[2022] R2 Dragons v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Welcome to the forum MountainsPanther, great to have you with us.

James Fisher Harris seems to have come across a shoulder injury, Ivan Cleary touched on this in the post match presser

“Fisher-Harris is a shoulder, don’t know how bad but didn’t feel like he could go back on."

- Ivan Cleary

Brian To’o was also unable to finish the game, after having his knee strapped for medial support, he later came off and remained on the sideline for the rest of the match. Ivan Cleary said the following about it in the post match presser.

“Brian has done something to his knee. Not good. But that’s the situation we’re in, hopefully we get some decent (scan) results tomorrow."

- Ivan Cleary

Scott Sorensen also looked to be cradling his shoulder (maybe wrist) late in the game. It was not mentioned in the post game presser, but there may be some sort of injury there.

Outside 10 minutes of brilliance late in the first half, very ordinary performance. Take the 2 points & move on. Hopefully the injuries don’t trouble us too much.

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lot of shoulder injuries, hmm !

bit of a worry when two of your better performers (kikau/koroiseau) won’t be with you in a year’s time.

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Whilst that second half was scrappy, few teams could win with both their starting front rowers out, one of the best wingers in the comp out, but then also without their first choice halfback. Not to mention, the replacement halfback in SOS got taken off the field for a while too.

By no means was that a perfect game, but they did pretty well to hang on all things considered.


To’o being forced off and the resultant reshuffle of the outside backs definitely had a major impact on last night’s second half result.


There is not much more to say than others have posted above.

We won ugly under difficult circumstances.

Yeo held the team together as he always does.

Tago seems to be making a good fist of centre.

We showed promisingly signs in the first half.

JFH being injured limited our impact in the middle, this led to our outside backs not being able to penetrate a tough Hook coached team.

We missed Leota.

Considering everything that went against us injury wise, it’s a credit to the boys we scraped through to get the two points.

Edwards 55m+ dropouts probably saved us, reminds me of posts a few years back when I said Cleary should get Edwards to take the dropouts.

It will be interesting to see the injury report later in the week.

Would think if Fish is out, at least one of Smith, Hopgood, Smith will make the team.

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And glass half full time - maybe To’o injury opens the door for Jenkins to make his debut.

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NSW Cup and Jersey Venue Change

Collegians Sporting Complex has been washed out. BlueBet Stadium will now host both the NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg fixtures as well as this week Tarsha Gale Cup matchup.

Panthers members get free entry to the stadium, otherwise you can buy a ticket at the gate. The fixtures are now as follows;

Competition Match Time
Tarsha Gale Cup Penrith Panthers v South Sydney Rabbitohs 19/3 12:00pm
Jersey Flegg Cup Penrith Panthers v St George Illawarra Dragons 19/3 1:30pm
K.O.E NSW Cup Penrith Panthers v St George Illawarra Dragons 19/3 3:00pm


:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 52 Tries Thomas Jenkins (2), Chris Smith, Eddie Blacker, Niwhai Puru, Taylan May, Preston Riki, John Faiumu, Robert Jennings, Matt Stimson.
Goals Kurt Falls (6/10)
St Goerge Illawarra Dragons 6 Tries Dean Blore.
Goals Dean Blore (1/1)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 20 Tries Connor Mason (2), Daniel Sykes, Kristian Li Mai, Isaiah Iongi.
Goals Connor Mason (4/5)
St Goerge Illawarra Dragons 16 Tries Cooper Roberts, Alexander Lobb, Duke Grant.
Goals Sam Hooper (3/4)


I would say that Taylan May would take his place.

While Tiny is a good option, from what I see he plays the opposite side (happy to be corrected). Same I think for Jennings.

That said, Staines is a fullback, so may be comfortable swapping sides.

The other option (I am not in favour) would be Critta to the wing and a new centre. Issue is I don’t see us having great depth in the centres at the moment. If Geyer was available that could possibly be his debut.

I guess all the boys up for consideration next week put their hand up based upon that drubbing!

I have the impression that teams that make the NRL grand final have had a better than average run with injuries. So far this year it is not looking so good for Penrith, but such an apparently strong reserve grade is a cause for some optimism.

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Westfund Injury Update: Brian To’o and James Fisher-Harris

Panthers Media | March 20 2022

Scans have revealed the full extent of injuries suffered by Panthers winger Brian To’o and prop James Fisher-Harris in the victory over St George Illawarra Dragons on Friday.

23-year old winger To’o suffered a high-grade MCL injury early in the second half at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium. Contrary to media reports early indications signal a 6-8 week recovery timeline.

Meanwhile scans show that fellow premiership-winner James Fisher-Harris suffered muscular damage to his left shoulder only. He will be monitored throughout the week.

With the Panthers set to take on Newcastle Knights in Bathurst on Saturday 26 March, Panthers coach Ivan Cleary will name his 24-man squad on Tuesday afternoon.


Hey MP welcome - Just a FYI - Moses is my number 1 in this team, he is a no nonsense beast who never takes a backward step. The man is made of granite.

He is only underrated by non Panther fans and those in RL who love the frilly stuff :rofl:

I haven’t watched the game yet, was away all weekend with no service, but i’m glad i know the scoreline based on what i’ve heard and read here…

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Like Kevin, I was away also - still am, home tomorrow.

Watched the game from backrow in sports bar at Merimbula RSL, with the audio being the races :slight_smile:

Our game is based on high intensity, attack & defence. We take all the gas out of the opposition and give them little opportunity with the ball. Great plan, but it comes undone when we make as many errors as we did, using up our own gas as well, which gave the opposition a chance to compete.
We hopefully will not make so many errors moving forward.

Also the officials think we are too fast in defence and make up 10m penalties to help the opposition out. At a crucial point In the 2nd half we had them pinned in their own 20m for 3 tackles (going no where) and then the ref finds a penalty, which put them down our end for next 10’. A wide shot replay showed that we were all onside!

Bank to 2 points and move on