[2019] R17 Panthers v Titans - Game Day Thread

… ah yes, the ole ‘chiddy chiddy bang bang’.
6.00 kickoff too early even for him to nod off !

Another must-win game. 6pm time slot is dreadful, but i will still be able to make it thankfully. This is an extremely important game in the context of our season. If we win, we will be back to 8-8. It really will let us start over in a sense. If you win more games than you lose, generally you make finals.

There is a decent chance Cleary won’t play tonight, which could put a lot of pressure on Jimmy who is backing up from origin.

I’m very nervous for this one, particular with us coming up against former Panthers players.

We need to start well, and kick long. Make sure that the Titans don’t get an early sniff.

Yer but we owe em for earlier in the year…

like Luai, he plays instinctively. Not a try for the purists perhaps,
but the Titans weren’t sure what he was doing on the Edwards touchdown.
It was a long time coming however, we need to take our chances.

our attack looked better second half. Luai and Maloney
display different styles, gives us options, them headaches.
No bigger headache than the selection dilemma Ivan has.

Just got back from the game - my first ever 6pm Friday.

All in all, while it wasn’t a high standard game, we could only play what was in front of us, and won well.

Hats off to Jimmy for backing up like that 48hrs after origin, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a line drop out find touch.

Referring was woeful as to be expected, yet we didn’t let it get us down.

Everyone put in a good performance, and we will certainly take all important confidence into the Dragons game.

Things go our way with other results (likely), and we will finish the round in 8th spot. Win next week and we be making a run at top 4.

Who’d a thought it 8 weeks ago?

i think its fair to start off by saying the Titans are a terrible football team and little wonder Brennan is under plenty of pressure

Which leads me to us…they threw nothing at us last night and our hesitation/confusion call it what you will in the red zone when we are on attack is concerning

We had them covered every which way last night except for putting them to the sword…so much so i saw players laughing with each other in breaks during the game

Maloney did well to back up but many players have said over the years its better to back up quickly rather then say backing up on Sunday but he did well and SHF his goal line kick was masterful although Brennan would have to argue why his winger wasn’t on the sideline to come to the ball rather then being infield…like i said Titans are terrible

I noted Kikau had a rest so hope he is OK and Edwards was outstanding and returning to how we know he can play

I am not sure about Luai and i am sure other good teams will work out his “step” and clean him up but gees i wish he would run straight but he has something.

It was great to get the points and i believe we have a few in a row now at home which should help recovery and getting ready for games.

and we have beaten all teams ahead of us on the ladder except for Storm

agree with you SHF…whod a thunk it!

It was a win…not pretty or even well executed but it was a win

:mega: Man of the Match voting is now open here.

I agree. We barely made it there as the ball was been kicked off, with a stream a people still arriving up to about the 15 minute mark.

That time slot really does not work, especially in Penrith, and the crowd was evidence of that, falling short of 10,000. Made up of a few factors.

  • Much of the Penrith population work to the East, and would strugglr to get home yet alone the game by 6:00pm
  • Titans fans are not know well to be a well traveled fanbase
  • The Titans are dead last and playing like trash, even the most dedicated of fans would come down to watch that.

To be honest the NRL should think about dropping the 6:00pm Friday Slot and maybe bringing back a 7:30pm Monday slot.

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Agree about the Friday 6pm timeslot, especially in Penrith, but I think Sunday 6pm would be a better move than a Monday night game where people are still rushing to get out to the game after work.

Doesn’t the NRL already do a 6pm Sunday slot?

Only a few times a year, usually the week after a Wednesday night SOO & a few times early in the season.

Unfortunately the timing of games does not take into account common sense, only what foxtel demands.

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It’s like most of the draw and the scheduling;
Channel 9 first
Foxtel second

Fans way last

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steamboat, I say let Luai play his natural game.
We already have a Maloney ‘clone’ in NC and
once Jimmy decides to move on or hang up his
boots, the variety will be delicious. Aren’t two try
assists sufficient for you?

you just said it all…let Luai play his natural game

The key word is “his” and since its a team game i am sure we can accommodate “his” game but you need everyone else to figure out “his” game

I don’t see anyone except for Edwards who has in our team.

Its fun while it lasts but a bit like a shooting star…gone as quickly as we see it

Luai has something…just maybe its not fully understood by us all yet and i personally don’t share your view NC is a Maloney clone…for one Cleary can defend and has more options in attack, just we haven’t seen the latter as yet IMO

Now if you said Luai was a Munster clone…then i would be excited because that kids does have the magic and knows what to do with it.

Not saying Luai will not be like him but i haven’t see how Luai fits into a “team” effort just yet.

… so long as the ‘natural’ ability isn’t coached out of him. :sunglasses:

Luai is still young and has plenty of first grade in front of him to find his game.

At present though I see he only being able to play 6, unlike Maloney I’ve yet to see him actually control a game, that said his X factor is a fair compliment to Cleary’s game control at 7.

I do wish he would run the line a bit more, rather than all the sideways movement. Good thing Edwards knows to run angles off him, hopefully a few others will learn.

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate James Tamou. He was fairly average last season, but has seriously stepped up this year. His recent form has been exceptional as well. He’s helping to straighten-up our attack by running direct lines when we’re in second-phase play.


As of this moment, Tamou would have to be the best forward we have out there. The intensity when he comes back on the field from the bench is amazing. There was a distinct dropoff part way through the second half where both teams were grinding out sets and nothing was happening, I would almost say it was pretty boring, but literally the next set after Tamou came back on, the Panthers were over the advantage line, and on the attack in the Titans tryline. He can really lift the forward pack.

On the forwards, I think JFH needs a mention, he was an absolute machine on the weekend.

  • Played as a prop for 78 minutes (only coming off in the dying moments of the game).
  • Running 161 metres for 20 possessions.
  • 2 Tackle Busts and 2 Offloads
  • 42 tackles (with 93% accuracy, most tackle in the game)

The only downsides was 3 penalties and 1 error. He has a phenomenal work rate as deserves some praise for it.

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