Anthony Griffin Released



Just joking…


If you look at the Panthers and their potential, any coach worth his salt would want to work there, unfortunately you could exclude 1/2 of the current coaching population due to the Gus factor and what is left is “i’ll take anything” coaches, i.e. Madge, Dessy etc etc.

I am filthy at the look this numb nut is giving the PANTHERS, he thinks he is greater than the cause !


So let’s just accept for a moment that Gould’s version is mostly correct & that Griffin, Fletcher & Cleary are habitual liars, & Dave O’Neill is the sort of mate we could all do without, and that the ‘approach’ to Ivan was not in any way a move to ensure we got Nathan.

So, based on O’Neill’s meeting with Cleary, Gould took it is as fact that Cleary was 100% coming, so ‘to be fair’ to Griffin, had to let him go immediately, sitting eq 4th with 4 games to go (having made finals in last 2 seasons). Cleary decides to stay at tiges, so now we have Ciraldo.

Likely there are some capable coaches out there in need of a job, who would take the job, even knowing that they would be working for Gould, but none of these are guaranteed to be better than what we had until end of 2020.

So we are out of pocket a bunch of cash, have a rookie coach, and likely have negatively impacted on the prospects of re-signing Nathan. Good job Gus.


Yer but if we jag it mr walker, Gus will take the credit, and if we don’t which is the likely end result, he will have removed the problem so we can concentrate on getting it right in the coming years.

Then when Nathan leaves to work for his dad and we have lost Luai to someone else, Gus can the start to rebuild the issues that were left in his lap because of Griffin’s stubborn nature of not doing what Gus told him to do.

Psoition Vacant - 1st Grade Coach of Penrith Panthers
Qualifications - ability to walk with strings attached to arms and legs


Better get ‘The Royce’ finished soon, Wayne Better is going to need somewhere to live.


“it’s his (Gould) club” - quote Anthony Griffen.


My guess / tip (with no insider knowledge);

N. Cleary resigns for 5 years
Barrett signed for 19/20
I. Cleary signed for 21-24


If it’s not Ivan Cleary in 2019 (which even after his press conference I’m no so sure his is staying put) I think your prediction may be close, but I think it will be Bennet not Barret.

Barret will not want a fill in job, he will be looking for a long term deal, and will probably stay at the Sea Eagles. Bennett is looking to retire soon, and I think a year to year contract will probably suit him, it will be a 1 year deal with a one year extension (as I think they still might think about a Ivan Cleary release for 2020 in which case Bennett will retire).

I still wouldn’t rule out Ciraldo being the coach next year, he seems to have the respect of the team and staff.


By all reports CC is doing a good job, and is very popular with the playing group. Sounds a lot like the Steve Georgallis situation a few years back where the club went in a different direction.

At this point, I have no idea who will be coaching in 19 or 20 or beyond, and I suggest I am not Robinson Crusoe.


Matthew Elliot was a favourite with the players too, remember the training day that was optional…

Like Hook said, the coach is not there to make friends he’s there to make decisions with the best interest of the club and the result as his focus.

If you were CC would you be happy with all and sundry “offering” their advise while you try and “stamp” your authority as Coach, or did Gus tell him otherwise…


An astute summary Mr Walker

The picture that holds no credibility is the one that has the chairman negotiating Cleary to a point where he agrees to be the new coach while the CEO has no knowledge that a negotiation is going on.

Firstly it should not happen due to the responsibilities of those roles.

Secondly it could not happen because of the personalities occupying those two role.

But is seemed Gould says it was exactly this scenario that forced him to move from wanting to support Griffin to the end of his contract to sacking him.


While I agree, I believe it goes “You don’t need them to be your friends but you at least need their respect” and I think this is where Hook lost.

In a very honest interview with Dean Whare this week, he indicated that Cam was taking the lead most of this year and it was Ciraldo’s direction they were following. While I have heard a lot of double speak the past couple of weeks, I think Whare’s comments were the closest to the truth.

By the looks of it, Hook lost the dressing room.


And now Barrett has quit the Manly gig???


Penrith Panthers has officially confirmed it is not interested in Barrett.


Penrith have also officially confirmed that Moylan wasn’t leaving and that Hook wasn’t getting sacked :slight_smile:


So, what was achieved by immediately firing Griffin, and after 2 weeks where are we at now.

On the field, not much has changed, maybe even got worse judging by Saturday’s fiasco.

Re 2019 & beyond coach - still working on Plan B (for Bennet, or Barret), maybe C (for Ciraldo, or Cartwright, or maybe even Cleary - was Plan A apparently??) or perhaps D (for Dumb)?


OK, now seems there may be a plan.

As soon as our season ends (tigers is already ended) it will be announced that Ivan Cleary will join Panthers from 2021 season on long term deal ie he will honour his deal at Tigers before joining us.
The hope is that the Tigers will then act to secure a long-term coach, releasing IC early so he can join the Panthers, either starting in 2019 or 2020.
Nathan will re-sign on a 5 year deal.

I know it’s unlikely, but in this scenario, we could be sacking a GF winning coach the day after we win the trophy, just weeks after we sacked a coach when we were equal 4th with 4 games to go :astonished:


Yer but Ivan will get to coach Nathan :couple_with_heart_man_man:


sign his brothers & sisters, his uncle & aunts, the family dog,
Ivan can coach them to, but no guarantee of success.

Look, at the end of the day does Nathan want to play for
Panthers or attend a family reunion? Really ‘tired’ of all this.

Can’t this conjecture wait until our season is over. It’s
disrespectful to those charged with making something of 2018.


Agree Puss, BTW I was being facetious!

Still doesn’t detract from the fact Gus has just ‘extended’ his tenure. Imagine if he waited with Hook only for us to win the comp, potentially he could become the ‘whipping’ boy for Hook lol.