2018 Panthers Casualty Ward

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Their are teams in this comp who would love a pack like this
Jed Cartwright
Tim Browne
Corey Harawira Naera
Not to mention a back 3 like
Mansour & Blake

Bloody Hell, this list makes me feel better about how we are actually going this year.

The good news is a lot of these guys will be back in the coming weeks, and they will have had a few weeks off from playing footy. Hoping this will help the fatigue settling into our side and they can help lighten the load on some of the rep players.

SOO 3 ( a dead rubber) will possibly have a say in our
representatives welfare.

Yer, not good when you go into an origin game with the only concern being a selfish “please get through safely boys”.

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak >>> Hamstring Injury (3-4 weeks) due back Round 20-21


Geez, we can’t take a trick.

I have an uncomfortable feeling that Peachy will partner Blake in the centres and Whare will cover for DWZ at fullback.

I hope that’s not the case. Memories of Whare playing fullback for us still haunt me from years ago.

Luai has played fullback in NSW Cup. I’d rather give him a crack and see how we go with both him & Cleary in the side.

I was thinking Peachey at f/b. He’s the utility man.
He’d probably enjoy the extra room/space and
chime in at the appropriate time.

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A forced rest, he has been playing some good footy too.

In my previous post, I suggested Luai fill in at fullback, rather than Whare. That’s a preference assuming Maloney & Cleary - and possibly Peachey - aren’t rested. IMHO, Cleary & Maloney should definitely be rested, which makes Luai & May our halves again. Peachey hasn’t played many minutes in Origin, so he could probably saddle up on the weekend - so, either he or Whare will probably go to fullback.

Have to say, I don’t like either option. Whare hasn’t done well there in the past & I don’t think Peachey’s defence would cope well at fullback. Also, I think he’d struggle under the high ball. But he needs to be in the side somewhere, and you wouldn’t drop any of the forwards on last week’s effort.

So, it’s odds-on that Whare or Peachey will be our No. 1 against the sharks.

Whoever it is, I hope they prove me completely wrong!

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I hear RCG is on the KFC to put more weight on after his busted jaw.
I want him to know … it works for me, washed down with a …
doesn’t matter.


Dallin Watene-Zelexniak and Josh Mansour are cleared to play against the Broncos this week, shortening the Casualty list. Next Player due to return is Regean Campbell-Gillard in a few weeks.

perfect timing, barring further injury, these blokes will be primed leading into the finals.

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For once this season we actually have players challenging for spots!

Jarome Luai suffered a syndesmosis injury in his left ankle during the match against the Brisbane Broncos. He will be sidelined indefinitely and may sit out the rest of the season.

Would this be some sort of (unwanted) club record for the number of injured fullbacks in one year?

At this rate we may end up with Matt Adamson back at fullback lol.

For those who may not get the joke, i’m reviving/ referencing a rumour from the past, 2004 I think.

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Update on Jarome Luai’s injury. Recovery is expected to be between 7 weeks (best case scenario) and 12 weeks (worst case scenario).

It may be a blessing in disguise for the young bloke. He has had a taste of the big time, knows he can handle it physically so the offseason will be about the mental preparation.

This may very well stand us in good stead…as long as we keep him !