[2022] Trial Sharks v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Hi Boss,
the ‘above’ posted pre season trial match reports give a fair indication as to who’s firing. Remember there’s still one trial to come. Let’s not jump the gun.
Cheers :smiley:

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I am of the same opinion SHF, was really looking forward to “who would step up” but I thought Blacker was average at best, no intent in any of his runs. If you are trying to break into the squad, surely you use the trial’s as a ‘look at me coach’ situation.

Eisenhuth, when did he become a ball player lol - not real excited if he is part of our top squad plans…

Hopgood and Kenny were standouts

Edit: Turuva on the wing went well too, put himself into IC calcs for the vacant wing spot.

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Yeah Kev, I thought Blacker was disappointing. He spent a fair time out injured last season, so I’ll give him the benefit of doubt, for now.