[2022] R8 Titans v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Every team in the comp is trouble early, even the Tigers…

Any side that gains an ascendancy, particularly if the refereeing is dubious can certainly increase their capability to impact the result.

The key to us, and this is very very evident in many games, that we don’t allow these scenarios to affect us and our game plan. We switch straight back on and start again. It is a very measured approach and can only be applauded.

With all due respect, we will win this 13+ regardless of whether our points come in the last 15 minutes, the game is an 80 minute contest and there a few teams who can match our game energy for that long.


Scrappy first half, with uncharacteristic errors. I’m betting Ivan can’t wait to have a word to them.

I’m in shock, we’re bloody awful.

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This is probably the worst we have played in about 3 years. Lucky for us, the Titans weren’t good enough to capitalise.

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went about how i suggested

they were really up for it and we were off a long long way from our best

that being said possibly the worst refereeing i have ever seen and one could argue the ref had plenty on the titans, that is of course if it was allowed.

maybe we had the future on our minds with Eels and Storm but if we play like that against them we will get beat.

terrible ugly win but its a win

have a concern about Kikau and JFH with injuries and for the first time i saw players with hands on hips deep into the 2nd half.

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I wonder if they intentionally took it easy tonight in preparation for the upcoming difficult games. And while they were tip toeing around the field, the mistakes resulted. It was noticable that Luai did not run too much with the ball.

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I’ve been spoilt rotten for the past 8 weeks with some magnificent Panther performances until now. We let ourselves down and need to reset ASAP. The recent Raiders 2nd half mauling appears to have taken more out of our boys than we realised. Last night we were inexplicably lethargic. We set a standard, it’s now up to us to maintain our ‘belong\believe’ culture.

Just heard an interesting point that may explain last night’s performance. We only had a 5 day turn around, and had to travel for the first time this season. A short turnaround is never easy, but to lump travel on top adds an extra layer into the equation. We have a full 7 days going into the next game, so hopefully we will be shaper against the Eels.


We have become very hard markers here. I didn’t watch the game but in the end it seemed to be a comfortable win.

if we are looking for excuses we are in more trouble than we realise.
I would prefer to call it for what it is
Lets assume the 5 day turnaround had an impact, why would that even be offered up, wouldn’t it be better if the coaching staff recognised it and put a plan into place to overcome this.

Personally i am a little concerned by the hands of hips in the 2nd half which is not something we have seen from the team and again our tactics were odd last night

we had forwards banging it up rather than our back 5 ,which is what we have seen to masterful effect in the first 7 weeks

and we got sucked into the niggle with JFH almost breaking a players arm in half. They played the niggle game, holding us down and in short doing anything to get us off our game and it worked in the first half.

if it wasn’t for Cleary and his deft kicks we would have lost last night in my opinion.

Luai îs passive and Staines is not a first grader at Panthers anyway in my opinion.

Too will be a welcome addition back.

But we had a few had their worst games last night, Edwards who has been so consistent made fundamental errors and despite Tagos great defence his ball security in attack was poor.

Maybe it was “the game” to have where you are at your poorest but still manage a win.

Panthers have to be mindful as a playing group where they have set a benchmark, they are measured by their effort and results and as such with such a high bar being set, we the fans are used to a high benchmark and want to see it every game.

That is the hallmark of a great team.

There could be any number of reasons why we were not at our best last night and i am sure through a season there will be peaks and troughs and its comforting to know when we are off we still mange to win.
Maybe the coach needs to give them a couple of days off to freshen up as we run into some big games and then its SOO period.

Banking as many wins as you can in the front end gives us the luxury to rest some players as we move into the business end.


Yep, Albert, the scoreline looks good, but the stats tell a different story, more in line with the viewed assessment. ‘Scrappy’ is an understatement. With that sort of performance, the next three weeks are going to be difficult, to say the least, and we could lose all three.

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I was concerned about this game as we had to travel, had a short week & I guess it’s hard to not look ahead to the next 3 games, and we had played an absolute physical game in second half last week.
We probably were looking for an almost go thru the motions game. I think the poor game from the titans just spread to us, and we went down to their level rather than playing at our level. That said, if that early try was correctly awarded perhaps we kick-on and win in our usual style. The onlt thing worse than the teams display was the absolutely diabolical officials.
As Albert wrote, some have become hard markers.
8/8 is pretty darn good, particularly as we are the hunted. We are well positioned to give this a real shake.

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I have a feeling the humidity played a part in the performance. Near 80% last night, it wore both sides down and led to handling errors.

I feel the Titans were more suited to the conditions.


:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup| Full Time

Penrith Panthers 26 Tries Sunia Turuva, J’maine Hopgood, Preston Riki, Lindsay Smith.
Goals Kurt Falls (5/5)
Newtown Jets 12 Tries Luke Metcalf, Franklin Pele.
Goals Luke Metcalf (2/2)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup| Full Time

Penrith Panthers 36 Tries Daeon Amituanai (2), Hohepa Puru, Zac Lipowicz, William Fakatoumafi, Connor Mason, Isaiah Iongi.
Goals Niwhai Puru (4/7)
Cronulla Sharks 16 Tries Jordan Samrani (2), Trentham Petersen.
Goals Ryan Rivett (2/3)


This was my issue - did you see our group at the warm up, they were spent…Our tactics pre game need to be reviewed based on location. The Sharks Thursday night were stuffed before half time also, sucked in to the Darwin losers :rofl: they deserved to get pumped…

Just on the refereeing, not very often you get Blocker as one sided, but even he was having something to say about the decisions. At one point I heard him say, The Titans are being allowed to lay all over them.

IMO that was our ‘loss we had to have’ however we came away with the win. Our boys will aim up this week, you will see a semi final style game plan. GO THE PANTHERS


Too right @Kevin.

It was good we managed to get it together and ride it out. The conditions were terrible, and he humidity clearly was giving the Queensland sides a boost.

The game in Darwin was even worse… the Eels looked gassed about 20 minutes in. They collapsed under the weight of the humidity. Not to discount the Cowboys, best game they played in years, but the Eels were never clawing back that game. They were spent.

It will be interesting this Friday. Two teams that played in pretty humid (70%+) conditions. It will be interesting to see how they both recover.


I thought our forwards played well for the most park - Martin certainly played out of his skin.

The backs not so much (aside Cleary and Edwards), although Staines for mine played a solid game, and I am starting to think To’o will replace May as he is starting to look a bit fatigued from playing first grade (not that you can blame him with limited games over tha last two years, and this being his first year in first grade.

The wind and humidity sure played an effect. The cross field breeze saw a few late moving balls dropped form kicks.

Was the short turnaround and jet lag the reason for us being a bit down, or we’re we taking them from granted and had a poor mental attitude? We will never know.

All that said I would much rather us win a game playing poorly, than get lapped like what happened to Parra and the Sharks.

I think this near loss will do us a world of good going into Fridays game.


I think our team handled the conditions much better than the eels. So I expect their recovery to be better.

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The Hertz play of the week is a no brainer this week.