[2019] 2019 R7 Panthers v Rabbitohs - Game Day Thread

Haven’t read a comment - the burgess bullshit penalty is driving faithful fans away.

I’m done !

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We looked better tonight. Aekins was excellent and might have just earned himself the fullback jumper. Egan was also great, hope he keeps his spot over Katoa (and pulls up okay with that shoulder).

Losing to Souths, watching the game with my Souths supporting husband and his family… Not fun.

Is our season done?

That loss hurt more than the rest this season. They didn’t deserve to lose that game, for the first time this year I feel Penrith we’re the better side.

Ashley Klein needs to be banned from Penrith games going forward. He gave Souths every chance to win that game with what could only be blatant calls resulting in the Panthers having to climb a mountain to win.

It was a real kick in the guts. It has really left me disenfranchised with Rugby League.

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Funny you say that Steve, my father was saying the same thing.

Last week Sam Burgess had an on field protest against the referees. Those refs held their nerve. Tonight they bent over for him.

I’m not sure we have won a penalty count this season. We just aren’t receiving penalties. Last week it was 7-2 in favour of Cronulla. And one of those was for a dangerous throw!

A few years ago Roosters chucked up a big stink and things turned around really quickly.

They missed quite a few key forward passes that lead to Souths tries.

Is there a way to write a serious letter to Graham Annesley? I would love to see his response to some of these calls. He seems genuine.

I do think we took quite a few steps forward tonight, and next week we play our traditional rivals in the Raiders. We usually play well against them - hopefully we can get the W in Wagga Wagga.

Can anyone explain the double movement ruling? To me he looked short of the line & was struggling to get up to play the ball.

:mega: Round 7 Man of the Match voting is now open here.

This is straight from the NRL Rule Book (Page 24, Note 2c: Second movement after tackle)

Second movement after tackle
When an attacking player is tackled within easy reach of the goal line he should be penalised if he makes a second movement to place the ball over, or on, the line for a try.

So what happens if a player does propel the ball forward and it doesn’t reach the line? Does this mean that he is penalized for even trying or doe it only qualify for a penalty if the ball touches the tryline or exceeds it?

…and if it does mean if they tried and was unsuccessful in getting over the line it qualifies for a penalty, then doesn’t it also apply if the did the same thing anywhere on the field (in normal play away from the tryline).

Either way, from what I saw there was no evidence to suggest that Fisher-Harris got the ball to the line and the call was bogus.

I haven’t watched the whole game but there were a few instances I want to see on the replay regarding Referee Error

  1. The try scored by the Rabbitohs where the ball was passed from the ground in what seemed like a complete tackle.

  2. The Panthers No-Try based on a very late call by the referee of a “Incorrect play-the-ball”. Considering the amount of atrocious dummy half plays in the game, it was odd that that was the only on singled out.

  3. Mansour being tackled without the ball and was taken out of the contest of the ball (this led to a tray a few tackles later also)

  4. Sam Burgess claiming a dangerous tackle by James Tamou. I couldn’t see that being the case, but a quick word to the ref by Souths and a penalty was called.

Needless to say, I don’t think Ashley Klein should be refereeing Penrith games going forward,

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i think a lot has been covered by other posters and have to agree on a few points.

1…refereeing was poor and Souths got more doubtful calls then us

2…we played with more intensity but still lacked discipline and cohesion

3…Aekins played great at FB and even DWZ went well at Centre

But despite these points…how can you forgive Maloney for playing the ball facing the sideline for us to score a try only to be denied for this dumbest of all plays?

Cleary was marooned twice and they simply ran hard at him and over him for 2 tries

Cleary missed 2 kicks at goal

We had Souths out on their feet and we give away 3 penalties and they score

we still came up short against a team who showed amazing resilience in defence and again we struggled to score and despite all the penalties, brain explosions and poor execution we nearly got them but in this level you cannot rely on hail mary comebacks.

I willl be in Wagga on Saturday to watch the boys go around and strangely we play a side with almost the same look in Canberra who have big mobile forwards and backs with speed to burn and i doubt we can lift another notch but hope we can.

On our season…we play Raiders away…Tigers away…Warriors at home and then Eels away

Raiders are in great form, Tigers are on tilt but will want to win for the golden point game,Warriors all but beat Storm in Melbourne and Eels have gone to another level since we met in Round 1.

We need to win all 4…then we face Eagles at home who have also found some form

Then its origin time and doubt either Cleary or Maloney would make the squad on form nor can i see RCG making it.

That being said i feel we played our GF last night…hope i am wrong but i sense we did

The call for incorrect play the ball was late, but the right call.

I have a big question mark over a number of other calls though, especially the double movement & pass off the ground (which also looked forward). Both looked to be incorrect at the ground, and having watched them both again I’d have to say both are wrong.

Hopefully our referee from last night will be pulled up on them (and a few others I’m 50/50 about)

By far our best performance of the year, it was hard to take the loss.

I could go on and on about the referring (no penalty for chicken wing on Egan?), but will focus on our team;

Aekins handled fullback fine, and should be our number 1 next week.

DWZ needs to go back onto the wing, and a new centre brought in.

Egan showed why he is our number 1 hooker, he outplayed Cook which is no mean feat. Keeps improving the more first grade minutes he plays. Seems to be one of our fitest players, and had we won would have been close to a MOTM performance.

All the forwards played well, JFH, Kikau and Tahmou the standouts. The bench all did the job expected of them.

Like last week, RCG plays better coming off the bench, and Tahmou better starting - keep them that way.

Martin is a gun! I see real potential in this kid.

Halves went well, just wish we would rely a bit less on the cross field kick. Shades of Walsh a few times there.

Klein played well for the Rabbitohs

This hasn’t been updated since Round 5, but it points out what we already know, we get a raw deal under Klein. The discrepancy between our results under Klein & results during the time he had been refereeing is double the next biggest discrepancy.


Still a few too many errors, but for me, everyone gave 100% & that’s a good start.

We definitely are on the receiving end of the match officials - wrong calls & missed calls. It’s as if they are just looking to find something against us for 80mins every week. Klein is a clown, and once again conned by that piece of crap Burgess - an early BS penalty and a late BS penalty (which completely changed the momentum of the game) cost us badly.

That’s shit try by bunnies sums up where we are at. A pass that goes to ground, a crap kick that somehow goes back to bunnies, and then a forward pass just metres from Stevie Wonder running the line, and it’s a try OMG.

We looked better with the ball, but still need more than relying on Billy and tap backs by Waqa. Is our season gone? I don’t know. I know we are capable of better football, and have a better team than some of the teams above us on the ladder, but wins are all that matters.

I see some nuftie writing for news.com.au says the Panthers fans booed the team off the field at fulltime. Maybe he should actually gain some insight into the world & realise the fans were not booing our team, but the match officials.

Hopefully some of the distractions are disappearing, and we can gain some focus. We are unlikely to be impacted by losing players to rep duties, so Hopefully we can string some wins together over the next few months.

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From my viewpoint the game generally is being over-refereed (if there is such a word). Greenberg et al want a faster game but we get referees who nit-pick and cannot make a decision without reference to the god in the sky. Referees are under ridiculous pressure because of technology. Looking back it was a sad day when the video ref was introduced. Even worse when we got the 2nd referee.
And finally the tv commentators; I wish they would just call the game and not try to referee it as well.

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That Alex Johnston non-call of that knock on was ridiculous. 99/100 times they call it a knock on.

I wasn’t aware of our Win % under Klein but I’m not surprised. Badger was reffing reserve grade today. I think he’s a much better referee.

What would you think of playing Billy Burns in the centres and putting DWZ back to the wing?

It’s a terrible statistic for Klien, even more so when you rank them by the distance from the average (49.14%). Penrith rank dead last with a spread of 23.21%. The only other team that’s remotely close is Newcastle which is better by double digits.

I would dare anybody to find a referee with a worse spread than that.

W-D-L Difference Spread from Average
Canterbury Bulldogs 23-0-12 65.71% 16.57%
St George Illawarra Dragons 23-1-13 63.51% 14.37%
Melbourne Storm 25-0-15 62.50% 13.36%
Brisbane Broncos 19-0-12 61.29% 12.15%
Sydney Roosters 22-0-15 59.46% 10.32%
North Queensland Cowboys 19-0-16 54.29% 5.15%
Wests Tigers 16-0-15 51.61% 2.47%
Manly Sea Eagles 11-0-12 47.83% -1.31%
South Sydney Rabbitohs 19-0-21 47.50% -1.64%
Parramatta Eels 14-1-18 43.94% -5.20%
Cronulla Sharks 14-0-18 43.75% -5.39%
Canberra Raiders 13-1-17 43.55% -5.59%
Gold Coast Titans 10-0-15 40.00% -9.14%
New Zealand Warriors 13-0-20 39.39% -9.75%
Newcastle Knights 11-1-20 35.94% -13.20%
Penrith Panthers 7-0-20 25.93% -23.21%
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Questions should probably be asked with statistics like this. They may be understandable if most of the games were played against teams we struggle against (Storm, Sharks, Roosters), but even then you have to ask if a certain referee has a bias against us.

Realistically a variation of any more than 10-15% in favour or against a team should be looked at by the powers in the game.

Maybe we should start a campaign with these stats - send them to Panthers, Cleary, NRL, SMH etc

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Seeing he brought it up, I decided to give The Mole a heads up. Will be interesting to see if he looks into it.

EDIT: Have also retweeted to the club asking if it is worth looking into

I don’t think Klein would be doing it on purpose. He’s probably just hopelessly incompetent.