[2023] R18 Storm v Panthers - Game Day Thread

The argument will be Luai got Hughes at a Vulnerable time/position.

I’m fine with any rule the want, as long as it’s officiated consistently.

My gripe is this one literally seems to be a coin flip.


Fantastic performance from the boys - WOW!!!

$torm threw the kitchen sink at us & came up with a charge down try & a try to Sutton, and then got their backsides smacked, all in a game when out first 20’ was horrible.

At this stage I think IC has his ‘ideal’ starting team for 1st week of finals in place - the team that played this game, of course with NC in for Cogger, and Salmon in for Peach.

Enjoy the week off!



Exactly, Gogatee. And therein lies the problem, as it has for us forever.


Annersley confirms what we all knew…

funniest post ever Mutley by the head of REFS

Annersley confirmed the bunker was right and was wrong.

Therein lies the trouble…why not just come out and say the Bunker got it 100% wrong

as if the bunker person gets sacked for getting a call wrong.

My only fear is imagine this happened in the GF and the opposition wins by 6 or less

The ref got it wrong, the bunker got it wrong.


You can forgive the ref not having full sight of the “try”, and his decision after watching the replay on big screen to send it to the bunker was the correct one.

However there is no way I can understand how the bunker awarded a try, nor can I believe Annersly understands it either.

There was certainly a 50/50 call for double movement, but then when combined with the doubt of grounding should have led to a no try.

He admits 99% of people would have not awarded a try, that figure in itself (if only an estimate and a somewhat confession of guilt), says that it was not, and should not have been awarded, a try.

And they wonder why people come up with conspiracy theories such as the refs trying to manage a close contest, or a comeback, when they dish up howlers such as this, then weakly try to justify it.


I’m a bit late to the party but here are my thoughts on the game.

Those first 25 minutes were a bit tough, Melbourne made it clear it was there to come off the blocks early and make a huge impact in attack (and on the scoreboard). I thought the team was struggling to get to their feet and mount a good counter offence as the Storm were limiting opportunities (as well a a fair few mistakes on our end).

The Luai “Late Tackle” and the Storms “Try” started to make think that the Storm were going to get the rub of the green this week and we should expect to struggle.

To the teams effort they managed to not only claw back the scoreline, but go into the half in front by 2, based on what I saw in the first half I was frankly surprised.

The second half was like day and night. A true master class. The Panthers choked the Storm of possession and turned up the pressure, many of the returning Storm superstars were not up to the task and they struggled to wrestle back control of the game.

I feel this game really cemented the teams cred this year. Many in the media had thought we didn’t have the cattle and skillset to go for our third premiership, and I guess a case can be made for that, but there is no doubt after that performance that the Panthers are in the driver seat to achieve the coveted “three-peat”


Rewatching the game the other day, I picked up the exact moment the momentum shifted.

Earlier I had thought it was the dubious NAS try, but after rewatching I noticed the next few sets didn’t have much in them.

Then Tago made a big hit on Warbrick, dispossessing him off the ball, about 20m out from their line. It was from that moment that we seemed to grow another leg, while the Storm seemed to deflate a bit.

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We maintained our game plan, keep the ball in play and wear the opposition down. We are the best at it and regardless of how flashy your first half is, it’s from 60 to 80 mins that we will beat every team in the comp.

As long as we don’t see players sent off !


I also forgot to mention that I think going forward we should have following bench…

  1. Tyrone Peachey
  2. Lindsay Smith
  3. Spenser Leniu
  4. Jaeman Salmon

I think that’s one forward short on the bench - I would choose Hosking & then a choice needs to be made between Peach & Salmon - I would go with Salmon.


I’m with you on this one mrwalker

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I’d even start with Hosking in the second row then bring Martin on after 20 minutes to terrorize the opposition for the final 60.

And yes I would have Peach at 18, rather than 14.

My rational for having one less forward on the bench is the versatility of Mitch Kenny. He often will sure up the forwards in defence, and allows for the team to have two utilities for maximum coverage.