[2022] R13 Panthers v Bulldogs - Game Day Thread

birdman you’ve hit the nail on the head, twice. That’s a well done for a Queenslander. :+1:

Luv your work Bathurst Tom but beware becoming snow blind. :upside_down_face:

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Good solid performance when we are down in troops. I think that Ivan learned a lot from last years origin period & the policy of leaving the existing players in place & bringing in new players to fill the spots was a much better strategy.
The ‘fill-ins’ performed admirably, just doing their jobs that they have trained for all their lives, not trying to be the guy they were replacing, a very common mistake.
We absolutely obliterated the dogs forwards, some of whom must have recorded negative run metres :slight_smile: & the fact that they needed to play their trickshot to score says a lot.
The dogs look to have only maybe 2 first grade players in their team, neither of them forwards.
Not a bad player for us, despite what some of you negative nellies say. We clearly have assembled a very capable squad who I’m sure will make a good job of defending our title.
Kudos to Kurt - sometimes a long wait can be a distraction when you finally get your chance. Maybe maturity has proved a bonus for him & I expect him to receive some very good offers for the future & can only wish him the best of luck. The media should be focusing on people like him in our game, instead of the Pongas & Mitchells they love.

I actually missed the game with flu (COVID negative) but enjoyed watching from home.

Very proud to be a Panther today.


Hi Puss,
I may live in Queensland but I’ll be wearing the blue jumper on Wednesday. :eye:


That’s an astute observation, BxT. I’ll have to watch it on Kayo now to have a look.


Did you get to watch the replay? My initial live watch (Qlder here, watching from home) was he was miles offside for the second try, but thought he may have been okay on replays - just Addo-Carrs speed and awareness that got him well ahead.

Like SHF pointed out, I thought we slumped without Moses and Fish out there.

What’s wrong with Spencer? I was looking for Spence to rip in but wondered if he was even playing? Looking at game stats now - he was on field for 14 minutes, zero runs and 13 tackles.

My guess with Spence, maybe he was on when Bulldogs started building that pressure and it just gassed him out? Or maybed Ivan could see us slipping and thought we needed Leota and Fish back on. Who knows?

But yeah, our club truly has evolved into the next stage. It’s not just making the top 8, or even scraping into the top 4. This club and this team are contenders for the title. The fact we can bring in players like Salmon (MINI FISH!!!) and Smith who become try scores off who is effectively our 4th-string half is just phenomenal.

I was saying last year that each week i was getting surprised about how good the team is, and its just continued. Will be much more confident for the Origin Period now!

I’m not sure Addo-Carr was offside for the second try (where burton kicked across field). While on at the ground I thought that, watching the replay at home he was clearly onside.

i am led to believe he has a broken rib and was replaced because of this.

I agree we fell into a hole for a period and the return of JFH and Leota stiffened us back up.

Agree re Fox on side, I was pissed off at first, rewind…pause…humble pie :woozy_face:

Even though it was only the dogs, we need to remember the key players, our halves, haven’t played 1sts, it does gas you fairly quickly hence we get to a lead and then tired late.

I thought we were pretty good considering.

Just on Staines, he is not in my top 17, but for a back up I doubt we will find a more committed winger/fullback and to win a comp you need the likes of staines who will always put pressure on the top guys, he is an above average reserve grader IMO.

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I read earlier the Staines has been given permission to look for another club, despite being contracted for another year.