta just stood there with his feet concreted to the ground.

Maybe the talk of the dolphins offering him fullback is playing with his head. He should see how DWZ is going when wingers think they are fullbacks of the future.

Don’t get me wrong, the kid had talent. But it’s all of no use unless you apply yourself in games. I don’t want to see him become the next Waqa Blake.

I’m never confident with Storm games, despite our recent success. Hope springs eternal though

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that is a huge loss for them losing their 7 and 1

worst thing with this is we become complacent knowing they are missing 2 very key players.

that being said it presents us with enormous opportunity

adds even more to the game in how they compete and how we react.


i do not share your confidence about Cleary

last week he was defending on the wing, made errors in defence we have never seen and his kicking game in general pay was poor plus his goal kicking was off.

ithere maybe more to this but hope i am wrong.

agree on Crichton and i thought he was locked up with us and find contract talk about him odd and is a scourge on the game IMO

Just watching the warriors and bunnies game and the field is in remarkable condition despite the rain and Bunnies are putting on a score atm which exposes the difference in teams we have in this competition

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There was some talk about the Flu going through some clubs but no clubs were named.

Reasonably happy with the first half.

Luai has probably had his best half of the season so far, let’s hope he continues. If Chrichton passes, To’o goes in untouched.

Credit to Munster, probably the only reason we aren’t up by 30 at the moment.


A bit shaky in the middle 20, but the first ten and last ten minutes were sublime.

Kline is Melbournes best player as usual.

Critta needs to learn to play for the team, not for the tv cameras


its funny to be disappointed to be up 20-6 but we were great in parts, terrible in others.

Tago just needs to understand he needs to complete every effort by locking the ball up when he has it.

Crichton took on Munster and was embarrassed, all he had to do was either pass to Too or when he ran at the line put a sidestep in but he chose to try and run over Munster who was equal to that effort

agree on the ref and some of the penalties have been difficult to understand.

This game is there for us to go away with although this is where we see if we are focussed and where we let Eels back into the game last week.

Want to see Cleary rolling the ball into the in goal to change up the tactics in these conditions and be nice to put a big score on this mob.

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An emphatic victory. Despite the Storm missing 2 of their key players, I was expecting a closer game. Hard to pick our top 3 this week, pretty much everyone deserves a vote.


nice win but both sides can improve and most important thing to take out of the game outside the win was containing Storm with a great defensive effort.
It was a win we needed after last weeks loss.
Not perfect but much better in terrible conditions for both teams and the fans

Enjoy boys and hope we have no injuries.


Torrential rain, you should expect a few errors. But the way they managed those errors was class.


:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

a comprehensive win over a depleted Storm. We can’t ask for any more.
Well played Panthers. :sunglasses:

Nb might be a different kettle of fish next time we meet ! :astonished:


The Storm were missing four players, that happens. The Storm usually has ready made replacements. That game was brilliant, and the better side won.


An easy game to watch as it was never in doubt. Pretty good all over the park and Luai had the best game I’ve seen him play this season. Big difference was ball security; we held on to that bar of soap much better than Storm. Hate to say it but how good is Munster?


If they didn’t have Munster score could have been anything, he is an exceptional player in attack and defence
That being said we have a couple of good ones too.

Just watched both press conferences and took Bellamy right to the end to concede we are a great team.


A great win, better than expected.

Storm were only in the game between minutes 10-30, and that was only thanks to penalties.

We absolutely dominated the second half.

Quick quiz - what do Salmon, Leniu, Kenny, Kikau, Api and Luai have in common?

They were the only Penrith players to not run for over 100m. A huge stat which showed not just our run metre dominance, but how it was a team performance.

Special call out to Leota - in 36 minutes of fury over 2 spells, he ran for 130m. He simply bashed the Storm middle into submission. 19 tackles in that time as well.

Arguably Luai’s best game since this time last year. Kikau finding career best form - bet the dogs don’t look like such as good option now.

Cleary learnt his errors from last week - an almost flawless game.

Yeo is so special - probably the best footballer in the game.

In horrendous conditions, Edwards was as safe as anyone at the back. His best season so far, and is starting to get noticed by others for what he brings to the game.

Only downside for me (and I hate to sound like a broken record), was Critta. I just don’t know if he has centre in him. Certainly seems to be developing a showing attitude. Was mentioned in media that he turned it up at training when he saw Freddy was watching. We don’t need that in our team. Decisions are harder when your on top, but maybe a week or two in Cup could correct his attitude. Bring Staines or Sorensen into centre? A tough call, but if we want to improve sometimes these things are needed.

All in all very happy. Gee Munster took it to heart in the post match interview. I almost felt sorry for him………Almost :rofl:


… and it will be interesting to see if we had the best completion rate for the round. It’ll be hard to beat.

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This is worth a read Penrith Panthers make it look easy against an injury-hit Storm in a Magic Round game that couldn't live up to the hype - ABC News


I thought his comments were very structured. I also think he may have decided Hughes sit out, if it was a final he would have played. That game for Bellamy was more about his team facing adversity than it was about us beating them, he will take a lot out of that game.

I cannot believe some of the ref calls in that game, both ways too - it was like he was on a mission to have the footy played in the opposing half of each team, almost every set penalty coming out of your own end…not good

MOTM is easy for me, Yeo, Moses and Kikau - dominant

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In further good news;

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