[2019] R12 Panthers v Sea Eagles - Game Day Thread

Manly were better than Parra, and we managed to win, so that’s a plus.

Everyone tried hard, another plus. The players that played under dispensation did well - a plus that will actually be lost.

The refs are a joke.

Whenever we try to play any sort of expansive footy, it breaks down. It’s as if we have collectively forgotten how to play footy.

Footy used to be something looked forward to, now it’s become something to endure, particularly on a cold winters evening.


That refereeing display was one of the worst I’ve seen, you know it’s bad when the commentators are calling them out for ‘howler of the year’. That comment was in relation to the no try.


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That was a totally crazy decision. Korasai was never on side, and from an off-side position tried to dive forward around the players playing the ball, who never moved, to tackle the dummy half who went to the other side of the ruck, and then somehow ‘earns’ a penalty for his team.
If it was no try due to no grounding, it should have been a penalty for Penrith!

I hear that Cummins & Klein are down to ref SOO#1, which just shows how poor the referee ranks are.

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i agree some of the calls were pathetic and against us on the night but can i say a certain James Maloney doesn’t help our team.

He spends too much time whining and chipping the refs…sure we got hard calls against us but gees when are we going to wake up about geeing the refs us at every opportunity.

I also noted Luai seems to have let the “niggle” get into his game

I’ve been a passionate Penrith supporter since 1967, and I’m looking forward one day to leaving Penrith Park after a game thinking ‘gee, we seemed to get the better of the 50:50 calls today’. Wait a sec, I think I remember one game – now, let me think; what year was that?
But that shouldn’t surprise. Outer west Sydney has been treated like s@%t for a couple of centuries, so why change now? Like, want to dump some toxic material? Just dump it out west somewhere; they probably won’t even notice. Remember the brouhaha about the small amount of radioactive material (thorium) at Hunters Hill, from a war-time factory (1915); there was a plan to dump it at Kemps Creek. Apparently it would transmogrify in the back of a truck into harmless material on the way to the dump, so no problem. That same big-end-of-town arrogance has also driven the long-held perspective of outer west Sydney being treated merely as a source of raw talent for the big city clubs. From memory the temporary formation of the St Marys Cougars was a direct reaction to Easts’ attempt to steal St Marys as their feeder club, and Manly have now grabbed Blacktown. Out here we need eternal vigilance to halt this type of modern colonialism.

The NRL have now said that the “No try” ruling was correct due to the ball not being grounded, however there should not have been a penalty to Manly, we should have had a play the ball on the 10m line for being held up.

You could have realistically had a penalty the other way for Manly being offside. It’s baffling how two blokes in a box can come to a decision like that when every other person watching the game can see that its not an obstruction. It’s the second incorrect ruling on the same patch of grass this year. I feel like it’s convenient that we won the match - would Annesely have come out and admitted it was incorrect if Manly won?

I would love to Ask someone like James Maloney if he thinks different clubs are treated differently by the officials. He’s played for Melbourne, Roosters, Sharks and Penrith - so he would have a very good idea. Maybe when its your year, you just get the calls. When you’re in great form there is somehow less intrinsic bias?

I don’t have the answers, but i would love to see some consistency - if not between rounds - but between the same game with two teams.

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telecast clearly shows Ref ask for grounding on the basis he was unsighted.
Var took it further at their own digression WITHOUT ref’s request. So who
actually officiates these games ref’s or var. the refs are being ursurped by some bozo 50 metres away. I thought these damn idiots were for the refs assistance. Speak when spoken to, otherwise shut the *#^~ up !


i don’t think the bozos were 50 m away…the refs missed much and called much wrong but its a continuing them for us and to be blunt…we shouldn’t have to be in this position to even worry about it.
Our bad calls have been there for all to see for some years and Due you touched on it…when you are winning the rough calls don’t seem to go against you…although we do much to help the calls.

What about Maloney’s whining and playing the ball incorrectly???

IF Cleary had any leverage…he should have been fined $10k for that piece of stupidity and you cannot blame the refs for Maloney being dumb…maybe a $10k wakeup might get his attention

But my point earlier in this thread is smart mouthing officials sure don’t win you any friends in their ranks.