Voting - Greatest Panthers Lock never to Play in a Grand Final

Who do you consider to be our greatest Lock never to play in a Grand Final?

Choose up to 3 players, voting closes midnight Thursday

Note: Lew Zivanovic now ineligible due to being selected at second row

  • Nathan Smith
  • Warren Fenton
  • John Cross
  • Craig Connor
  • Darren Brown
  • Peter Langmack
  • Adam Docker
  • Barry Le Brocq
  • Zenon Olejarnik
  • Phil Kliendienst

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Going back to the old days, Peter Langmack is best remembered for the game he scored 5 tries & that he was Paul’s (Yesterday’s hero) brother.
Magoo Fenton played a lot in 6 from memory & from reports he was close to legally blind (he wore glasses/contacts but not when he played :slight_smile: )
Zac Olejarnik & Klonky Kliendienst were very good players, but again I seem to remember Zac also played a lot in 6.
Lock is a position I think all our real gooduns played in GFs & also the role of lock today is very different to the old days .

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