R15 Knights v Panthers - Game Day Thread

R15 Knights v Panthers

Game Day Information

:rugby_football: Match Newcastle Knights v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle NSW
:clock10: Time Sunday, June 16 4:05pm
:tickets: Tickets Tickets via Ticketmaster
:rugby_football: Other Matches NSWCUP Newcastle Knights v Penrith Panthers 16/6 1:40pm
JFLEGG Newcastle Knights v Penrith Panthers 16/6 11:40am
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :sunny: Clear 14°C (:cloud_with_rain: Chance of Rain: 15% / :wind_face: Wind: SW 23km/h)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Channel 9 (FTA) [LIVE]
:tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
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:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers 26 Tries Scott Sorensen, Brian To’o, Jarome Luai, Lindsay Smith, Dylan Edwards.
Goals Paul Alamoti (3/5)
40px Newcastle Knights 18 Tries Fletcher Sharpe, Dylan Lucas, Bradman Best.
Goals Jackson Hastings (3/3)

:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers **** Tries Tyrone Peachey (2), Nick Murphy, Jordan Grant.
Goals Zack Lamont (3/4)
40px Newcastle Knights **** Tries Krystian Mapapalangi (2), David Armstrong (2), Will Pryce, Thomas Jenkins, Liam Sutton.
Goals Will Pryce (7/7)

:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

40px Penrith Panthers 4 Tries Poutoa Hotere-Papalii.
Goals Jirah Liddiard (0/1)
40px Newcastle Knights 24 Tries Malachi Smith, Jack Cullen, Wilson De Courcey, Fletcher Hunt.
Goals Fletcher Myers (4/4)

Postgame Media







Teams and Officials


Telstra Premiership Knock on Effect NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
:rugby_football: Knights v Panthers :rugby_football: Knights v Panthers :rugby_football: Knights v Panthers
:clock3: Sunday 16/6 4:05pm :clock3: Sunday 16/6 1:40pm :clock3: Sunday 16/6 11:40am
:stadium: McDonald Jones Stadium :stadium: McDonald Jones Stadium :stadium: McDonald Jones Stadium
1. Dylan Edwards 1. Isaiah Iongi 1. Jaxen Edgar
2. Sunia Turuva 2. Nick Murphy 2. Poutoa Hotere-Papalii
3. Izack Tago 3. Tyrone Peachey 3. Angelis Hotere-Papalii
4. Paul Alamoti 4. David Fale 4. Sam Lane
5. Brian To’o 5. Daeon Amituanai 5. Jirah Liddiard
21. Brad Schneider :small_red_triangle: 6. Trent Toelau 6. Blake Moore
7. Jarome Luai 7. Brad Schneider 7. Zach Lamont
8. Moses Leota 8. Jordan Grant 8. John Sagaga
18. Luke Sommerton :small_red_triangle: 9. Luke Sommerton 9. Bayden Moran
10. James Fisher-Harris 10. Luron Patea 10. Jakeb Vailalo
11. Scott Sorensen 11. Mavrik Geyer 11. Riley Wake
20. Liam Martin :small_red_triangle: 12. Zac Lipowicz 12. Aston Warwick
13. Isaah Yeo © 13. Riley Price 13. Billy Phillips
14. Daine Laurie 14. Billy Scott 14. Jenson Tuaoi
15. Lindsay Smith 15. Joe Vaegauu 15. Ahmani Leilua
16. Liam Henry 16. Falefa Letoi 16. Hokofonu Lemoto
17. Matt Eisenhuth 17. Harrison Hassett 17. Lachlan Blackburn
19. Mavrik Geyer 18. Francis Manuleleua
23. Trent Toelau 19. Joseph Nohra
22. Jesse Mclean :small_red_triangle_down: 20. Luke Philp
12. Luke Garner :small_red_triangle_down: 21. Josh Ruxton
9. Mitch Kenny :injured: 22. Noah Nailagoliva
6. Jack Cole :injured: 22. Noah Nailagoliva
HC Ivan Cleary HC Ben Harden HC Jono Rolfe
AC Peter Wallace
AC Ben Garnier

:small_red_triangle::small_red_triangle_down: Promoted/Relegated | :small_orange_diamond: Positional Change

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership K.O.E NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
Referee Grant Atkins Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski Blake Williams
Sideline Official Matt Noyen Jake Sutherland Tate Hoobin
Liam Kennedy Martin Jones Louis Matheson
Video Referee Ashley Klein - -

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2024 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Grant Atkins 2011 (0/1) 0% (19/26) 73.08% 139 114.5 1.21

Edwards and Martin in some doubt, both with a 1 to 3 week recovery time. The question is if it worth risking.

With Laurie and Garner being standouts filling in for those positions and taking the opposition into consideration, I think it’s safe to give them a rest to recover.

Garner was impressive against Manly, third most tackles (30) and fifth highest Tackle Breaks (4), his numbers are up there with veterans like Yeo this week.

Laurie went hard into the game last week, numbers that would make top line fullbacks wish for. 26 runs for 343m with 108 Post Contact Metres. 9 Tackle Breaks, 1 line break and 2 line break assists, and a try assist.

Unless Edwards and Martin are 110% fit, I don’t think it’s a good idea to risk them. I don’t think either of them need to make a statement for Origin selection, at least that’s what I believe.

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When I looked at Cup team named, I wondered what’s happened to Jesse & Casey McLean, thinking it would be unlikely both would be injured at the same time.
Now see they have been named for NSW U19’s team to play QLD in the U19’s Origin game next Thursday (20th) - well done boys!!!


Late Mail

Mitch Kenny (9) and Jack Cole (6) ruled out this weekend with quad injuries picked up at training. Looking at 1 to 2 week recovery. Should be right to return after the Bye next week. They are replaced by Luke Sommerton (18) and Brad Schneider (21).

Liam Martin (20) passed fitness and moves into the starting squad. Luke Garner (12) drops out of the squad for Martin.

Matt Eisenhuth (17) has been dropped to NSW cup for Trent Toleau (23)

Thats a shame for kenny and Cole

Kenny will be sorely missed as he has been the glue holding our forwards together.
Not sure about Schneider…does he go to 7 and Luai back to 6?

Its a game we need to win going into the bye.


Been out all day and heard that news on the radio. So glad Edwards and Martin are back, but I’m sure we will miss Kenny. He has been in my top three for the last 4 games or so.

Sommerton has shown to be an able replacement. Bad luck to Garner for dropping out.


Although they didn’t mention a injury to Garner, him dropping off the squad in favour of Toleau on the bench, and also not playing NSW Cup today suggests he may also be carying a niggling injury


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I think we played this game with an eye on the bye.
It was another game which exposed the gulf between the firsts and reserves.
Sommerton was average at 9 and Schneider continues to dumbfound me as to what Ivan sees in him.
Thats the reserves but there are a couple of players notably Tago who are in just awful form and look like they need a stint in reserves.

It was again an ugly win and letting them get within 6 was too close for comfort but it was a win.
Enjoy the week off but some in the team should take the time to reflect on their game and effort.

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Some of our younger players must need a rest. Turuva and Tago have played ALOT of footy over the last few years. It was very telling with their lack of urgency and desire for the Bradman best try.

You only need to look at Scott Sorensens effort diving on that loose ball to see what it should look like. Making defensive errors or misjudging the play is one thing, but I think that edge needs some work.

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, and hope the bye is coming at a good time for the squad.

I’m also sure Cleary would make a massive difference for them, will be interesting to see how the right edge fares once he’s back.

It was a tough game against a determined team, and while it got close on the scoreboard, we never really looked like loosing.

Luai was amazing again, and Leota showing he is coming back into his purple patch. That line break and try assist was special, and his teamwork and skill in passing to Edwards when he could have scored himself speaks volumes of the man.

I have to somewhat disagree about Schneider, aside from that defensive miss when he rushed out of the line, I thought he was very solid, and provided some good attacking options.

Smith and Henry were outstanding again off the bench, and great to see Sorrenson back in form.

A couple of interesting supposed stats;

From Ch9 - we haven’t lost at Newcastle since Yeo debuted in first grade.

From Fox - we have never lost a game in which To’o scores.

Not sure about the validity of either of these claims.

There is something seriously off with Tago, he looked like he had brain fog all game, missing and slipping off tackles, watching Newcastle score a try instead of kicking or palming the ball dead. Hard to believe this time last year he was our best centre. Maybe we need to give him a spell in cup and play Garner or Sorro in the centres?

While Sommerton was ok at hooker, Talau looks the real deal. A natural half he looks sharp at dummy half. Possibly a consideration to partner Cleary next year in addition to Cole and Schneider.


Agree about Schneider & especially Toelau. Sommerton did his job, but I thought Toelau looked good yesterday. His service was as good as Sommerton’s & he added a kicking option, particularly a 40/20 attempt from dummy half late in the game. It didn’t come off, but only ‘cos the ball didn’t run - the kick was right, he found the open space, so he had the vision to see it & backed himself. If the club puts the effort in to develop him, he could well be our utility or Luai’s replacement next year…


Didn’t see the game live, even on TV, but watched replay without knowing what happened in the game. Yes, I know, sacrilege to miss a game, but I was gifted tickets to Jerry Seinfeld, which was great, & so I had to wait to see the game.

Once again we faced a team putting in 100% effort. We are always playing a team playing their GF or desperate to beat the premiers or save their season. There are no easy games for us these days.

A couple of poor defensive lapses gifted tries to the knights. As others have mentioned Tago is not at the top of his game in attack or defense & needs to turn that around. It’s only a few weeks back that Martin was not playing at his best, but it all turned quickly.

As I recently wrote, I believe we have the best 4 front row combination in the league - nothing I saw yesterday suggests anything that it’s true.
Moses is truly a BEAST :slight_smile:

Sitting in a good spot with NC to come back in at some point. As I wrote last week, I haven’t seen a team we can’t beat & the fourpeat is still a possibility.

All of you rest up for the bye - we have a season backend to play & then September will be here.

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Amen to that mrwalker, my family shit emselves when Moses runs onto a ball, I get out of my seat every time and yell MOSES…AN ABSOLUTE BEAST