[2019] R13 Panthers v Roosters - Game Day Thread

a glorious day to shine down on them chooks ! C’mon Panthers.

Katoa playing reserves, so Kenny may be on the bench or starting.

Late Changes

Telstra Premiership
Sione Katoa OUT Canterbury Cup
Hame Sele OUT Canterbury Cup
Mitch Kenny IN Hooker (20)
Canterbury Cup
Sione Katoa IN Hooker (20)
Dane Laurie CHANGE Centre (6)
Mitch Kenny OUT Telstra Premiership
Matheson Johns CHANGE Interchange (4)
Billy Burns CHANGE Wing (17)
Kurt Falls IN Five-Eighth (19)
Spencer Leniu CHANGE Interchange (8)
Kaide Ellis CHANGE Five-Eighth (13)
Hame Sele IN Lock (15)
Nick Lui-Toso OUT
Jersey Flegg Cup
Ratu OUT  

So Cleary and Kenny come into the side.

Yet to be seen if Luai and Egan start, or if Cleary and Kenny start (won’t know till kickoff).

Winterstein on the bench with Martin starting would also be a possibility.

Bench of 2 forwards, a hooker and a half. Bit of a gamble. While our attack needs some spark, and our backrowers are capable of 80 mins, I would be more comfortable with 2 props on the bench.

Alas, no such luxury.

Kenny has obviously been elevated to the top 30 with Katoa in reserves.

was sorta hopin Luai got another run !

Keep the faith, we won’t know till kickoff

Luai and Egan on the bench with Kenny in the run on side

For mine i would start with Egan and Maloney and have Kenny and Luai coming off the bench with asking Maloney just to play a solid 30 minutes without giving away a penalty and bring Luai on at the end of the half and the same with Kenny hoping they can penetrate the Rooster forwards.

the Roosters have shown how they can get beat and that is by an up tempo game and a forward pack willing total it to them…and oddly they have been overwhelmed by this and haven’t been able to respond or go with he other team

we need to do this today…we need to lift and too maintain maximum effort for the full 80 minutes but our forwards must dominate

Good first half, keep it up Penrith!

it was as i had hoped and they weren’t running through us whereas we found holes in behind them
Their try came from a mistake in defence and was out very wide.

Intensity will need to lift but i believe they are there to be taken and we need to go for the full 80

We are right in this and we could see Laui used as a dummy half and Egan used as another forward

well well well…congrats to the boys.

did exactly as i had hoped…kept it going at high intensity for 80 and it paid dividends

Maloney has his best game for us this year and RCG found his mojo but they wasn’t alone and there needs to be a couple more mentions.

Naden/Martin and Kenny have added something quite inspirational and i believe its rubbing off on the team as a group.

Its interesting to see how we have had these wins minus Blake and Whare along with DWZ leaving the club…are they or where they the problem?

It was a great result and goes a long way to getting the year back on track but that only comes with more improvement

Great win and enjoy boys

Agree…great result but also a shout out to Brian Too played with great enthusiasm.

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lovely day, good crowd, pleasing win. More please. :sunglasses:

That is was we were all expecting at the beginning of the year.

A great all round effort. I couldn’t fault a single player in the 17.

We played as a team, and played with determination. Will be interesting to see our MOTM outing this week, I reckon it could be quite a spread of votes.

Great weather and great crowd too.

:mega: Man of the Match voting is now open here.


Agreed. Effort and improvement is all I want to see at this point, and every single one of them showed that today. Couldn’t be happier with that win.

MOTM voting was tricky this week - tough to narrow it down to just 3.

Well that was a good game of footy. The boys really played for the full 80’ & were deserving of the win. Not a bad player, and the best things was that they played some footy. Making a few errors when playing some footy is ok - we were making a lot of errors earlier in the season just playing basic footy.

Maybe the ‘poison’ is gone as we seem a completely different team. That said, I don’t think we can go with only two ‘big’ forwards on the bench in the longer term - having Luai on the bench, as well as a 2nd D/H makes it too hard in the rotation of the big guys week to week.

Awesome result, how did big Sam go in Reggie’s?

He is doing great in Canterbuy Cup. he did get sin binned for a Professional Foul but performance was great. Made 96 Run Metres (42 Post Contact Metres), and 23 tackles (with 100% Efficiency). I say maybe another week he might be good to play a game in First Grade (only if a spot is open for him since he is not in the Top 30).

Thanks Steve, that is awesome news, I hope he gets through a couple of seasons with no more injuries, he deserves it.