[2022] R18 Tigers v Panthers - Game Day Thread

We have been the better team by a long way. Unfortunately they are executing near the line better, hence the score line. We really should be 12 or 18 up.

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Is Charlie Ferrari contracted to the NSW cup team next year cos he certainly shouldn’t be contracted to the first grade team. Now I’ve said that he will doubtless score a treble in second half. Well we can dream!!

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Nope, dropped the ball.

We’ve SOO to thank for this rubbish.

I wouldn’t rotate a single Panther from the field…they created this mess, they should fix it

Ugly, rudderless, lacking effort

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I’ve seen enough from Stains after that dropped ball put JFH on the wing

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pull him off…we might go better with 12

they are useless with 13 out there

Lucky to get away with that one.

The Tigers were consistently bad, but we slowly fell to their level as the game went on. The second half was nothing short of a farce. If we had executed better in the first half, when we were well & truly on top, we would have run away with that.


Glad that rubbish is over and cannot believe we won it
Hope there are no injuries to the blokes having the week off

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Look, seven players out and we win!

Depth is acceptable but today’s effort was unacceptable!

Best Wishes Tigers you deserved something from that matchup.

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 20 Tries Logan Cohen (2), Luke Sommerton, Thomas Jenkins.
Goals Jack Cole (2/4)
Western Suburbs Magpies 32 Tries Brandon Tumeth, Johnny Mitsias, Tyrone Peachey, Junior Pauga, Trey Peni.
Goals Jock Madden (6/6)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 26 Tries Ryley Smith (2), Cody Lawson, Kristian Li Mai, Tyreece Matangi.
Goals Keagan Russell-Smith (3/5)
Wests Tigers 16 Tries Kurt Picken, Jaycob Anjoul, Michael Tannous.
Goals Zane Camroux (2/3)


Apparently Noddy thinks we were disrespectful by resting our SOO players. Did we want to watch the cricket instead?

Been waiting for that crap to emerge.
How many teams could rest 7 top players and still win? Currently I suspect one.

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We were also missing Leniu, although he played some big minutes in NSW Cup

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To sum up, the Tigers had a scrum feed and they were late to pack it, we got the penalty !

One of the worst games I’ve seen, take the 2 and pretend we had the bye…


It was not a game of any great quality - I am reminded of my mate years ago who’s theory was that poor (ne used a different word) teams somehow bring you down to their level.
What was good was to see the ‘regular’ players stand up when we were missing so many players. Fish, Edwards, Kikau, Moses & Kenny did their jobs well, and Sorenson’s run put us in position to clinch the game.
It’s as if the season starts again Saturday! Except we don’t start from zero, we have a good lead on the ladder.


Mitch Kenny’s last pass to JFH to put him over the line fro what would be the winning try, just goes to show how much his game has matured.

Kenny saw that Hastings was reading the play and was sliding to tackle JFH and Kenny timed it perfectly, forcing Hastings to act, drawing him and and sending Fish in for the winning try.


So often I see passes, particularly from dummy half, go anywhere but in front of the receiver. This stops the backline dead in its tracks. But I was impressed by the number of Kenny passes that were nicely in front of the receiver.


I must say I agree with the above regarding Kenny. For someone who has been playing a new role this year as a middle forward come hooker, he stepped back into the starting hooker role like nothing had changed.

That pass to Fish was as good as any hooker in the NRL. It shows how much he learns from Api, something his predecessors never showed when they had Api, Seggy and Wallace to learn from.

I feel we are in safe hands next year.

Edwards, Fish and Kiks sure stood up and lead the team, just what we wanted to see.

And again kudos to Eisenhuth, he deserves his bench spot this week.

So yes, there is a lot of brightness from what was an ordinary game. As they saying goes however, you can only play the team in front of you.

This Saturday will be a very different game, let the real test begin!