Voting - Greatest Panthers Centre never to play in a Grand Final

Who do you consider our greatest centre’s never to play in a Grand Final?

Select up to 3 players

Voting closes midnight Thursday

  • Dean Whare
  • Ross Gigg
  • Brad Tighe
  • Waqa Blake
  • Glenn West
  • David Woods
  • Sid Domic
  • Danny Galea
  • Ken Wolffe
  • Tyrone Peachey
  • Gary Pethybridge
  • Jamal Idris
  • Terry Quinn
  • Rod Wright
  • Chris Houghton
  • Adrian Purtell
  • Maurice Blair
  • Paul Franze
  • Dave Applebee
  • Grahame Moran

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Whare & Moran are the standouts for me.

Tough call for number 3, as there are a lot of good options.

Dean Whare, Brad Tighe and Grahame Moran for me.

Tyrone Peachey was close for me, but I rather put him in my Utility spot.

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I agree with Whare and Moran.

As most know, Moran is a legend, as for Whare, yes he may have played on a bit too long, but in his early years he always gave his all, was a monster in defence, and most importantly throughout his career he always seemed a nice humble, approachable guy. My kids had photos with him a few times post games.


With my selections, I am taking the view of “only in their prime” as the guise for selection and I must have seen them play. I don’t remember Moran !

Hence Jamal Idris, at his best, he was one of the most destructive centres in the game let alone for Penrith, as with Whare. I also selected Tighe for his exceptional speed and ability to beat his opposite without impacting the rest of the teams attack. Too many times you see someone like Bryce Cartwright for example, take a carry, step 6 times and end up stopping the attack because he had no direction. A quality run in isolation, but a momentum killer just the same, Tighe enabled momentum.

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