Nominations - Greatest Panthers Coach never to Coach in a Grand Final

Changing things slightly with this one. Coaches who played in a Grand Final are eligible, but they must not have coached in a Grand Final.

Royce Simmons is the first name that comes to mind.


No shortage of candidates, unfortunately.

Ron Willey also springs to mind.

Ron Willey coached Manly 1970-74, they won premierships in 1972-73, as well as losing to Souths in 1970.

Coach (Not Coached a Grand Final Team)

Player Years Active
Leo Trevena 1967, 1973
Bob Boland 1968-72
Jack Clare 1974
Barry Harris 1975-76
Mike Stephenson 1975
Don Parish 1977-78
Len Stacker 1979-81
John Peard 1982-83
Graham Rogers 1992
Royce Simmons 1994-2001
Matthew Elliott 2007-11
Steven Georgallis 2011
Anthony Griffin 2016-18
Cameron Ciraldo 2018

Coach (Ineligible. Coached a Grand Final Team)

Player Years Active Reason Ineligible
Tim Sheens 1984-87 Canberra (1989, 1990, 1991, 1994) Wests (2005)
Ronald Willey 1988-89 Manly (1970, 1972, 1973)
Phil Gould 1990-94 Canterbury (1988), Penrith (1990, 1991)
John Lang 2002-06 Penrith (2003)
Ivan Cleary 2012-15, 2019-21 New Zealand (2011), Penrith (2020, 2021)
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Whoops. Had a brain fart with Ron Willey. I forgot that players/coaches who had won premierships with other clubs were excluded. Thanks, Mutley.

All coaches aside for the following are eligible;


Again it seems that our best are ineligible due to their successes - maybe because they were the best :slight_smile:

Our coaches faced a huge task up until we started to get some decent teams around the time of Sheensy. We then had a good run of coaches (mostly).
My votes go to Roycey & despite, or maybe because of Gould’s opinion of him, Hook.
PS - if any of you vote for M.E., I’ll disown you!


Didn’t we also have a “shadow” coach at some stage late 70’s early 80’s? Heard it on the radio once, someone like Roy Masters or Jack Gibson and our named coach was apparently just a front man?

Could just be rumour though.

Anyone else heard or recall this?

And I am certainly voting for Roycie. Led us through the dark times, almost went all the way during super league. Very exciting game play and not least he set the team in place for the 03 success.


I’ll go with Simmons & Griffin. Simmons because of his record in Super League, Griffin because he took us to 3 finals series in 3 seasons & gave a lot of players their debut. I don’t think he’s a great coach & he often gets a bad rap. But, credit where it’s due, he had a good record at Penrith & made a contribution to our current success.


I think it’s comes down to either Royce Simmons or Anthony Griffin.

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This will be the last lot of nominations.

After voting for our coach, all players who received a vote, but did not get selected in the run on team will go into the vote for the bench.

The captain will be selected from our 17 players the week after.

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