[2019] R15 Warriors v Panthers - Game Day Thread

… justice was served my friends, belong/believe.

its a given nearly the worst refereeing effort in a long long time and the clown who called a “professional” foul on Luai should go to OPSM tomorrow and be dropped to park footy…nearly as big as howler as the Knights player being sin binned last night

But we got the lollies and don’t know how we did.

Why can’t or isn’t Luai taking on the line…what is it with this skipping across field???

The kid has speed to burn off the mark and today he had lazy and tired forwards he could have exposed…Malony was trying to do it and almost did and he doesn’t have the speed of Luai.

God knows what Cleary is coaching these blokes to do but Naden and Edwards were standouts and please PLEASE take the captaincy off Tamou…its clearly affecting his ability to do 2 things at once

But someday just someday this team will stop giving soft penalties away and just maybe we can actually start looking like a real NRL team

Warriors should have won that game easily considering the ref calls/penalties but somehow we fashioned a win.

Kiaku looks like he is not 100%…and hope Naden pulls up ok as he looked hurt as well.

We are getting the wins but gees not a single game has been through brilliant execution of set plays etc…its just been on hunger

Be nice if they could actually combine execution with our hunger

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we have the bye next week and just might have come at a great time for some of our guys.

It would have been a huge travesty of justice had we lost that game.

2 or 3 of the worst calls in the NRL era.

Thankfully a fully committed team effort, led by Jimmy, who in my eyes should be captain from now on.

With the bye up our sleeves we are knocking on the door of the top 8. Who would a thought it 6 weeks ago?

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We showed a lot of character to get up after that refereeing performance. How many sides win after having 2 players sent to the bin? If it isn’t a first it would at least be as rare as hens teeth.

With Naden’s performance today, and on the back of his earlier performances, I’m confident we have found a long term centre option.

With a few players looking a bit worse for wear at the end, it seems the bye has come at a good time. Just have to hope it doesn’t break our momentum.

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I’m still processing what exactly I saw on Sunday.

I thought the Panthers came out of the blocks really well, they kept the Warriors starting their sets deep in their territory and they we commanding the field position.

Then the Warriors capitalized on some penalties and got over the line. I figured that was an anomaly and the Panthers would get back to their feet.

Then Martin got sent off, Malony swears blind that he wasn’t warned about the penalties to which Sutton replies “I don’t have to warn you” which is certainly a break from the norm in 2019.

Things started to get real weird when Luai was sin binned for something that on evidence presented never happened, the Warriors were then gifted a try that wasn’t a try.

I was getting a bit dejected. It was looking like this game was slipping away, down to 11 players and they looked tired. At this point I couldn’t blame them for giving up. The referee had made it clear that it wasn’t Penrith’s day and a loss was most likely to follow.

Somebody didn’t communicate this to the boys on the field. Through guts and determination they got back to the job and put the squeeze on the Warriors who were content with holding onto their slim lead (kicking the ball into touch with 20 minutes to go and 4 points up is a bad idea and a real white flag moment).

A lesser team would have given up, but this team rallied and pulled a win from the jaws of defeat. If this is the attitude the team plays with then they will go far.

I said earlier in the year I would wait till mid season on my opinion on weather the Panthers season was over, my friends, this season is very much still alive.


I thought the Warriors were afforded too much latitude in getting off the tackled player in the first 15-20 mins. Soon as Penrith decided to follow suit
they were pinged for it. If the refs are going to lay down the law to establish
some discipline it’s gotta be a 2-way street. There is also a huge discrepancy in terms of quality between ref 1 & 2. If they’ve got VAR why do they need 2 ref’s?

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That was borderline cheating. I would have liked IC to go Beserk in the presser even though he won…

Finally RCG is running hard again, still has the Aaron Woods tackling technique, 2nd / 3rd man in hold on…HIT and HURT Regan!!

We got the 2 points, let’s move on :ok_hand:

This is what I was trying to process. Was it my rose coloured glasses or was this bordering on cheating.

I don’t think it would be fair to say the Warriors cheated, but the refereing was with either grossly incompetent or the referee had an axe to grind against the Panthers.

I would gladly chip in something for the fine if Ivan feels like having a spray at the NRL.

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NRL head of football Graham Annesley has conceded that the send off call against Jarome Luai and the Warriors try of which followed were incorrect.

Cold comfort indeed.

cold comfort indeed and there was the “hidden” sting in Martin being allowed on the field early.

isn’t a Sin Bin controlled by a NRL Official who is the time keeper and allows or restricts a player from entry to the field until their 10 minutes is up?

Annesley has conceded the Bunker made a mistake…the on field refs made a mistake as did the NRL official on the sideline

In short every official at the game stuffed up

So what if Warriors had of won with these admissions?

One could even argue there was collusion between all officials if all made incorrect calls

2 sideline officials/2 refs on the field/ i think 16 cameras on the grounds now for NRL games and these errors are made

On a side note did anyone watch the ref in the Canterbury Cup game with the Panthers?

He was on his own and managed to get every call right…NO other ref…NO VAR…and he did ok

Some observations –
When Annesley comes clean with the NRL mea culpa today, did you notice how he not only started with the Liam Martin 90 seconds issue, but he gave it so much airtime? It was as if he was making a point that Penrith also benefited from the match official errors, despite that 90 seconds being insignificant when compared to the other three blunders.
Penrith showed extraordinary guts in digging in for the win. But if we hadn’t won, the apology would have been worthless. The same happened a year of two ago at Penrith Park when the East Rorters grabbed a victory on the death via a forward pass, a pass that was so far forward that, again, the NRL apologised. Of course, the 2 points stayed with the Rorters.
We are walked over repeatedly, with no repercussions. It has been ever thus. Ivan is too nice a person to make a song-and-dance about it, but how long can he remain timid. The big end of town, the privileged, clearly expect us to suck it up, to just lie back on think of England while we are being royally screwed.
And wasn’t there a decision earlier in the season to award a no-try to Penrith (was it Egan from dummy half) that was accorded by the TV commentators as a candidate for the worst decision of the year?
Another topic is the short kick-off. Is there any side in the NRL who are worse than Penrith at defending a short kick? You can almost hear the crowd at Penrith Park calling out to watch for the short kick. Yet when it comes Penrith seem totally unprepared. Why wouldn’t you put your tall jumpers, with support, in the short kick zone, at such a crucial? This seems to have been de rigeur for decades, and we never learn. Go figure.

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imagine the NRL in charge of a wedding …
lose the rings, sprinkle water on the grooms brow,
then read a eulogy out loud. :wink:

just on that short kickoff defence. Are you allowed to lift
a teammate in the air a’la Rugby line out ?

interesting question but the NRL would create a rule within a week of it happening to stop it.
our failure at short kick offs pales by comparison to our complete disregard for giving away penalties

Its funny how all talk has been about the Burgess eye gouge and the likely 5 to 10 weeks he will get

All NRL officials could have cost a team a place in the 8…imagine the cost to the club by way of sponsors/mechandising/gate receipts etc

and these clowns will fade into the noise of all other media and their scrutiny will be forgotten

A couple of questions on rules and rule interpretation;

If a player touches a ball accidentally in an offside position (not that the player is offside, but the ball hits a player standing in front of his teammate following a knock on), isn’t the offence an “accidental off-side” and hence a scrum not a penalty kick? Or did this rule change sometime? Maloney did not catch nor play at the ball from the kickoff, and he appeared to be well onside at the kickoff.

I thought the rule for a drop goal missing and going dead was a 20m drop-out, not a 7 tackle restart? Did this change sometime?

Anyhow, a fantastic effort from our guys, wonder who the refs will be for SOO3?

The apology counter for this season is up to 4. Next is cowboys at 3, warriors at two. Objectively, if you wanted to say the refs haven’t given us a go this season, you have evidence. The biggest gripe i have with all of these errors, is that its costing us points.

3 tries disallowed/allowed, could tack on 12-18 points to our differential. But its also scoreboard pressure in game.

How must our players feel, knowing that 1 in 4 of our games, we will essentially receive an apology for a serious referee blunder. They don’t apologise for an incorrect strip, or a forward pass. These are systematic errors and obvious blunders.

Anyways, I still feel like we’re not quite a top 8 team. We really need to score some points.

SHF - if you miss a field goal it’s a 20 tap, always has been, if you miss a penalty goal and the ball goes dead it is a 20m drop out.

After this weekend the biggest issue is how we can have so much disparity from our refs, take the Knights binning vs the Eels on report incident or the Burgess gouge. One fella ends up with a broken nose from a blatant swinging arm, the other nearly has his eye popped out with the red telling an irate Farah “I’ve got it, just leave it” then to hear him say to Burgess “your hand was all over his face with your fingers in the eyes, it’s in report”…F$&@ me. The knights tackle happens 10 times a game.

PATHETIC :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Didn’t help that his mates with their eyes painted on, aka touch judges, disallowed a penalty goal that would have put us 6 points ahead with 10’ to go. We lost by 2!