[2020] GF Panthers v Storm - Game Day Thread

Cleary snr is as foxy as any coach.

He’s just as likely to start with Burton and Cleary in the halves, and Latoa start with Tamou benched, than give his plan away to the media

Well, the article is correct on one thing. In the updated team list on the Panthers website, Whare & Leniu have been omitted.

We’ll see what happens on game day.

Personally, I hope Naden starts.

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Late Changes

The Panthers have omitted Dean Whare and Spencer Leniu from the extended squad. 1-17 as named with no changes.

The Storm have omitted Tui Kamikamica and Ryley Jacks from the extended squad. 1-17 as named with no changes.

Today has finally arrived. Surprisingly not nervous at all but excited in anticipation


I’ve been quietly confident all week, and nothing different this morning. That’s may change between now & kickoff, so we’ll have to wait & see.

The last time I didn’t know who the winner was going to be as I walked through the gates was 2001, hopefully I either walk through the gates thinking Panthers, or if I’m thinking Storm I have my first miss in 20 years.

You had to expect he would start with May again and whilst i feel sorry for Naden i wonder if Cleary was torn about having Burton on the bench over Naden
Naden didn’t make it onto the park last week and if we need to use him this week will be an injury only whereas with Burton, i believe he gives us attacking options if we are behind with say 30 to go.
A cool wet day suits our big forwards and are ideal conditions for us in my opinion.

Cannot wait not only for the game but even the machinations of selections before kick off

Quietly confident, we’re not ‘minor premiers’ for nothing !


To be fair, I spent most of the season thinking we were still a year away. I started the year thinking Souths & Roosters were the teams to beat, and we have beaten both in the finals, which is why I’m now confident of a win today.

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I have gone from nervous to quietly confident, back & forth all week.

If we play close to our best, we should win, but it is till going to be hard. Some may recall I wrote that I had a dream that we won the GF, with Mansour scoring the last try. From the dream I couldn’t recall who the opponents were, but I sure hope it was Melb & I sure hope it comes true tonight!!

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I can visualise IC emphasising minimal repeat sets (so Melbourne can’t bomb to their wings), no fumbles in the play-the-ball, and be ready for short kick offs, as key issues that have let us down over the years. Plus a fair suck-of-the-sav from the officials, and that might be the biggest ask of all. NC’s goal kicking is still sus from out wide.

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We play the first 20 minutes like we played it for most the season, drive hard, kick long and peg them in their own end. When close for the line grubbed for a repeat set.

We must be aware of Smith kicking early on the tackle count, last thing we need is Edwards running backwards to retrieve the ball.

I also had a strange premonition, not only May starting instead of Naden, but Burton instead of Rommy. Both changed out after 20 minutes of near 100% possession with Naden scoring the opening try soon after.

Who knows how this will play out, but I’m confident for sure. Although it’s going to be hard and tough I see many ways for us to win.

Even the ridiculous scenario above lol

Gee this day seems to be dragging on

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Just announced Naden is out of the 17
Kenny to the bench
Shame for Naden but makes sense to start with May, just leaves me a little worried about Api who clearly cannot be 100% and having a strike player on the bench.
Still would have liked to see Burton on the bench

How announced it? All I can find is social media chatter.

While it could be right of course, it could also be a “false flag” leak to put the storm off.

Guess we will see 10 minutes before kick off.

This week has been the longest month of my life

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Ivan changed the team, but if he isn’t going to use Naden, he shouldn’t have dropped Lenui


I can only find an article on Fox that says Naden being out of the 17 & Kenny in MAY be the way Cleary will go. So, I haven’t seen anything definite.

At the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me, especially given the wet conditions.

Agree with Mutley, I would’ve liked to see Leniu in the 17. But I’m not the Coach - thank Christ!

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Well on the way to the game on the train, so it’s getting closer now.

Weather looking terrible, but as they said on nine just before I left home, last wet grand final was ‘03. Gee it poured just before kickoff

This ‘TEAM’ has bolstered the spirits of a multitude of Panther fans around the country during this covid plague. Now it’s our turn to repay that favour. LOUD AND PROUD PANTHER FANS NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. At the game, at the club, at home. Win lose or draw my neighbourhood will know what I’m doin tonight. Will yours?
Cheers and have a good evening.


At Olympic Park but not in the ground yet, so far 99% panther fans

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