[2019] R11 Eels v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Players caused this, players need to get off their butts and fix it.
If video’s are the problem, all get in a room with partners and thrash it out. If you know you caused it and it cant be resolved, do the right thing and move on. Fed up of this crap and want to see some decent football.

another rumour floating around with another 2 players wanting out…this after another crisis meeting at the club today
If this is true …tonight could be very ugly

Well I’ll be cheering for Mitch Kenny on debut. I just saw his video & he seems a great young man.

Time for those players not happy to put up, or shut up, or take a walk. If I were IC, I would have MG in the sheds pre-game to set the tone.

Also just watched the Mitch Kenny video.
Those blokes whinging and crying should take a leaf out of this kids book, we have a few panther fans in Batemans Bay and we will be cheering him on too!,
Go Panfers

Or just Pandemic for short.

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Word is Kenny will be playing starting hooker.

No word on other team changes as yet.

Given we already had our top 30 filled, and have more than 17 players available, that would suggest DWZ has been released wouldn’t it?

NRL.com reporting Penrith gained an exemption to play Kenny

SBF can you name the 2 or is it pure speculation?

Thanks, Kevin. I was wondering the same thing.

Good question Bird Man,
a condition that can’t be cured but managed ???
No ‘pana see ya’ here, but the itch will be round awhile.

no i cannot but is a rumour i heard from todays crisis meeting with contracted players

i do note there is some other discussion we have to jettison some players due to salary cap issues with 12 players consuming $5m of our $9m

Gotta love what Gould did for us hey.

so you were at this crisis meeting steamboat ???

Kenny in, Martin out

I would of thought Fuimaono would go before Martin.

Martin is one of the few who have added spark this year.

I have a feeling we may win this one - it could be delusions though lol.

Could I request as interesting as the player movement discussion are, that we move them into one of the other threads (such as time to reset the team), and keep this for game day?

Panthers paying $2.85 and Eels $1.41
Perfect conditions for both teams

Hope you’re not deluded, SouthernHillFan. We could all really use a win.

Our best start of the year.

Still far from perfect, but we’re playing as a team and playing to our strengths.

Blake and To’o both playing injured

Not great, but better. Didn’t expect us to be only two points behind at half time.

Hope Mitch Kenny gets a run soon, Katoa has been woeful.


there is still an awful lot wrong with stupid penalties but ig was was Ivan i would be most happy how we didn’t turn it up after the first try

We responded with effort…sure there was poor execution but the effort was there in the response.

That being said the Eels aren’t throwing much at us and have little attacking options

We had terrible attacking execution but we are offering a threat…Luai is looking OK for me at 6

Its a game there for the taking

Unexpected win. Feels nice.

it was a win built on effort…well done boys to get the money

everyone can see what needs to be fixed but the effort was pleasing and the effort to keep the Eels scoreless in the 2nd half was superb

For mine Maloney cannot walk back into this side and Kenny was fine.

Luai gave us options and his attack and defence were good.

Finally and just maybe