R10 Panthers v Bulldogs - Game Day Thread

R10 Panthers v Bulldogs

Game Day Information

:rugby_football: Match Penrith Panthers v Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
:stadium: Venue BlueBet Stadium, Penrith NSW
:clock10: Time Friday, May 10 6:00pm
:tickets: Tickets Tickets via Ticketek
:rugby_football: Other Matches NSWCUP Penrith Panthers v Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 10/5 3:45pm
JFLEGG Penrith Panthers v Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 11/5 6:00pm
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :cloud_with_rain: Rain 16°C (:cloud_with_rain: Chance of Rain: 91% / :wind_face: Wind: SE 10km/h)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
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:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers 16 Tries Luke Garner, Brian To’o.
Goals Nathan Cleary (1/1), Dylan Edwards (3/3)
40px Canterbury Bulldogs 10 Tries Matt Burton, Jacob Kiraz.
Goals Matt Burton (1/2)

:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers 12 Tries Jesse McLean, Trent Toelau.
Goals Trent Toelau (2/2)
40px Canterbury Bulldogs 30 Tries Kitione Kautoga (2), Jeral Skelton, Blake Wilson, Toby Sexton.
Goals Toby Sexton (5/5)

Postgame Media







Telstra Premiership Knock on Effect NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
:rugby_football: Panthers v Bulldogs :rugby_football: Panthers v Bulldogs :rugby_football: Panthers v Bulldogs
:clock3: Friday 10/5 6:00pm :clock3: Friday 10/5 3:45pm :clock3: Saturday 11/5 6:00pm
:stadium: Bluebet Stadium :stadium: Bluebet Stadium :stadium: Parker Street Reserve
1. Dylan Edwards 1. Isaiah Iongi 1. Jaxen Edgar
2. Sunia Turuva 2. Jesse Mclean 2. Tim Carson
3. Paul Alamoti 3. Tyrone Peachey © 3. Angelis Hotere-Papalii
4. Taylan May 4. Casey Mclean 4. Sam Lane
5. Brian To’o 5. Daeon Amituanai 5. Nick Murphy
6. Jarome Luai 6. Daine Laurie 6. Joseph Nohra
7. Nathan Cleary © 7. Brad Schneider 7. Blake Moore
8. Moses Leota 8. Jordan Grant 8. John Sagaga
9. Mitch Kenny 9. Soni Luke 9. Billy Scott
10. James Fisher-Harris 10. Preston Riki 10. Cooper Ferrari
11. Luke Garner 11. Harrison Hassett 11. Francis Manuleleua
12. Liam Martin 12. Ativalu Lisati 12. Aston Warwick
13. Isaah Yeo © 13. Riley Price 13. Billy Phillips
14. Jack Cole 14. Trent Toelau 14. Fletcher Haycock
15. Lindsay Smith 15. Luron Patea 15. Hokofonu Lemoto
16. Liam Henry 16. Niko Apelu 16. Judah Galuvao
17. Mavrik Geyer 17. Zac Lipowicz 17. Bayden Moran
RESERVES 18. David Fale
18. Daine Laurie 18. Ahmani Leilua
19. Matt Eisenhuth 19. Cooper Egan
20. Brad Schneider 20. Jirah Liddiard
21. Preston Riki 21. Siotame Hansen
22. Soni Luke 22. Luke Philp
HC Ivan Cleary HC Ben Harden HC Jono Rolfe
AC Peter Wallace
AC Ben Garnier

:small_red_triangle::small_red_triangle_down: Promoted/Relegated | :small_orange_diamond: Positional Change

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership K.O.E NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
Referee Liam Kennedy Clayton Wills Louis Matheson
Sideline Official Drew Oultram Tom Cambourn Tom Stindl
Wyatt Raymond Bradley Kiehne Ethan Murray
Video Referee Kasey Badger - -

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2024 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Liam Kennedy* 2019 (0/0) 100% (0/1) 0% 2.5 3.5 0.71

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Looks like we have learnt how to play wet weather footy.

Let’s go on with it

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I said over a week ago I thought Cleary’s hamstring seemed troubling…

Let’s hope he takes the time out required to properly recover and doesn’t rush it for origin.

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Ended up a very scrappy second half, but considering the rain in the first half it was to be expected.

Edwards, Yeo and Kenny all carried the team.

Is it just me or is Jerome getting worse each game?


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:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers 12 Tries Jesse McLean, Trent Toelau.
Goals Trent Toelau (2/2)
40px Canterbury Bulldogs 30 Tries Kitione Kautoga (2), Jeral Skelton, Blake Wilson, Toby Sexton.
Goals Toby Sexton (5/5)


:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers 16 Tries Luke Garner, Brian To’o.
Goals Nathan Cleary (1/1), Dylan Edwards (3/3)
40px Canterbury Bulldogs 10 Tries Matt Burton, Jacob Kiraz.
Goals Matt Burton (1/2)


There is nothing to take out of that game except we won and won ugly.

The worst outcome is the loss of Nathan to injury and how bad it is.

i am fearful we are close to capitulating, we just are hanging in there.

we are awful in attack and to be honest the reliable pack is just bending the other side in offence and hurting in defence is not what it should be.

SHF touched on Luai, a guy going to get $1.25m cannot even find touch when we were presented with a Burton kick out on the full to start the second half.

and we won because they were awful but we won’t have that luxury when we run into a good side.

Not sure what it is but whatever it is we need to fix it and fix it quick.

Going back to last year, when we rotated Leota or JFH off we had Lenui come on who would bend the other mob in offence.

Henry comes on, whilst very handy he just doesn’t do it and tonight Cole gets on to replace Cleary but he ain’t no 7.
I hope Cleary is OK but fear he maybe out for sometime now, and maybe Ivan played him because we are just so bad and risked it.

Not much else to be said really except a very large thanks to the supporters who turned up tonight, 21500


Just like to add one more thing about a couple of moments in the game tonight and its to do with the Bulldogs.

When Karaz went down and “feigned” an injury to claim a hip drop on the Cleary tackle.

Not only did the grub lay down but laid down for a protracted amount of time in the hope of getting a penalty. He carried on so badly one felt he would go off on a stretcher but only for the bum once he realised he didn’t get the penalty he jumped up and ran off.

But worse was to come by a former Panther, Crichton tried to claim a penalty for pressure on the neck.
Not only was it a grub performance, it was moreso against his former team mates.

Sad to see a champion player be so low to do this.

The ref to his credit ignored the pleas but at some point refs will need to send “actors” to the bin for 10 or worse receive a lengthy suspension.

Poor form from 2 Bulldog players.


I’m not sure there’s need to be too concerned yet sbf.

I vividly recall being concerned last year at how rusty we looked early on in the season, and look how that turned out!

Cleary being in and out is going to cause disruption to the team though and Schneider is no cogger.

Just read online that Schneider has picked up a leg injury as well this week, so will certainly test the depths of our halves if so.

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On the ref Liam Kennedy, I have to say it was one of the best adjudicated games this year. It was balanced and when he enforced something, he made sure it was consistent the whole game. I found very little to say I felt he got the call wrong. Even Kasey Badger video ref calls were spot on.

I very much would like to see more of that.


Lets just hope that is true and it is only 8 weeks.

with Nathan’s absence its time for some outside the box thinking.

i would suggest move Edwards to 7 and Laurie to 1

Edwards is a proven organiser and at 7 he would prove invaluable.

Laurie wouldn’t be the “ideal” FB but we meed to minimise changes and the kid has speed.

This would solve our short term loss of Nathan with the least amount of disruption.

This leaves both Schneider and Cole out, Schneider just isn’t showing anything as did Cole on Friday at 7.

Its going to be a difficult time for us so we need to win at least 4 out of the 8 games he will be missing to maintain a spot in the 8.

a more left field option would be to speak to Cogger and offer him a deal to return.

he is not in the top side at Newcastle and showed he can deliver in our system.

maybe just maybe being left out of the top squad at newcastle may just make him feel unloved and we need a genuine 7 to help us out.


If we are going to move Edwards, I’d suggest bringing Iongi into the fullback position.

Another left field option might be Peachey at 6, with Luai at 7.

If I’m not mistaken, our top 30 roster is full - so we definitely won’t be recruiting any new players.

I can’t see Ivan moving Luai into that 7 role. He tends to avoid weakening one position to strengthen another. So I think we’re looking at Jack Cole or even Trent Toleau who’s been going well in Reggies to play 7.

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We certainly need an organiser in the 7, and Luai that is not.

I don’t have faith in Cole, Laurie or Peach in the 7 either, 6 is a maybe but they just don’t show game management.

So here’s my options (some of which are left field as above;

Edwards - with Iongi at Fullback
Yeo - with Eisenhuth at lock (doesn’t have a long kicking game as far as we know, but wouldn’t surprise me if he pulled a 40/20 out of the blue lol).
Kenny - with Sommerton at hooker (as per Yeo, but we would add not loose to defence).
Toleau- a natural 7 but untested, has shown good form in cup. I think we would need an exemption to bring him in but with both Cleary and Schneider injured we should get one.

If this was just a week or two we could risk Luai , Cole etc. But with both halves being out for up to 8 weeks, I think we need to select for long term with a genuine organiser.

The other thing as the game against the dogs showed is we need a good long kicker in the halves - for me that points to Edwards or Toleau (mind you we could just modify our structure and use Edwards for long kicking from fullback (something I was yelling from the hill in the second half).

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I think sticking Edwards/Yeo/Leota/whoever into half is pushing the panic button as a first response. To my mind, that’s not a sensible course of action, and it’s unnecessary.

With Schneider injured, Cole should be given the benefit of the doubt. The club has put time, effort and belief into his development. This season he started against Wigan & was mediocre - after a disrupted pre-season, in the first game of the year in freezing cold temperatures. He needs to be given time and a chance to grow into the job. That means picking him and sticking with him, unless it becomes obvious quickly that he can’t handle it.

If that’s the case, then Laurie, Peachy or applying for a top 30 exemption for Toleau is the next best option.

Our whole structure & philosophy is based on “Next Man Up.” Nothing’s changed. Our next man up knows the structures and will do the job. I don’t see any benefit in throwing a fullback/hooker/prop/lock/whatever into half when there are halves available who should be given their chance.

If we don’t have faith in Cole, Laurie, Peachy et al, why the hell are they on contract?


Based on what I’ve seen this year in particular, i can see how Edwards at 7 is a thought here.

IMO Edwards at FB is quite literally the most important person on the park. I would be so hesitant to disrupt that. Think back to games with critter at FB…

I think we will see Luai and Cole, with Laurie on the bench and Edwards and Yeo picking up more of that work as well

Thats if Toleau can’t get exemptions or worked in somehow. Our top 30 isn’t complete I don’t believe. Penrith panthers website lists two half-backs (Brad and Nathan) but only 29 players.

Not short of options at 5/8 though.