[2022] R21 Raiders v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Edwards proved his worth and how he is the fittest man at Panthers…wonderful play by him in defence and attack.

God knows whaat we will do without Api who was brilliant with his guile and kicking game.

He was assisted by Yeo and Martin who were epic and Salmon was very very solid and surprised me but he needs to develop a pass.

A very very good win to recover from Raiders fast start and more importantly and impressively how we held them to 6.

Hope all the boys pull up ok and enjoy a great win.

Very very impressive.


You heard it here first - Dylan for the Dally M.

What an outstanding effort!

I loved the way Turuva took that first hit up running onto the field.

No player let the side down - what a great team effort.

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I thought Salmon was a standout. His kicking game was on point, his defence was great and that break through the line to score was great to watch live. Ivan made the right choice.


Apparently Sticky has had a whinge about Salmon kicking Starling. Will listen to the media conferences later to see exactly what was said.

I’m guessing this is part of what was said

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

What a sad comment from a Coach of the NRL.

The NRL are now squarely front and centre and have to make a substantive stand with Stuart

His comments devalues every single thing the NRL are trying to do, eradicate racist comments, eradicate bullying from not only the game but more broadly in the community.

Stuart has brought the game into disrepute without any doubt and i believe he should be sanctioned by the NRL and by his Club, the Raiders.

There is no defence to what he said, none at all and IF the NRL and Raiders do nothing, it will now allow any coach at ANY club including the Junior League to impute, defame and malign any player publicly.

Can you just imagine where this can go?

On Salmon

I would be giving instructions to lawyers this morning seeking a public apology from Stuart on national TV and in social and print media today

If its not forthcoming i would instruct them to pursue every legal avenue in seeking a financial settlement from Stuart.

Stuart has sunk to a new low and the NRL need to act with utmost speed and not allow him to walk back what he said as being said in the heat of the moment but instruct and get from Stuart a complete and public apology to Salmon and his family and to the Panthers and broader football community.

The NRL have a major issue here and need to act and act fast IMO

Penrith have some wonderful and diligent law firms, i hope one have reached out to Salmon and will commence action today.

Salmon would not lose any action, its the quantum of the settlement which would be the only question.

Stuart proved beyond any doubt his role as a head coach time has come to an end.

Raiders should act on this today.


So proud of the boys, who continue to standup time after time. A great win.

Sitting in the stands last week & seeing NC walk off facing an extended ban & the rest of that 1st half, I admit thoughts came to me that perhaps our race may have been run.

The second half display last week & last nights effort give me confidence that we are going to give the title a real shake.

A real culture has been developed that IC deserves credit for, along with all his support staff & the boys themselves. This team has taken the next man up creed to a new level. This can only happen in a culture of positivity, not a culture of fear & backstabbing & white anting that we endured not so long ago.
I have seen a real change to our club, and it all started from that terrible magic round game in 2019 when we got lapped by the tiges in the 1st 30 minutes. It’s as if Ivan said OK, that’s rock bottom and we go ahead from this point & we are now where we are.

Great performances across the park, and usually I would say it’s not fair to the others to single out one for special mention. That said, Dylan Edwards - you are a superstar. All the media favs get all the attention, but as has been said, we wouldn’t swap anyone for you & you are truly the best #1 to have played for our club.

I will not honour that piece of crap Canberra coaches comments with any reply.

Extra proud to be a Panther today!!!


I’m a 100% with steamboat on the Stuart position.
The NRL must act on the disrepute issue lest their integrity irretrievably damaged.

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Danny Weidler spoke to Ricky Stuart last night to see if he regretted what he said, and he said he wasn’t backing down.

I say the NRl should bring the hammer down on him, and like you said @steamboatfarmer I would be getting some legal representation to pursue damages.

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Stuart is now claiming his comments towards Salmon were due to a personal issue when he was coaching at the Sharks (Salmon was a Sharks junior) between Salmon & Stuart’s son.

Given that Stuart left the Sharks at the end of 2010 (the year the incident apparently happened), Salmon would have only been 11 at the time!!!

I’m sure that we have all changed a lot since we were 11.

Stuart not so much.

I recall an incident when he was at the the Sharks where photos appeared in the media of a drunken Cronulla player paralytic in the hotel garden in season & with a game that week. The photos were taken by a girl who knew who the player was & she supplied them to media.

Stuart used his Sunday Telegraph column to attack the girl, placing the blame for bad behavior of players being shown in the media on the people providing the evidence rather than the individual behaving badly, or the clubs who were apologists and enablers for such behavior.

Reading his column at the time would have readers believe that the girl went to the players home, took the player to the pub against his will and forced him to consume alcohol to the state of paralysis just so she could take photos of him! It was a disgraceful narrative by Stuart & I never bought a Telegraph newspaper from that day on.

Stuart has a long history of bringing the game into disrepute and he has shown a complete disdain for the game, and has shown no remorse or learning from the litany of fines he has received. The game shows it is in danger of ‘enabling’ his bad behavior by letting him continue it.

His contract should be torn up and as they do in racing, he should be ‘warned off’ from ever attending another RL game.


The moment that lit Ricky Stuart feud


Penrith is reportedly exploring legal options on behalf of young playmaker Jaeman Salmon against Canberra coach Ricky Stuart.

Stuart gave an extraordinary press conference after his team’s loss to the Panthers on Saturday night, in which - unprovoked - he labelled Salmon a “weak gutted dog person” and said he had been since a young age.

Stuart was reacting to an incident during the contest where Salmon’s foot made contact with Canberra hooker Tom Starling’s private parts during a tackle. The contact did not look intentional to the average viewer, but Stuart clearly held a different view.

Stuart told Nine’s Danny Weidler afterwards that he would not retract his explosive comments about the 23-year-old utility.

The Sydney Morning Herald now reports Stuart’s anger stems from an incident in 2010, when his son and Salmon were playing in the same under 12s team.

While the exact incident is not specified, the report claims Stuart - then Cronulla’s NRL coach - was so incensed that he approached a young Salmon, whose father stood up for his son and almost got in a physical altercation with the rugby league legend.

The NRL’s match review committee will reveal this morning whether Salmon is charged for the kick or not.

NRL chief Andrew Abdo also confirmed the integrity unit is investigating the comments from Saturday.

“It’s a disappointing situation,” Abdo told the Herald.

“This happened last night and everyone deserves due process. We will get all the facts before making a decision.”

Stuart has issued an “apology” to the media today

I have just read it and it doesn’t sound like an apology to me, indeed he gave more of the reason for his outburst


where is the NRL?
where are the Raiders as a club?

Vlandys is happy to hog the limelight and carry on about the NRL, where he is your chance Peter

Issue a $50k fine to Stuart today…and ask Raiders to do the same

Then demand a formal apology…not this nonsense he rolled out today

Where is the Players association?

here we have a player being defamed, ridiculed by a NRL coach…why don’t the Players Association have all raiders players boycott playing until Stuart is removed as coach?

Poor Raiders players, imagine what he says about them.


And a 4 week sideline ban as well.Enough to see Raiders exit the finals.


Dylan Edwards jersey presentation


Since the time that Stuart and his team wore T-shirts emblazoned with ‘This Time It’s Personal’ in response to being caught cheating the salary cap (in the early 1990s, I think), I have had doubts about his tenuous grip on reality. This is just one more illustration. Not exactly an ornament to the game.


Couldn’t coach a choko vine over a shithouse !

Most eloquent Kevin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

On a side issue, I’ve made this comment before, but I think it bears repeating, after the Canberra game - despite being in golden form, at the top of the tree, for a few years now, we seem to be pretty much clueless about short kickoffs. Whether we try them, or the opponent does, it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss of the contest for the ball. Cleary’s grubber for the side line recently is one exception that comes to mind. I’d expect to see more opponents try it on against us, especially in the finals.