[2018] R24 Warriors v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Telstra Premiership          
:rugby_football: Match New Zealand Warriors v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland NZ
:clock10: Time Friday 24th August 2018 6:00pm AEST (8:00pm NZST)
:tickets: Tickets Ticketek NZ [Link]
:stadium: Gates Open Gates Open 5:00pm NZST
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :full_moon: Mostly Clear 11°C (10% Chance of Rain :cloud_with_rain:)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
:desktop_computer: NRL Live Pass [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: Triple M 104.9FM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [UPDATES ONLY]
:spiral_notepad: Teams and Officials [Link]


NSW Cup & Jersey Flegg
:rugby_football: Match ISP Blacktown Workers v Penrith Panthers
JF Manly Sea Eagles v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue Lottoland, Brookvale NSW
:clock10: Time ISP Saturday 25th August 2018 3:00pm
JF Saturday 25th August 2018 1:00pm
:tickets: Tickets at the gate
:stadium: Gates Open Gates Open 12:45pm
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :cloud_with_rain: Rain 16°C (2-10mm Rain)
:tv: Broadcast None
:spiral_notepad: Teams and Officials [Link]


Coach Cameron Ciraldo has made some big changes after a humiliating loss to the Knights last week. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak returns to the Fullback role with Tyrone Peachey pairing with Nathan Cleary in the halves. Christian Crichton returns to first grade on the wing, with Wayde Egan promoted to the starting squad in Hooker at the expense of Sione Katoa. Trent Merrin returns the starting prop with James Tamou returning to the bench. James Fisher-Harris also returns from an injury.

The changes reflect the side that had success during the mid-season, essentially returning to what works. Penrith are in position to finish anywhere from the Minor Premiership to rounding out the top 8. A strong performance against the Warriors and Storm will guarantee a top 4 finish.

With only 2 weeks remaining in the regular season, Penrith need to show the competition what it’s capable of with solid performances. Time is running out fast and there is no room for complacency.

Telstra Premeriship           
New Zealand Warriors 36 Tries David Fusitu’a (3), Agnatius Paasi, Mason Lino, Solomone Kata
Goals Shaun Johnson (6/8)
Penrith Panthers 16 Tries Josh Mansour, Waqa Blake, Trent Merrin
Goals Nathan Cleary (2/3)


Intrust Super Premiership          
Penrith Panthers 12 Tries Liam Coleman, Tyrone Phillips
Goals Adam Keighran (2/2)
Blacktown Workers 12 Tries Tevita Funa, Tyler Cassel
Goals Matthew Wright (1/2) Tevita Funa (1/1)


Jersey Flegg Cup     
Penrith Panthers 20 Tries Thomas Lofts, Alexander Myles, Mitchell Kenny, Adam Fearnley
Goals Brendan Hands (2/4)
Manly Sea Eagles 10 Tries Semisi Kioa, Bilal Maarbani
Goals Zaan Weatherall (1/2)






Can we have another ball, the Warriors aren’t sharing it? :roll_eyes:

Whare suspected broken arm

… well, we’re done.

Mansour is a huge liability in defence. Young hooker overawed.
Forwards outmuscled. Peachey no 5/8. Whare injured. Kick happy.
Not many positives to take out if this game, 'cept … no, nothing!

They should all surrender their visas. :slightly_frowning_face:

Absolutely woeful.

One of Peachey’s worst games, but I’ve seen his penalty giving I’ll discipline before.

Can’t really highlight or lowlight any of the team, we just looked lost.

We looked uncoached surprise surprise, I preferred come from behind wins to this.

Whare broken arm, well I guess Peachey to centre and Maloney returns, but the promise showed at the halfway point of the competition is fading fast.

My heart remains optimistic, but my head doesn’t see this season ending well…


“In Gus we trust” pfffffd

With Gus we bust !!

Cleary looks tired there Mutley ! :wink:

On the bright side it frees up September.

I don’t even know what to say here. On the surface it doesn’t look like we will win another game this season.

There wasn’t a real highlight to discuss, we looked terrible everywhere, the forwards had nothing, the backs had nothing. The one try we did score in the first half was a complete fluke.

I know people on here and in Pantherland thought that Griffins departure would have some effect and we had a real chance of making something of the finals, but the reality has not met expectations. Even with changes that people hailed as the right move have proven to be anything but.

Then sitting through the press conference you hear the interim coach say things like “He was proud of the attitude and effort” and “They done some good things” and “We didn’t get those 50/50 calls”. I swear I almost put a fist through the screen.

He we are, a team sitting in the finals picture all season at one stage were favorites to win the competition this year. We are a week or two away from playing finals footy, and I don’t feel it… nothing. All I feel is the feeling that we blew our chances this year… AGAIN! There is a chance that I am wrong about that, but it doesn’t change the feeling, the PRIDE you should feel being in this position… it’s not there.

So who do you blame for that… The Coach?.. The Players?.. The Management?.. Phil Gould?.. Myself? I don’t know.

I think at least till Friday when we play the Storm, I’m going to tune the Rugby League talk out and keep my exposure to it to a minimum. To say the least, I’m f*****g pissed, and the whole season has been mentally exhausting, to be frank I’ll be happy when it’s over.

This looked set to be a season of success, and it’s ending as a season where for the first time I feel like less of a fan.


no integrity, no unity, no glory.

we have a football side, but we don’t have a team.

I’ll give credit where it’s due: the Warriors were good last night.

If we want to be competitive in the finals we need to put in a much better showing than that. Once again, we looked lost in the attacking 20 (a problem we have had for a few years now), and overall played like an under 20s side.

I’m not looking forward to our game against the Storm next week. Given it is the final home game for a few of their players, I’m expecting a bloodbath on our current form.

its difficult to find the words to describe the sum of our season which is fast coming to an end…on last nights effort we have only 2 games left to play.

From the joy of seeing a team perform at such an elite level when we thrashed St George at home to the slide into chaos of a coach being sacked 4 weeks before the finals to a group of players who look like they would rather be anywhere else except playing together

to be honest its disgusting and an insult to the supporters and sponsors

I sense a terrible fracture inside our playing group especially the way Cleary went off at players when he put that early kick into the in goal and again RCG standing away from the huddled group when the Warriors scored.

What is even more apparent whatever disharmony exists within the playing group Ciraldo is incapable of healing it and worse still incapable of being able to inspire a team to lift

History has shown when a coach is sacked a team usually lifts but not our mob…they have capitulated from being so close to a Top 4 spot to now likely to fill the 7th spot on the ladder and this depends largely how we go next week against Storm…a huge loss and we could end up 8th

Doesn’t matter…our season is done.

Gould the legend has guided us into turmoil once again and any of you old enough will remember the turmoil this clown left us in once before.

To think the board extended his contract by 5 more years earlier this year…its been a case of stupid moves on top of stupid moves by Panthers.

Gould even extended Griffin’s contract only to sack him because he couldn’t coach according to Gould.

What an absolute debacle and insult to loyal Panther fans.

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Well the sun come up this morning, oh well sort of as it’s quite overcast in Penrith, and I don’t have to go to work today, so the game last night and the craziness of the past month at our club didn’t end the world. Well maybe just a part of the collective heart of us Panther fans.

The game was terrible. The only saving grace is that, if Gould was harbouring thoughts of going with Ciraldo for '19 and beyond, last night should have removed that as a possibility from even his boof head. A team that looked capable of going deep into Sept only weeks ago, are now playing like 17 Ciraldos, clutching in defence, running as hard as their grandmothers, and kicking the ball at every opportunity.

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I’m with you Steve. I was thinking this morning, not even when the Luke Walsh / Adrian Purtell squad was getting towelled up did I feel this way. This current squad HAS the ability to win the comp, Unfortunately if the teacher can’t teach, the student won’t learn…a very sad time for this panther fan particularly when I had a good feeling about the way Hook worked his group. A bad boss will affect a good staff, thanks Gus!!!

:mega: Other results have been added for this week from Lottoland, Brookvale.

Intrust Super Premiership Penrith Panthers 12 drew. Blacktown Workers 12
Jersey Flegg Cup Penrith Panthers 20 def. Manly Sea Eagles 10

This is the end of the regular season for both these team with the ISP team finishing with the minor premiership, and the JP team finishing in 3rd.

Finals Week 1
Intrust Super Premiership: Penrith Panthers v Canterbury bankstown Bulldogs
Jersey Flegg Cup: Cronulla Sharks v Penrith Panthers