NRL announces 2021 rule changes

Latest thought bubble from NRL on rules. Reported that Wayne Pearce, in clearly a sign that the NRL on on the right track on concussion 'cause he has clearly copped 1 too many headknocks, wants 7 tackle set when a kick goes into touch of not a 40/20 or 20/40 to keep the ball in play more?? So now we will have wingers and fullbacks willing the ball into touch instead of picking it up & running it so they get another tackle!! He claims that kicking into touch is a negative play.
But wonderkid can run the ball backwards the length of the field and that’s not negative.

They need to get the refs and bunkers on track with existing rules before making up others.


Joke - So when your team needs a breather and your the key to the teams success your options are being taken away.

What a peanut

I’m sick of these so called experts impacting our product, leave the game alone. It is bad enough now with the soccer mentality for head highs, the slightest touch, lay down for the penalty, yet your allowed to smash someone’s skull in and only get 10 minutes.

I was so proud of Robbo for costing himself 10k min and highlighting the lob sided thought process of the bunker…Get rid of it and live with the on field decisions.


The are planning on trialing the new rule for the West Tigers v Canterbury Bulldogs game as both teams will be out of contention.

I believe once they put this rule on display next week the NRL will instantly see there in no appetite from the audiences for it.

Don’t expect to see it happen in 2022.

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Robbo is a hypocrite - he wasn’t complaining when one of his players took Yeo out early with a head high and only got ten minutes.


Don’t like the idea. I think the game is fast enough as it is, and this looks like an idea to make it faster. The fans/viewers need breaks during the game too!!! Kicking into touch is also a good tactical tool at times.

They making fun of Pearce now

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