Nominations- Greatest Panthers Second Rowers never to play in a Grand Final

Time to get started again. Hope everyone enjoyed the break.

I’m a bit dusty, so having trouble coming up with names of players who haven’t played in a Grand Final at the moment. Only one I could think of was Matt Adamson. I’m sure there are plenty of other who qualify. Thoughts?

would Frank Pritchard qualify ???

Played in 2012 GF for Bulldogs

what about Clint Newton ???

Played with Melbourne in 2007

Adam Docker deserves a mention.

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Docker does deserve a mention, unfortunately he only played 1 game in the second row. He was mostly a lock, with a number of appearances off the bench.

Not sure how many they played in 2nd row, but here’s my list of potential eligible players:

Matt Adamson
Phil Adamson
Bill Ashurst
Mathew Bell
Brett Boyd
Darren Brown
Lewis Brown
Mark Caroll
David Cartwright
Bryce Cartwright
Ned Catic
Cameron Ciraldo

Craig Conner
Mathew Cross
John Cross
Sid Domic
Shannon Donato
Morvan Edwards
Gordon Falcon
Danny Farrer
Warren Felton
Nigel Gaffey
Danny Galea
Jody Gall
Matt Goodwin
Phil Gould
Craig Greenhill
David Hall
Lee Hopkins
Chris Houghton
Garry Howell
John King
Peter Langmack
Rod McNeil
Duncan Mcilvrey
Carl Macnamara
Stephen Martin
Paul Merlo
Junior Moors
Tyrone Peachey
Lew Platz
Matt Robinson
Tim Sheens
Ryan Simkins
Nathan Smith
Steve Waddell
Brad Waugh
Frank Winterstein
Lew Zianovik

While I haven’t checked all of this list for eligibility, hopefully it is a good starting point for discussion.

Will check them out when I have some time. Pretty sure I can put a line through a few, having played GF’s for other clubs.

Second Row (Not played a Grand Final and >20 matches)

Player Apperances
Matt Adamson 95
Lew Zivanovic 59
Lew Platz 50
Paul Merlo 48
John King 45
William Ashurst 44
Carl Macnamara 42
Phil Adamson 34
Warren Fenton 32
Jody Gall 31
John Cross 30
Matt Goodwin 30
Corey Harawira-Naera 29
Gary Howell 27
Tim Sheens 24
Bryce Cartwright 22
Brandon Lee 20
Dennis Tutty 20

Second Row (Ineligible. Played in a Grand Final)

Player Apperances Reason Ineligible
John Cartwright 153 Penrith (1990,1991)
Tony Puletua 145 Penrith (2003)
Trent Waterhouse 93 Penrith (2003)
Isaah Ferguson-Yeo 90 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Frank Pritchard 89 Canterbury (2014)
Mark Geyer 81 Penrith (1990,1991)
Viliame Kikau 74 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Joseph Galuvao 65 Penrith (2003), Parramatta (2009), Manly (2011)
Viliami Manu 51 Melbourne (2008, 2012)
Barry Walker 43 Penrith (1990,1991)
Scott Sattler 41 Penrith (2003)
Liam Martin 38 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Clint Newton 31 Melbourne (2007)
Shane Rodney 28 Penrith (2003), Manly (2011)
Lewis Brown 27 Manly (2011)
Kurt Capewell 27 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Nigel Plum 26 Already Selected (Prop Forward)
James Fisher-Harris 23 Penrith (2020, 2021)
Chris Houghton 21 Canterbury (1988)
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Ex-Eel Ron Lynch played a couple of seasons for us in the 70’s, well before the Eels played in Grand Finals. Lynch was a real good player, worthy of consideration IMHO.


Really? Bill Ashurst would have to be one of the most talented players to lace on a boot? I think he’d be in this mix easily - the only second rower we have had with as near the talent (perhaps even more) was MG but he doesn’t qualify. The rest are streets and streets behind Ashurst.


Nice to hear from you Max. Kind regards !

While not having lived through the Bill Ashurst era at Penrith (being lang before my time). From what I have read about Bill and the limited vision I have seen, I agree with Max. I imagine he would be at the head of the available players.

There was a interview with Bill I had seen some time ago and it was a interesting piece.

Hey Puss, it’s been a while - had a moment thought I’d drop in and see what’s doing. cheers hope you are well.

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On the subject of Bill Ashurst, there’s certainly some unanswered questions around the controversy surrounding his time at Penrith.

On the good note - he brought the ‘round the corner’ kicking style to Australia.

The great mystery surrounds his fall out with Stephenson and the coaching staff. This led to Stephenson being captain - coach following Jack Clare’s departure as coach.

From little I hear this almost tore the club apart. That said, all was forgiven in later days.

But the mystery remains just what went on, and how it was handled.

Ashurst and Stephenson where both on record money deals, maybe resentment from other players? Club going broke have spent record sum on 2 forwards? Personality clash, religion? It’s him or me type demands?

I know this is a little off topic, but still seems to be some unanswered questions almost 50 years later.

Nice to see you drop in Max😊

Just checking the list, didn’t Brandon Lee play for The dogs in the 88 grand final?

Brandon Lee was in the team list, pretty sure he made it on to the field, but not 100%.

EDIT: Confirmed he played in the 1988 GF

Ashurst is a must as he was picked in the “all-time” composite team ahead of a number of players who don’t qualify for this team by a group of people more highly qualified than me. As with some other earlier greats considered for this team in other positions, Ronny Lynch best days were before he came to us, so I can’t vote for him. Some of the others eligible were best in other positions. I went for Ashurst & Lew Z

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I went with both Lew’s.

I’d have Ashurst at Lock, as looking ahead, all our other specialist locks played grand finals

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