[2019] R9 Tigers v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Opening 20 was pathetic. Things have evened up since then, but probably because the Tigers have taken their foot off the pedal a bit.

Dreadful performance so far. Nearly changed the channel after 20 minutes, still hasn’t been much to make me want to keep watching. Dumb mistakes and zero effort.

We almost looked good against Souths but have gone so far backwards since then.

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We are going backwards fast.

DWZ is the latest I never want to see pull the jersey on again.

Faumouo or whatever his name is - absolutely woeful. Katoa played much better in the centres. I be prepared to start him there.

Cleary and Maloney tried to the very end. Egan talked his heart out when others couldn’t be bothered. Kikau was obviously injured and shouldn’t have played but tried hard.

JFH was another tackling machine, Luei provided energy but little else.

That would be in the top ten worse performances I have seen. Inept is the word.

Where do we go from here?

I know we were in the same position in 2017, but I don’t see us turning it around this year.

Our outside backs have been very ordinary all year.

Our forwards haven’t been as damaging, and we don’t have as much depth to keep the pressure on them.

Luai could provide the X factor that Peachey used to, but he isn’t being given the game time.

Our fitness is well below where it needs to be, and our ball handling has been atrocious.

At least my Bombers will give me some hope of seeing September action.

O’h dear :scream:

There is something seriously wrong with our squad, absolutely no heart being shown by anyone.

Sauce…what the hell is going on there, he needs a visit to Reggie’s along with RCG, sick and tired of seeing him hold on for the ride in defence.

That was woeful and anyone who finds a positive in anything that happened tonight is wearing rose coloured glasses…THAT WAS SHIT

Are the Bombers going OK Mutley, I might have to start watching again lol

See the bombers fly up up, and win the premiership flag, see the bombers fly up up - oh dear feel like a sharks supporter now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Mid table at the moment, but they have played a lot of the teams above them. Beating the Swans at the moment.

So better than

I have nothing positive to say about that performance. Absolutely atrocious. Do any of them even want to be there?

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the worst thing about that game is they were 2 very very average sides playing tonight and we (The Panthers) wanted to show everyone just how bad we really are in every area of the game.

Tigers exposed us in every area and we couldn’t either match or respond.

Many in our team and now i must include the coaching staff better take a long hard look at themselves over this weekend and be honest with themselves about where they are at…and what they are prepared to do about it to fix this mess.

Oustide these people being embarrassed there is nothing we or the Board can do…all are on monster long term contracts with the most notable being the Cleary’s on 5 year deals.

To be honest when it got to 20 nil i was hoping Tigers could have put 60 or more on us…something has to wake these guys from this mess.

Agree with your summary. We need someone with spark and someone with speed. Mansour should be dropped contributed nothing tonight.

… then they need to put in or sit it out steamboat.
5 years is a long stint on the bench wouldn’t you say?

Over the last 6 years Penrith has been built on a never-give-up attitude. In 2013, even when we were losing with Luke Walsh in the side, the team never gave up. We saw Penrith give up at the start of that match. I can’t recall a match more disappointing.

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we are now officially last on the ladder on for and against.
We have had 210 scored against us and we have scored 117…roughly for every point we score the other mob is scoring 2
We had a lot wrong last year as well but we turned up and played for the full 80 minutes…the kindest thing you could say about last is we were on the field for 80 minutes.

And the saddest thing is the Tigers are a very average team and i made this point when we beat them earlier this year and they have not improved which makes our fall to where we are much worse.

This leads me to the coach.

Any senior manager comes into a new role and looks at his/hers assets and devises a way forward and as with human nature the changes cannot be radical but rather evolutionary.

From what i am seeing with our on field efforts is neither evidence of a evolutionary plan, indeed all i am seeing is a flashback to Cleary’s last stint at the club.

Our 5th tackle options were diabolical with wingers even caught on last tackle and our offensive weapon is a mid field bomb ala Luke Wlash.

We have no set moves offensively, we are not even kicking long to turn the other mob around and our try line defence is simply non existent and not valued.

Our forwards run one out which makes the defence simply target the runner and i don’t know how many times we simply ran up one out and the defence swarmed us as we had no offloads or chip…anything to make their defence think.

Then it comes to energy and venom…our forward pack last year laid the basis for Cleary to weave some magic but our forwards are not NRL standard atm and wouldn’t hurt anyone in defence and attack.
Earlier in this thread i said one team would be broken last night due to ladder pressure and last night we saw our Panthers completely dismantled and broken.

Where to from here is as i said earlier is only in the hands of the playing group and Cleary but i am fast coming to the opinion the enormity of what confronts Cleary is way beyond his ability or desire.

“beyond his ability or desire”
… so he’s tired, already ?

Maybe Gus wasn’t that bad, used the excuse ‘tired’ to get rid of someone who wasn’t good enough.

How would we be going with Wayne Bennet as coach?

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“tired” was a poor word used by Gould
I am asking does he have the ability or desire to get us out of this mess which i might add was left to him by Gould.

The same pattern Gould used with us in his first time around for those of us old enough to remember.

On Bennett he wasn’t supposed to come until next year so who we have now would have been it…Ciraldo who is stallion the coaching staff

They are the what ifs…and i have made the point we have who we have for 5 years and that was a Board decision and personally i would never have given a 5 year deal to any coach but again its what we have

I just watched the post match interview with Cleary and i could use one word in his demeanour…despondent

Dark places have different affects on people and its a measure of someone how they rise from those places.

Cleary has it all in front if him because we are in a very dark place atm

reporting in from Brisvegas. We are still breathing & the sun did come up this morning. A hearty breakfast & off for a few beers & then back to Suncorp for todays games. What game last night?? :slight_smile:

Should suspend the whole bloody lot of them for bringing the Panthers into disrepute.


Oh joy. We are not last on the ladder; Doggies have a one point worse difference than us. All is right with the world.