[2019] R21 Panthers v Sharks - Game Day Thread

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well done Panthers. Let’s not get carried away, change was forced upon us
and those debutants did us proud. Something to look forward to, I think so.

There’s a few returning next week, it’s nice to have a selection headache
of our own making.

of course you cannot get carried away but who would you change from last night?

Burton showed plenty of skill and maturity but johnson caught him out badly in th second half but he re adjusted which shows he is not only talented, he figures it out quickly
Crichton was the same, was very solid got caught out but his take of the high ball at the close showed he also has some class
cleary did something odd in the first half which he reversed in the second and in some ways contributed to our second half effort

kikau and martin changed sides in the first half and i think burton and crichton responded to this especially martin who was running off burton and i believe gave him confidence especially when martin nailed prior and also hurt fifita

bt come the second half and they swapped sides and we weren’t as cure in defence and sharks pounced

the standout of the night was how we ran straight…all that sideways nonsense was gone

i agree you cannot get carried away but how you could change that squad unless there is an injury is beyond me

where is impotent in attack, maloney has chosen a new life…stick with those who want to stick with us and who offer a future for panthers

lastly in the call on fox they mentioned rcg is headed to the eels…might be best for him

We certainly got a preview of a promising post- Maloney team for 2020.

Doubt we will see Burton in firsts again this season - due to the top 30 / Salary cap rules, but he will be even better with more Reserve grade games unde this belt, not to mention training with the first grade squad.

Don’t know if Crichton can play both sides of the field, but I’d be prepared to rest Naden next week. He looks like he needs it and may be carrying a niggling injury.

Starting Leota for Yeo was a masterstroke, as was swapping sides with Martin and Kikau.

It’s funny how Cleary always lifts with Maloney out. Despite being NSW halves they never have seemed to quite gel together.

Close to a MOTM performance from Edwards, who has been building steadily in the last few weeks. A long way from the beginning of the year.

We may not go all the way this year, or even make the finals. But I’m sure we will give it one good go, and next year looks brighter this week than last.

Kudos to Cleary snr and credit where it’s due - blooding 3 kids in a crunch game, dropping a NZ international, changing positions and only using a 3 man bench was one gutsy roll of the dice. One that paid off.

Been a long time since I’ve seen a Penrith coach do that, Simmons was probably the last.


Yep, SHF, that’s what I thought, too. It was as if, when Penrith went out to a good lead, the refs suddenly thought to themselves “Gees, we’d better do something about this. Penrith might win”. And didn’t they do a great job. That forward pass that the refs missed was seen by thousands in the crowd, by the TV commentators, etc, in fact everyone saw it except the four officials. Go figure.

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That forward pass was yet another all too frequent example of what’s wrong with the NRL

What about the Morris double movement, it is either a try to the Sharks or a penalty to Penrith, yet they get Morris to play the ball ala moving off the mark…


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I’m still trying to work that one out too. I’ve watched it a few times & nothing has convinced me that they made the right call.

Apparently the ruling was that the tackle was complete and that Morris came off the mark, so the referee decided to send the Sharks back to the mark to play the ball.

But isn’t that a double movement? He promoted the ball in the process of the tackle being completed. They deemed that a tackle was made (hence the call of it being deemed complete), and he promoted the ball… how is that NOT a double movement?

The area of dark matter…if in the field of play who stretches their arm out to get over the 20?

The fact he extended to try and score a try is a clear cut double movement.

I find it hard to fathom that when it suits, they take the rule book for being ‘black and white’ but when it’s Penrith they apply their own set of rules. Don’t get me started on the ruck, we are only allowed half the time of our opposition. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

thats correct…the on field ref sent it up to the video ref to rule if he was held and performed a double movement in scoring a try
however the on field refs must have either ignored or over ruled the video ref buy saying he was tackled short which meant a play the ball…btw was there any scrutiny by the video ref of dugan throwing the ball to morris as he was outside the field of play when he did

which in itself means the ref ruled a “no try” because of a double movement and didn’t have to go back further in the play

in short we were robbed…again and the NRL explanation defies logic and the rule of the game

Annesley did his little spiel today, no mention of the double movement. Seems strange because it was questioned by our players, and commentators of the game.

When was the last time they used discretion in a double movement?

Never going to be questioned because we won. I want to see a winning coach unload on the refereeing standard or lack there of. When they carry on after a loss it holds no weight.

If we win this week, we should have the perfect opportunity. Klein and Sutton. I kid you not!

Dark matter, indeed, Kev. The NRL rules are more nuanced that we poor illiterate Westies can be expected to understand. In this instance, it would only have been a double movement if Penrith was doing it.

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Thanks, BxTom; I just choked on my Weaties. Plus I expect Ch 9 to have the commentary team stacked with ex-Brisbane players, so we won’t get any support there.