Nominations- Panthers Greatest Fullback never to play a Grand Final

Will take nominations until midnight Saturday.

I’ll start with Peter Jorgensen…

Just to help along, here is a list of players that fit the criteria of having played in the position of fullback for 10 games or more and never had played in a Grand Final for Penrith.

Fullbacks (Non Grand Final)

Player Matches
Kevin Dann 99
Matt Moylan 81
Mark Levy 78
Peter Jorgensen 67
Robbie Robards 39
Neil Baker 34
Bobby Thompson 29
Matt Adamson 26
Peter Newsome 26
Michael Gordon 22
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 20
Andrew Leeds 19
Jarrod Sammut 19
Anthony Xuereb 19
Brett Lobb 14
Caleb Aekins 12
Morvin Edwards 12
Phil Jelley 11
Will Smith 11
Brett Atkinson 10
Shane Elford 10
Reg Walton 10
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Thanks, that’s a good list. Pretty sure Coote was in the Cowboys Premiership team in 2015. Will have to look into it.

Will run with nominations to shorten the list for voting. If we don’t have enough nominations (ie minimum 5) we might run with the full list.

Squaresy (Anthony Xuereb) was in the 17 in 91
Coote won in 2015 for the Cows

Might need to check rule no. 2 Steve

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I’ll allow Xuereb due to the fact he did not take the field in the Grand Final (same will apply to other players who were named but didn’t play in Grand Finals).

I will go with Flash Gordon !

I was pretty close to picking Matt Adamson


Kevin Dann (Blacktown junior)

120 odd games, 40 tries, 100 odd goals
And this when we weren’t at our best.
He is one of us !

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Unfortunately I didn’t really see him play so couldn’t have him

My only memories of Dann are having an old footy card of him when I was a kid, and my mate Jim used to rave about him.

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Kevin Dann RIP

Part of me is still hoping he will make a comeback. Retired way too early.

Would of been our first international if not for stupid interstate politics.

Mind you Coote and Gordon are honorable mentions


So the rule is in a grand final for any team? or just the Panthers?

I’m confused.

I made the rules any team & minimum games to keep out players that only played a handful of games for us, and had success at other clubs (ie Timana Tahu).

Happy to change those rules if people would prefer. If we are going to change, we will need to decide this week. What are peoples thoughts?

No it’s not a problem. I was just a little unclear.

I’ll strike Lachlan Coote from the list

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Danny Boy was the first name I thought of. Seeing the listing only confirms my thoughts.

A good defender, who ran the ball back strongly & was very safe under the high ball, in an era where the up and unders were rife, as you got a line drop out if you trapped the catcher in goal, even if they caught the kick.

I agree with Puss, that Dann was a really good player at a time when we had a mostly ordinary team. As well as a good player who represented NSW and as Puss said, should have been our first green & gold, he was a local hero. His sports store in Queen St St Marys put many a youngster in their first pair of boots, and a few Gray Nichols & SS bats. I also think he attracted a lot of girls to be Panthers supporters back in the day.


At this stage we only have 3 nominees:


I’ll add Moylan to the list. (Multiple nominations allowed)
Any more ideas? Should we run the poll with just 4? Should we use the full list Steve provided?

Multiple nominations (3?) would allow people to add their next favourite etc etc

We can go with the list if you’d like, and make it 3 votes like MOTM. I’m happy to go with your lead @mutley

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Might be the way to go Steve.

Do you think there should be a limit of 20 games played?

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Not a bad idea Puss. That will roughly halve the number of players.

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