[2019] R14 Rabbitohs v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Game Day Information #NRLSouthsPanthers

:rugby_football: Match South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue ANZ Stadium, Homebush NSW
:clock10: Time Saturday 15th June 2019 5:30pm
:tickets: Tickets Ticketek [Link]
:stadium: Gates Open Gates Open 3:00pm
:rugby_football: Other Matches CCN South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith Panthers 3:15pm
JFC South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith Panthers 2:00pm*
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :sunny: Clear 14°C (4% Chance of Rain :cloud_with_rain:)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
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:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

* Jersey Flegg to be played at Metricon High Performance Centre (Redfern Oval)

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 19 Tries Viliame Kikau, Brent Naden, Brian To’o
Goals Nathan Cleary (3/4) FG James Maloney (1/1)
South Sydney Rabbitohs 18 Tries Cameron Murray, Laim Knight, Dane Gagai
Goals Adam Doueihi (1/2), Dane Gagai (2/2) FG Dane Gagai (0/1)

:rugby_football: Canterbury Cup | Full Time

South Sydney Rabbitohs 26 Tries Dylan O’Connor (2), Jacob Gagan, Mawene Hiroti, Corey Allan, Brock Gray, Connor Tracey
Goals Mawene Hiroti (4/8)
Penrith Panthers 18 Tries Jad Cartwright, Kaide Ellis, Kurt Falls
Goals Kurt Falls (2/3)

:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

South Sydney Rabbitohs 23 Tries James Tautaiolefua, Lachlan Ilias, Jack Frasca, Augustine Stowers
Goals Lachlan Ilias (4/5) FG Lachlan Ilias (1/1)
Penrith Panthers 22 Tries Alexander Myles, Terrell May, Jake Tago, Adam Fearnley
Goals Brendan Hands (3/4)

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Telstra Premiership Canterbury Cup NSW Jersey Flegg Cup
:rugby_football: Panthers v Rabbitohs :rugby_football: Panthers v Rabbitohs :rugby_football: Panthers v Rabbitohs
:clock3: Saturday 15/6 5.30pm :clock3: Saturday 15/6 3.15pm :clock3: Saturday 15/6 2:00pm
:stadium: ANZ Stadium :stadium: ANZ Stadium :stadium: Redfern Oval
1. Dylan Edwards 1. Caleb Aekins 1. Charlie Staines
2. Josh Mansour 2. Malakai Watene-Zelezniak 2. Justin Jones
3. Isaah Yeo 3. Brayden Mcgrady 3. Jake Tago
4. Brent Naden 4. Matheson Johns 4. Glenn Mcgrady
5. Brian To’O 5. Stephen Crichton 5. Luke Geary
6. James Maloney 6. Daine Laurie 6. Matt Burton
7. Nathan Cleary 7. Dean Blore 7. Adam Fearnley
8. James Tamou (C) 8. Spencer Leniu 8. Brad Gaut
9. Mitch Kenny 9. Sione Katoa 9. Ryan Pritchard
10. James Fisher-Harris 10. Kaide Ellis 10. Lindsay Smith
11. Viliame Kikau 11. Tyrell Fuimaono 11. Shannon Harris
12. Frank Winterstein 12. Jed Cartwright 12. Terrell May
13. Liam Martin 13. Hame Sele 13. J’Maine Hopgood (C)
14. Wayde Egan 14. Reed Izzard 14. Brendan Hands
15. Jarome Luai 15. Nick Lui-Toso 15. Ratu Nanovo
16. Moses Leota 16. Sam Mckendry 16. Jack Quinn
17. Reagan Campbell-Gillard 17. Billy Burns 17. Alex Myles
18. Caleb Aekins 18. Kurt Falls 18. Dylan Mcbain
19. Kaide Ellis 19. Jayden Tanner
20. Malakai Watene-Zelezniak 20. John Trimboli
21. Jed Cartwright 21. Thomas Lofts
Coach: Ivan Cleary Coach: Guy Missio Coach: Ben Harden

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership Canterbury Cup NSW Jersey Flegg
Referee Adam Gee Darian Furner Billy Greatbatch
Jon Stone - -
Sideline Official Nick Morel Tim Hannon Stephen Bourke
Drew Oultram Cameron Mitchell Joel Mani
Video Referee Ashley Klein - -
Bryan Norrie - -

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2019 Overall
Adam Gee 2011 (0/0) 100.00% (4/14) 28.57%
Jon Stone 2016 (0/1) 0.00% (2/5) 40.00%

:warning: Adam Gee’s first game officiating a Panthers match in 2019

For once this year, I’m not expecting nor endorsing changes to the 17, except for a couple of minor changes;

Martin to start in the second row, with Kikau on the otherside and JFH at lock.

Maybe Luai drops back to reserves (he wasn’t used last week), with another forward in the 17 (Ellis?).

If we play with the level of determination and commitment like we did on Sunday, we should do well.

It will be interesting if Maloney gets picked for Origin with Cleary, who would partner Laui in the halves with May unavailable? Guess we will cross that bridge if it comes to it.

With Origin 2 on a Sunday with no Telstra Premiership games being played I think all players will be available for their clubs on the previous weekend i.e. our game against the rabbits. Correct me if I am wrong.

i may be wrong but expect Fittler to name his side for Origin 2 on Monday which means all teams have origin players available for this weekend.

Despite Maloney having a blinder i don’t expect him to be picked for SOO 2…in fact i don’t expect Fittler to name any changes except RCG for Klemmer.

On our team for this week…i expect Cleary to name a unchanged spot…hard to change what is working unless there is an injury

On that note this will be another tough test against a side who will be smarting from the loss to the Knights but they are a weakened side through injuries and the game plan against Souths should be the same as we employed against the Rossters.

The Knights have shown how to beat both Roosters and the Bunnies and that is again simple but dominating in the forwards

If we can improve again with less penalties and better execution we will get the Bunnies.

Its an important game not just for us supporters but for the players to continue the belief they are gaining from their last 3 victories…might be not elegant in how we have got there but we have got there.

We now need to begin getting there…more easily and that comes through effort!

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as expected no changes to the team for the bunnies clash

Panthers: 1. Dylan Edwards 2. Josh Mansour, 3. Isaah Yeo 4. Brent Naden 5. Brian To’o 6. James Maloney 7. Nathan Cleary 8. James Tamou 9. Mitchell Kenny 10. James Fisher-Harris 11. Viliame Kikau 12. Frank Winterstein 13. Liam Martin

Interchange: 14. Wayde Egan, 15. Jarome Luai 16. Moses Leota 17. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

Game day has dawned, looks like it should be a fast pitch for the game.

Good news is that Cummins was able to display his complete incompetence last night, so at least we don’t have him to contend with. That said our record under tonight’s officials is even worse. The rabbits BOO squad will be in full voice tonight to influence the whistle blowers, so we just have to hope for a half decent go.

Not sure what to expect, but hopefully another display like last week where everyone put in and we played as a team. Hoping for a win to keep our season alive. Hoping for a bench shuffle to give us a bit more size in a game that may become a bit of a grind.

Will be watching the game from Rooty Hill RSL ahead of attending a show there tonight. Will be cheering the boys on.

I don’t think we have ever beaten Souths at ANZ stadium. At least, not that I can remember. Last time we played there, I believe a Souths player scored 5 tries.

I would like to see Nathan get a bit more involved in Attack. We need both sides firing so we can stretch the line.

At this stage, every game is must win.

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I like Kenny at Hooker but fail to see why we need Egan on the bench, to be honest i would like to see Hetherington get another crack because i like his aggro…am concerned he takes it too far but we need a forward who has major niggle but can hurt the other mob…Martin is showing signs of hurting and can play the 80 but not sure if he is a player who others don’t want to run into just yet.

Souths are wounded and need a win to stop their current trend which is all the wrong way and Bennett will have his side ready.

We need to execute better and agree on NC…he needs to start to throw up attack options on his side because atm Kiaku and Maloney are our only threats unless something comes from broken play.

Cleary in defence has been rock solid and possibly too much defence focussed

We also need the win to continue our trend…us by not many

… ordinary game to h/t. it’s there for the taking but we need to lift
Has anybody suggested to Edwards he call for the high ball ?

now the big call … I want Luai on for Cleary. What arê the odds?

Naden finally got caught out by them…he has been coming up and in but getting away with it…Bennet clearly saw it
20 min to go and we need Luai on but not for Cleary

This performance against an under strength Rabbitohs
is overwhelmingly rubbish. We continue to turn the ball
over time and time again inviting them back into the game.
They even gave us start. That we’re still in the game with
ten to go is astounding.

i wouldn’t say rubbish but despite winning it seems we haven’t learnt anything…Knights found out the hard way against a Storm side today and we managed to win this despite our best efforts to lose it

Maybe Cleary should introduce a tax of $10k for anyone who loses the ball when trying to play the ball.

On players Nathan tried somethings but he just isn’t poking his head through the line …I hope Naden learns from he positional play because he looks solid enough.

Poor Yeo looks like he is playing badly wounded as it looks like Naden picked up an injury so hope they are ok.

There is nothing to take out of that game except for the 2 points but its been as its been all year…we need to execute better and cut out dumb penalties…we play Warriors in NZ next which may be a challenge if we have Yeo and Naden both injured and Cleary will be in SOO 2 along with potentially RCG

Its a win and keeps us alive.

Well if I learnt anything from watching games earlier this year, is that winning ugly is better than not winning at all.

We made heaps of mistakes, yet showed guts and determination to snatch the win.


Glad to have the two points. I have always thought Mansour is over-rated…doesnt score enough for a winger, too many errors in his game and runs sideways too often. He is a liability. Just my opinion.

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‘farmer’ you musta been watching through one eye.
That was a terrible game to watch with both sides
sloppy at both ends.

Mansour makes more metres runnin backwards than
any winger I’ve seen!

:mega: Man of the Match voting is now open here.

We are playing better than earlier in the season, but still a long way to go - still way too many errors & poor options. That said, for the last 4 weeks we have just found a way to win - I think that is due to team spirit, exuberance of youth & ironically on that point, old-man Maloney, who just seems to find a way to get the team to win.

It was a team effort, but I am amazed at the form of Naden. Brought down from the bush as a youngin’ he failed to show anything much, disappeared, and all of a sudden he is playing like a man possessed. If he can keep that up for the next couple of months, I suggest there will need to be talk of moving someone on.

If we ever find our mojo, it could be a good ride. I don’t see great hopes for 2019, but maybe the foundations are being laid?? Anyway, the week is always better when we have had a win, and it is a rare one against the BOO squad at ANZ.

You weren’t wrong re Boo squad mr walker, fair dinkum !

My issue is this ‘C’ garbage that we “as a team” are persisting with. I did not see Tamou say anything, not in the lead up to kick off, not on the field, not at half time NOTHING, yet Maloney is giving the speech at half time with Cleary nodding in agreement at whatever he was saying. WHY?

If a “Team” doesn’t know who there leader is, or worst still the accolades are given to the wrong bloke, it can drive a wedge into your group. I believe this needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Although he made a few errors, I love Liam Martin and his attitude, get the job done and or just get on with it.

I agree Puss, that was a terrible game!

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