[2019] R2 Knights v Panthers - Game Day Thread

did anyone know why Mansour didn’t play?

… heard he was injured (arm).

Had a few days to digest the game. Too many penalties conceded early, which put us on the defence, and burned some fuel. Again some simple errors and poor options.

Basically did enough to win, and some of our players are playing well below their abilities. After an off season where surely Cleary would have kicked the ball 10,000 times - a complete shank?? A couple of brain explosions from Maloney, but some good stuff also. I will not repeat my comments from last week on Whare - I’m sure they will apply each week.

Some good work from the boys up front kept us in the game.

Got the two points so that’s really all that matters. It was surprising we won though, listening to the commentators there was only one guy on the field & he was in the 6 for the knights???

Step up in class this week, so lets see if we can improve. Maybe we are seeing a real Melbourne Cup preparation this season, or maybe not??

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