[2019] R24 Roosters v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Roosters are looking more threatening through the middle. Our ruck needs to tighten up. I have the feeling we’re holding on, with our rookies willing, but lacking in experience & nous. Need something special in the 2nd half - maybe our rookies in Leniu & Burn can step up!

We’re not out of this this one yet.

22-6. We gave a good account of ourselves, but that Tupou at the death try summed it up - the difference between enthusiasm & energy several hundred first grade games, class & knowing what it takes to win.

The season’s over, imho. But we went out with a good, solid 80 minutes effort. No shame is losing to a better side. Hopefully we won’t be undermined by off season dramas next year.


That’s our season.

That said we gave it a good go and certainly didn’t disgrace ourselves. The “real” score was 22-18, so not much in it.

I’m kinda releaved in a way that our finals campaign has come to an end, kind of puts me out of my misery.

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RIP 2019 - Hopefully 2020 won’t be as painful.

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Agree, poor rule, poor ruling, fair try !

Some comments :-
The effort was great all night.
Agreed, the Cleary no-try is a blot on the game.
Ruling on Campbell-Gilliard knocking on at their try line was another bad call against us. He always had his hand around the ball.
James Maloney is a penalty machine – for the other side. I’m looking forward to watching next year’s halves combination, presumably Cleary and Burton.
Dean Whare has gone from being the nemesis of other centres to a bit of a liability. He is starting to remind me of Hiku, who gave the impression of being a turnstile.
To’o’s knock-on in the play-the-ball on our try line was another example of what must be the greatest coach-killer. It was utterly careless, and it gave East the ball on our 5m line. Those acts of absolute carelessness can turn close games.
In every tackle the Easts tacklers had their hands on the ball, and took forever to get off.
As usual the opposition scored soft tries. Recently, we seem to be able to sit on the opposition red zone for multiple repeat sets without actually scoring, then let them score on their first visit to our goal line.
Again we were punished for poor kick-chase and/or turning our backs. Reminds me of the Kyle Feldt try (20m tap) and, from memory, one by Isaako (kick return) in recent weeks.

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It might be a coach killer, but was perfectly legal and should not have been ruled a knock on. To’o put the ball down and tapped it forwards with his foot then racked it back, which is perfectly acceptable according to the “NRL Rules of the Game”. As long as he didn’t propel the ball forwards with his hands it should have been play on.

The Roosters definitely got the rub of the green last night.