Nominations - Greatest Panthers Five-Eighth to never play in a Grand Final

Hard to think of who would qualify off the top of my head, so I’ll put Travis Burns forward to start with

Five-Eighths (Not played a Grand Final and >20 matches)

Player Apperances
Travis Burns 46
Greg Clements 35
Mick Kelly 26
Marvin Hicks 23
Warren Fenton 22
Maurice Blair 20
Bryce Cartwright 20
Isaac John 20
Zenon Olejarnik 20

Five-Eighths (Ineligible. Played in a Grand Final)

Player Apperances Reason Ineligible
Steve Carter 200 Penrith (1990, 1991)
Preston Campbell 86 Penrith (2003)
Brad Izzard 56 Penrith (1990, 1991)
Jarome Luai 46 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Ken Wilson 35 Newtown (1981)
Ryan Girdler 34 Penrith (2003)
James Maloney 34 Warriors (2011), Roosters (2013), Cronulla (2016)
Jamie Soward 29 Dragons (2010)
Wade Graham 27 Cronulla (2016)
Chris Mortimer 27 Canterbury (1979, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1986) Penrith (1990)
Brad Fittler 22 Penrith (1990, 1991) Sydney (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004)
Luke Lewis 20 Panthers (2003) Cronulla (2016)

Special mention to Warren Fenton who played his entire career at Panthers, mostly at lock.

Wikipedia has him playing 145 games for Penrith, that’ll do me. :sunglasses:

He only played 22 at F/E though @Puss.

Same as the ineligible Fittler ?

Not the strongest of fields in the eligible list, but gee that ineligible list would have most teams green with envy.

I will nominate Clements - got us to our first final in 85 from memory

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While my nomination of Clements stands, I also stand corrected - he played lock in ‘85

Yeah, Clements run at F/E started in 1986 and ended around 1988 where he shifted to the interchange bench.

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On a couple of the others, while Burns played a lot of games for us, was a great defender and certainly had a lot of “mongrel” to him, he was a ball runner not a passer, and left a lot to be desired with attack.

It is with a hint of sadness I write about Cartwright. Had the world at his feet and could of been anything. Very promising in his first season or two before all the issues.

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Cartwright wasn’t the same after his leg injury in 2014. The off-field problems then added to it, and left him a pale imitation of the player he could have been.

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