[2020] PF Panthers v Rabbitohs - Game Day Thread

I wonder if nerves got to them because of the occasion. Too many errors. They just need to forget the occasion and play their normal game next week.

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Spot on, Hills Panther. I think the occasion has got to the team in both finals - they were 2 nervous performances.

We’ll have to be better next week. Melbourne were awesome against tge Raiders & they’ve been in a lot of GF’s. They won’t be nervous.

Some comments come to mind:-

A great win, but I have no fingernails left. As in the great games, defense wins it.

The score flatters Souths. Apart from our few bombed tries, they scored two by the fingertip, plus one came from a lousy pass onto the Souths foot.

That was a ‘brave’ call from the ref towards the end, to give them 6 again, on the last tackle (?), on our line, at a crucial part of the game. But then, again, we seem to have a historical record of having ‘brave’ refs.

I don’t’ think any team in the NRL is so unprepared for a short kick, and so regularly fails to gain possession, as we do. It has happened since Adam was a boy, and tonight was a further demonstration.

Was Edwards fairly stripped before Souths’ first try?

It’s a bit stiff when an attacking player falls and/or leads with the head, and is then hit by a defender with his arm pointing down from the shoulder, and the defender is penalised. The mechanics of the event make it almost impossible to avoid that sort of contact.

Was Edwards hit with a high shot by Knight, just before Knight took a dive for the same thing towards the end?

It might have been useful to move the game to Olympic Stadium in order to familiarise the players with the ground, but it was always going to give Souths a huge numerical crowd advantage.

It Tetavano is cited and suspended, Leniu is a great replacement.

Just got home and I am hoarse as lol.

Not sure if we were as loud in tv as at the game, but it seemed like what we lost in numbers we made up with noise.

Yeo and Martin were exceptional.

Agree the refereeing was atrocious. We never saw a reply at the ground of that strip on Edwards.

The match announcer as usual for final gave me the shits, obviously going for Souths despite this officially our home final.

Anyway enough negativity, we are in the grand final! 2003 was so long ago yet feels like yesterday.

I don’t think fish has anything to worry about.

defensively able, but our attack was wanting. Kikau will make a huge difference. Hope all are fit, this includes Api who was masterful until his injury. What can I say about Yeo, he never gives up and Dylan Edwards backing up at just the right moment. We’re in the GF but will need to improve to stem Melbourne’s challenge.

I said at the start of the week if it was a slog we would win, if it was a game of touch footy they would win. They tried to turn it into touch footy a few times, but we managed to shut it down quickly. We showed the kind of grit we will need next week, but we will need to take our opportunities better than we did last night.

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Well I woke up this morning a little late, after getting home from the game & watching the replay before going to bed. I said to my wife “did we win or did I just dream it?” She said know you won :grinning:

Well first up, what a great effort from the fans at the game last night. We may not have been at home, but the atmosphere & the noise was great - well done to all. And how great was it for all of us to have the chance to celebrate with all the boys, who all made the effort to show their appreciation for all of us.

I said after watching the rabbits & eels last week, that we would have to play badly to lose to them. We didn’t play our best, but dug deep to overcome. Every single player gave 100% abd continued to work hard, even, or especially when things went against us. It was clear from the start that G. Sutton was going to his ‘best’ to get the rabbits home. I’ve never seen a penalty where a kicker trips over a fallen player before, but for G. Sutton… par for the course.

I’ve posted on here before that I dreamt we won the grand - it is clear as day in my mind. And now we are there!!! In my dream, Mansour scores the final try. Here’s hoping! And matbe it will be the final try of a hat trick :dizzy_face:

I wasn’t sure about IC’s switch of TMay for Nado, but who I am to argue.

Great team effort, so I wont single out anyone - WE are a TEAM!!!

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I feel sorry for Brent. He has been pretty solid all season. But I am guessing that those misses on Morris and the ball not going 10 mistake 2 weeks ago would have had an impact on Ivan’s decision yesterday. Even if he doesn’t play next week, he can be proud of his contribution to the season.

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Well that’s 2 games that we should have won by a shed load of points. I wonder if the floodgates will open next week and we get a big win?

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Interesting you say that, this morning I have been thinking similar.

We have certainly grounded out two good defensive wins. Storm won in a mini landslide which may trip them up just like Souths to be over confident - knowing the storm cocky even.

The game is there to win, we are playing as team, we can win through defense, even if we don’t dominate possession.

In ‘03 I feared nearing the storm in the finals (and in even the year), this year they are just another team to beat.

Kiks coming back after 2 weeks off should be a nice addition.

James Fisher-Harris and Zane Tetevano have both been cleared of any charge and will play in the Grand Final.

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


During the game my daughter and I both said that there should have been a penalty for a shoulder charge by a South’s player nothing given no report. A look at the reported tackle by Fisher-Harris was only ever a penalty (even then dubious). Charges today make you wonder how the officials at the game got it wrong.
i also wasn’t sure if the fox commentary team were watching the same game as I was because some of the things they said were to say the least bewildering.


Unfortunately, few commentators (Fox & Nine) have much love for the panthers.


And why wasn’t the Souths player sin-binned for running Crichton off the ball when he was going for the try? That makes twice in successive weeks when Crichton was illegally taken out and the the offender got off scot free. It’s so easy to see incompenence or bias. In the earlier example, Mansour’s scoring the try occurred after the Crichton incident, so why didn’t we receive an 8-point try? Will it ever change?

These refs are not incompetent. Just following nrl orders.



Moses is a beast and was my MOTM


Although I didn’t vote for him I share your sentiments.

Without trawling through the stats I think we score most of our tries during his 30 odd minutes on the field, week in week out.

He may not have scored yet his myself, but his barnstorming runs wears the defense down.

Most improved player of the year?


SHF whilst no one can deny Moses has improved and is an impact player, surely you would have to agree Luai is our most improved.

Luai has changed his game whilst Moses has simply amped up his game…imo

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Talent across the park. That is why Nathan missed out on the Dally M tonight. Too much competition from his own team. But then again, it is a team sport.