2020 Panthers Contract Thread

Lindsay Smith ⮕ Top 30 First Grade Squad

Liam Martin⮕ Signed to 2023 (Re-signing)


Had a smile from ear to ear when I heard this - this bloke is a genuine footy player, good work Panthers !


Matt Burton - Are we going to lose him?

I am not confident we will keep him, Barrett will offer him a 1st grade spot and while he is 2nd fiddle to NC & JL with May on the bench - he will see the writing on the wall…….unfortunately

I’m not a May fan and his bench spot is already rusty.
Give it to the younger man who also kicks. Barrett can
look elsewhere I reckon.

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Me 3 Puss, I would have Burton in before May in a heart beat…but i’m not picking the side !

you’ve got to be picking and sniffing daisy’s skipping in an open field if you don’t think Barrett will take players with him…question is who !

May, and I’ll pay for the cab to Belmore.

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Mate, look if Cleary is injured Luai will be under even more pressure in a side
that champions game management. The younger man who kicks is a standout for me, just like Maloney & Cleary last season. ‘sides May pretty
much destroyed our season last year from the video escapades. I’m
surprised he’s still there to be honest, but that’s another story Tik-Tok !!!

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Maybe his phone has more than 1 recording……… :thinking:

No 1 son lives with him Tik Tok Tik Tok :bomb: :bomb:

WOW - good reason they signed Martin, just ask the Sharks !


I wonder if Tamou would respond to a new contract the same way lol - Maybe we re-sign him for 1 year the week of the finals ha haaaaa

Looks like Tamou is leaving and signed with Tigers.

That’s the rumour, but nothing confirmed as yet

Apparently he was asking for 3 more years with us, we said 1 at a time. The Tigers contract is for 2 years. Either way, good luck to him, he has served his purpose for us, only came good this year, go figure !

Club just announced on FB that Jimmy is departing at season end, so pretty well ‘official’ now.

James Tamou ⮕ Wests Tigers (2021)

It’s a good thing for us, he is no hope of winning another comp there in 2 years, so this will be his last chance for premiership glory.

Man Up Jimmy :rage:

Charlie Staines ⮕ Signed to 2023 (Re-signing)

nice to see the kid stick with us and develop more as a player, appears there were a few offers from others

well done Charlie

There are media reports of the Next-Big-Thing, Joseph Suaalii, heading for the Easts Rorters. My understanding is that he was a Penrith district junior who slipped through the cracks, despite showing plenty of promise even when a young junior. Can anyone provide more info on that?

Also, this news report just reinforces the general belief that having a good accountant and ultra-rich benefactors are more important than any other aspect of a club, with the salary cap being no apparent problem for clubs like the Rorters. Never was, never will be, a level playing field,