Nominations - Greatest Panthers Halfback never to play in a Grand Final

Even though I don’t remember seeing him play, I’ve heard a great deal about Terry Wickey, so I’ll nominate him.


Halfbacks (Not played a Grand Final and >20 matches)

Player Apperances
Luke Walsh 107
Terry Wickey 82
Henry Foster 58
Matthew Rodwell 41
Peter Wallace 31
John Klein 27

Halfbacks (Ineligible. Played in a Grand Final)

Player Apperances Reason Ineligible
Greg Alexander 189 Penrith (1990, 1991)
Craig Gower 169 Penrith (2003)
Nathan Cleary 118 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Gary Freeman 44 Balmain (1988, 1989)
Steve Carter 29 Penrith (1990, 1991)
Jamie Soward 24 St George Illawarra (2010)

for me, it has to be Wal and he’s still with us !

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100% Puss, he was also a great defender so that trumps most, I don’t remember Wickey, Foster or Klein.

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Wallace or bust for me.

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Wallace for me with Foster 2nd.

What could of been if things had gone different with Gower and Wall didn’t have to leave?

But when he came back, he added structure, toughness and direction, which was sorely missing prior (never forget that when Gower abruptly left, we had Lewis at half (shudder)).

Had a great second coming at hooker as well

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Of the others, I think Luke Walsh could of been the real deal with better coaching (the Elliot years were not happy), he had a wonderful kick, but just too one dimensional in his play.

Rodwell must of left such a great impression on me I can’t remember him playing half.

I take it Sammat didn’t play 20 games at half, not that he would get my vote anyway. Possibly the most arrogant player we have seen, well at least hot to that point with Moylen yet to come :rofl:

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I remember hearing Walsh talked up on a regular basis, often along the lines of being “The next Andrew Johns”. Apparently he could do anything on the training paddock. Unfortunately it never materialised into on field performances.

PS. I think Harry Siejka would give Sammut a challenge in the arrogance stakes!!!

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Jarrod Sammut on played 38 games in total for Penrith (19 FBK, 14 HBK, 3 WNG, 2 INT), So he won’t really qualify for any position.

In saying that, regarding his ‘arrogance’, he settled down a lot after her went to the UK. He has been a solid performer, a bit of a journeyman. He certainly has talent, it’s a shame he never didn’t get a real chance to show it off.

Harry Siejka on the other hand was a simple case of wasted potential.

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did one or both rise to prominence during the ‘Elliott’ years?

I remember Terry Wickey. He was a nuggety little bloke, indiginous & tough as. When he started, he looked like was one out of the box, and he played a good few games for the Panthers, but I don’t think he really lived up to his potential. Same with Zac Olejarnik at 5/8 - looked like a world beater at the start of his career, but didn’t really kick on.

Hard to go past Wallace as halfback, but I would have thought Noel Sing would’ve got a mention as well. He was around in tge 70’s about the same times as Olejarnik & they had a real good combo when tgey were on song.

Also, I know many posters have contempt for Luke Walsh, but I rated him. I think he gets a bad rap on this forum & I don’t think Matt Elliott was a good coach for him.

But you’d have to pick Wallace. Great organiser, good kicking game, tough as nails & ALWAYS put the team first. He was unlucky not play a Grand Final - if anyone deserved to, he did.

Edit Note: Just looked up Noel Sing, born in Dubbo, he played 55 matches for Penrith from 1971 - 73.

That I remember him fondly shows you how old I am!


Don’t these flash backs invoke wonderful memories?
There’s blokes here that had slipped my memory and in many instances I have to rely on the ole ‘Wikipedia’ to get the juices flowing, good stuff!


One thing that is becoming clear as we progress thru this process - the Elliot years should pretty well be expunged from the records, or at least from our minds :slight_smile:
I think one of the best half-backs to have pulled on a Panthers jumper was Laurie Fagan, but his career was primarily at the tigers.
Wallace was very good, Walsh suffered from the Elliot factor and his defence was poor. Terry Wickey & Fuzzy Foster were two of my favs back in the days when we tried hard without much success.
Again the ineligible players were clearly the good’uns



Mr Walker has trumped Wikipedia re Fuzzy Foster.
Good stuff. :sunglasses:

I have been trying my best, but I will bust if I don’t release the pressure building up…It wasn’t just his defence, he was poor in attack with ball in hand which is a blight on any halfback. Yes he had a pin point kicking game BUT I sincerely doubt the likes of Liam Martin & Kikau would be confident running off him, he wouldn’t draw the defence and any run he made was usually across field to drop a ball inside, AGAIN leaving any ball runner open to a smashing…Arhhhhhh and breathe

Sorry peeps, I know there is a level of niceness here, but this is my 1 pet peeve.

It should be noted, I didn’t mind the bloke personally, good golfer !!

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