Refereeing in the modern game

It’s a prerequisite to hate parra as a Penrith fan isn’t it? (Rhetorical question lol).

I didn’t watch the game but saw the replays of the try that was called back for a forward pass.

No flying pigs today for us, Klein was in usual form.

I must write his name so often that spellcheck auto corrects me lol

That was a horrible refereeing display yesterday. The crowd gave it to em at half time and fully deserved too. Q. How is it 6 again when the ball goes from the attacker into the defence and back to the attacker without touching his foot? I always thought that was a knock on!

Nothing has changed into the finals this year. I was watching the Manly v Souths game with absolutely no care for who won at the start. Within 10 minutes I said to the Mrs, I am going for Manly because these refs are already giving Souths the 50/50’s. In the end, the refereeing decided the result and that is tragic given it is finals time.

I’m just glad Melbourne FLOGGED the featherweenies and took the game out of the refs hands, they were awesome in that 1st half.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Points 2 & 4 of my OP were on display again in our game on Saturday night. Ivan has made measured comments alluding to these problems, and looks like being slapped with a $10K fine.

Why can’t the NRL allow coaches to address these issues respectfully without fining them?

20k fine - it appears they just create a new number when they feel like it too.

Worst part is, he wasn’t wrong, some of those 2nd half decision were disgraceful.

Call out the influencers and take the hit, at least it wasn’t when we are losing, the likes of Stuart etc only whinge when they lose


To put it in context, Wayne Bennett got fined $20k for breaching the strict COVID-19 isolation rules.

Doesn’t seem fair to have a similar valued fine for a coach, answering a reporter’s questions. If the NRL are so intent on issuing fines to coaches that are critical of a referees performance in response to a question, maybe they should ‘request’ that reporters don’t ask such questions.


Surprises me that coaches even turn up for the post match interview.

IC should go to the next press conference and start with, anyone who asks about refereeing decisions or game momentum or anything akin to refereeing WILL BE IGNORED.

Then state that any such questions should be directed to Peter V’Landy’s who will no doubt remove any connotation that a coach would / should be upset by great on field performance of his staff.

I only saw the press conference yesterday, storm in a tea cup and his comment was simply a generalisation of actions in the 2nd half. 20k is a joke when you compare it to someone who is on a committee that created rules to keep the game running, who then broke said rules putting the game in jeopardy. The world HAS gone mad !!!


What are people’s thoughts on the refereeing this year? The head high crackdown aside, I see many of the same issues happening over & over again.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

At least there is only 1 of them, so only half the mistakes :slight_smile:

The ref is one thing, but why can’t they get the bunker right? They are taking forever and still get it wrong?? The games are running almost 2 hours in elapsed time with the injury, tactical & bunker ‘activity’.

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ah, but the networks can run more adds !

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If, instead of Man of the Match, we had Most Influential Man on the Field, then the referee would sadly win it every time.


I do like…forget the Ref’s, what the hell is this feature?

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That’s an interesting one Kevin. Never seen that before.

Not sure if I should shut up now lol

I do like the fact 1 ref is calling the shots, it becomes pretty clear what is going on when you have a to 0 penalty count and a to 0 six again count.

The Bunker is bullshit and should only be used for try scoring unknowns from the ref, not 5 plays before in the lead up.

One thing that does rile me up, is this crap with bombs, running people off the ball, running to a spot and stopping dead so an attacker cannot challenge, defenders in the air getting hit, but we go back to the shepherd…and on and on it goes. Here’s a ridiculous rule we can implement, ya kick it ya gotta catch it…anyone gets in the kickers way is obstructing the challenge :thinking:

I wouldn’t worry too much @Kevin.

It an automatic thing. I’ll have to see where that is set in the settings and switch it off.

UPDATE: Fixed… set to 100% now. nobody should get that notice anymore.

was probably a ref ! :upside_down_face:

I thought the refereeing of the State of Origin was pretty good. It maintained a good flow and a lot of common sense was used in the application of the rules. Particularly the inside 10 metre ruling on the Mitchell try. The player was in the 10m radius but had no bearing on the play… so a try was awarded. I don’t think that would have happened if it were a NRL club game.

A few high tackles, but all were circumstantial and not intentional, penalty and play on…

My only question is why do the NRL feel the need to have a seperate bar for State of Origin and NRL Club matches. It makes it hard for the NRL to maintain its hardline stance on high tackles when for 3 matches a year it’s pretty much thrown out the window.

Lets treat every game like a State of Origin I say.


Agreed. I thought that was the best refereeing I have seen in a number of years. Common sense decisions without overplaying his hand or getting too technical.


O thought last night showed how all games should be refereed.

I would so good to see common sense be applied to the 10m rule on that try, that and the stupid outside shoulder obstruction rule confuses everyone. Just apply a common sense rule of did they obstruct the defender yes/ no.

Another thing that’s annoying me since the shift to single ref, is the forward passes from dummy half not being picked up. Some are bigger offenders than others of course.